Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I'll take door number 1 please................

Mornin' all :)

Remember when I made my discovery of  " The mystery of the panelled Door " ?
( Hey I wasn't a Nancy Drew fan for nothing you know )

Ready to see what was behind the panel?

and remember this one? ( of which there are 2 side by side in the landing - the master bedroom and the office )

Here we go

admittedly there's some work to do on them lol - but still - I just love them
those plastic " tiffany " panels are gone-zo - like outta here - as in make like an egg ..........and beat it

here's the bathroom door

so here's the killer -
this entire house ( almost ) is covered in that cheap panelling that was HUGE in the 70's - I seem to remember it being in every basement in Montreal at that time...................

so why I was surprised to see these doors were covered in THAT panelling I have no idea - but I was!!!
it was like - no - really?  even the doors? lol

they simply turned it around and used the "flat" side!!!

ok - so that's the end of the door story ( until I sand and paint them of course ) but here's a little huge story that I keep forgetting to share with you.

Most of you know that John and I had decided we were going to take a vacation at some point in the New Year - I did a post on it a while back ( and I'm too tired to go find the link to it lol )
What you don't know is that the money is flying out of our bank account faster than we can keep track of it - and so we kind of thought we would forfeit the vacation for luxuries like - oh I don't know - a kitchen floor?

A couple of weeks ago we purchased a car - and while at the dealer, the salesman, before finalizing the paper work, pointed to a CHRISTMAS tree where there were envelopes hanging all over it.
( and you can read about my thoughts on CHRISTMAS trees - one of my " rants " from last year - HERE

Salesman says - I'd like you to go pick an envelope
Suzan says - What's in them?
Salesman says - Well you can get from 50.00 up to 500.00 off the price of your car.
Suzan says - Let's do it!

I stood on my tippy toes - and reached as high as I possibly could - and grabbed an envelope by it's corner

Salesman says - Ok - open it up
Suzan opens it up -
Suzan screams -
Suzan screams - and laughs - and screams again
Suzan slaps the Salesman on the arm.  Hard
Salesman winces slightly.

Other customers are looking at us - other salesman are coming by -
Who is this crazy lady screaming her fool head off -
Did she win 50 dollars?
She must have won the whole 500.00 to be acting like this?


Suzan says - You never mentioned that I could win a vacation!!!
Salesman says - No one's ever picked that envelope before - to be honest with you I don't bother mentioning it at all because it's disappointing.

Holy Crapoli - I won the trip!!!!!!!!!!
Looks like we'll be getting a kitchen floor AND a vacation lol
And solid wood farmhouse doors -
Oh it's just all too much, isn't it?

God help us all if I ever win the big lottery - the person next to me would be black and blue to say the least :)

We set sail from Florida sometime in end Feb or early March - we have several dates to choose from and haven't decided yet.

Have a wonderful day y'all ( practising my southern speech )
Suzan and John
( AKA - The Professor and Mary Ann )

P.S. we've never been on a cruise before - so this is really a spectacular win :)


  1. Congratulations!!!! I went with my hubby in a Carribean Cruise 3 years a go and it was an absolutelly fantastic experience....Uhhhh, wish I could go again.. Hugs, Cristina

  2. Unreal!!! That's awesome congrats also the doors were a score too :)

  3. How fun! A cruise to the Caribbean is just what you need.
    And how SMART are you discovering those gorgeous doors just hidden under ugly vaneer?!

  4. Hey better go buy a lottery ticket! You know good (and bad :-( ) things come in 3's! I have been on several cruises and you will love the luxury! And hey, after this remodel (or during the middle of it) you both deserve a little luxury!! Congrats all the way around! Love!!

  5. Holy c#ap that's awesome! You have luck on your side for sure!! I hope you have a wonderful relaxing trip!

  6. Wahooo! That is awesome on the cruise win. Good for you! you will certainly enjoy a break from all your renovations. I read your soap box stand for Christmas and totally agree with you. And lastly, the doors are going to be amazing. Have a great day.

  7. Hi Ssuan....not to be a downer.,..but when we purchased our new vehicle 2 years ago...we were given a free Caribbean cruise, as was anyone who purhased a vehicle over a certain price point).... out of Florida as well. What we discovered was, the cruise itself is worth about $1,000. There is a non refundable fee of $40 to "register" the cruise..before you can find out the dates available...and we still had to pay airfare & a number of other fees at the docking, etc. The dates we were given when we could take the cruise...were impossible for us to get time off work. And the offer was only good for a certain period within that year. And the trip is we couldn't even give it it is registered to the purchaser. We discovered better cruise rates, including air fare & be sure and check into everything before you are locked into a cruise.
    I know...Debbie Downer here...amd I am so hoping the cruise is awesome..if you decide to go...just know that it really isn't free...there are costs associated that we didn't even know about.

  8. I'm so pleased for you guys!!! See?! Everything will work out beautifully - just when you're completely sick and tired of working on your house, you'll go sailing off into the sunset for a relaxing vacation & then be rejuvenated to continue. People with vision! xox

  9. Replies
    1. Happy New Years to you too Suzan!
      Crazy, busy this time of year anyway... can only imagine renovations at the same time!! Vicki

  10. I love, love those doors! Wonder what type of person would cover those beauties up with panelling? Crazy! Congratulations on the trip - you definitely deserve it :)

  11. I am ECSTATIC about your doors. It is indicative of how this house was just waiting for you and your vision.

    I live in one of 3 bungalows built identical in 1901. Mine is the middle. The ones on each side of me were victims of 1970's 'modurn-ization' (spelling intended), but gloriously, mine was spared the atrocious updates. At least your house's people uglied up the original doors and did not replace them with ugly a$$ solid ones.

    You will love your cruise. I have been on 3 of them, all to the Carribean. It is the most luxurious type of vacation I have experienced. You can be as loungeful as you like, but I would definitely sign up for the deep sea snorkeling. There is nothing like it.

  12. You lucky dog--perfect for you both!!♥♫

  13. What a discovery!!! Congratulations on your vacation!

  14. Congrats on your cruise. Do share with us the discussion with John on the amount of luggage you are taking.

    The doors uncovered are wonderful. I am enjoying the virtual redo. I have no desire to do a redo myself, but I can enjoy yours from afar.

  15. I already loved all your furniture makeovers, but these posts you have been doing since getting the new house have been awesome! You are so stinkin' lucky to have won that cruise! They are the best! Maybe a magical fairy will finish up all the work on your house while you are gone!

    And those doors are amazing! The trends that happen in home decor--man they are funny when you look back. I know everyone is eventually going to regret putting up all the horizontal boards (for the beach house look) on their walls in a few years. I think it looks nice, but I keep thinking it is the wood paneling of the millennium :)

  16. Wow Suzan, what a great surprise, This trip is coming at a great time. You guys can relax and recharge. Now can I just ask, why oh why would someone cover these doors up??? What are people thinking? I remember those doors growing up in my parents home, they were tragic. Can't wait to see how these turn out.


  17. You are going to LOVE CRUISING!! I am just as excited about the doors. I have asking about them and I just knew there was something good there.
    Congratulations on the win, win!

  18. OMG! I was so happy for you about the doors, what a score, but then the cruise!!!! Scream Out Loud! Shut The Door Fantastic! Simply wonderful : ). After the kitchen is done and you've got a few other things wrapped up, go baby, go. Pina Colada please.

  19. Oh wow! Congratulations!!! I went on my first cruise this past summer and it was awesome...:) Can't wait to go again! And by the the doors!

    Blessings, Vicky

  20. Fabulous!!! I'm so happy for you. You deserve it after all you've been through lately!!
    Mary Alice

  21. Hi Suzan!!!

    WHAT!!!! YOU WON A CRUISE!!!!!!!

    That is just totally awesome!!!! By that time you'll need a vacation and you know we all
    want pictures of this great vacation. This is going to be a real treat for you since you haven't been on one.

    I can't believe the doors were covered up. They are so nice!!! Can't wait to see them up and finished!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


  22. by george i think i heard you screaming all the way here in tn after all you are as crazy as a loon lol....santa gave you a early present congrats....and the door wow oh wow gonna be great xx

  23. congratulations, Suzan! Cruises can be whatever you want them to be. Exciting or lazy. We've gone on 6 and none were lazy. If I'm going some place new I want to see and do it all. If you need any pointers, please get in touch with me. I sure hope you aren't going on Carnival though. :-)

  24. How wonderful for you...don't you just love the color of the water?

  25. This will be a great way to celebrate a new year and maybe John can relax a little -- if you let him. Blessings

  26. Who would even have thought to look "under" those doors? Not I !!!

  27. Woohoo! Awesome!

    Great, great doors!

  28. The old doors will look awesome once you work your magic on them!! Congrats on winning the trip. My best friend lives near where the cruise ships go in and out of port down in Florida. She is wanting us to come down and go on a cruise with them, but I'm not a big fan of large bodies of water.

  29. CONGRADULATIONS !!!!! SO happy for you. Yayyyy! The doors are an awesome surprise too :) xxx Caroline

  30. Still stunned over those hidden doors and totally excited for you to go on a cruise! Can't believe you've never done it. You'll have a well-deserved and restful trip!

  31. I can see you screaming and jumping up and down at the dealership, and hitting the salesman lol. Congrats my friend, if any two people need a vacation, you two do.. After all the packing and moving and demo work it will be great to have a change of scenery. And those doors, what can I say except SCORE , who would cover them? and yes the stained glass from the 70's has to go lol. So so happy for you, can not wait to hear all about the trip. woohoo, hugs Tobey

  32. So this is kind of like, what's behind paneled Door # 2? A cruise vacation! Suzan and John...c'mon down! You SO deserve this! We went on our first cruise about 2 years ago and LOVED IT. We are going on our second one in a few months. Try to get to Florida the day before the ship sails so you aren't stressed out about flight delays/missing the boat, etc. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And Merry Christmas, too!

  33. Yay yay yay!!! That is freakin awesome Suzan. You'll probably want to take this turtle cuz I am a sea creature and would be right at home!! You can just tell John that you need a vacation from him too. The parties we would crash (that's the feral part of me) CONGRATULATIONS my friend!! Cheers.

  34. I've been playing catch up. You won't believe how I took my first cruise. I won it from a single entry on a cereal box! 14 days on the Mexican Riviera and I was hooked on cruising.

  35. Wow, what a fantastic prize to pick from the tree!! You and John will be needing this break after all the renos you've been doing. But I totally get the forgoing of a planned vacay...we decided not to go to Jamaica with friends, instead we are painting the kitchen & putting down new flooring, as well as paying for the new SUV my husband bought. Much more necessary than paying for a do I win one?
    And your doors are going to look fantastic when finished! I don't understand panelling over them...
    Have a fantastic time, Suzan!!
    Debbie :)


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