Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The filth of renovating.............

You get used to it - you really do.
Things that make you gag - and make you want to flee out of a place screaming -
Things that make you cringe so deeply you feel it in the very core of your being -
Things that make you look like you're smelling sh*t ( because basically that's exactly what you're doing day in - day out )
Things that leave you with a little crease between your brow and a slightly disdainful look on your face
Things that in another place and time in your life would have left you declaring - loud and clear
" I couldn't live like that - sorry but I just couldn't "
Bathtubs that leave you preferring going to bed dirty than sit in them
Sinks that make paper plates and plastic cups a wonderful idea
It took this house - this reno in fact - to ensure there is something on my feet always - this bare foot loving girl's feet have not touched the floors yet.

You get used to it - you really do.
When a home made sandwich taste every bit as good as Turkey and all the works.
You fold away your designer jeans - you leave your beloved shoes in their boxes.
Your perfumes takes a second place to lysol and Mr. Clean
And you temporarily forget your hairdresser's number.
You take the despair you ultimately feel every night - and turn it into a dream - somehow - believe it or not somehow you manage to do it -

You get used to it - you really do.
When you're offered to go out for a dinner and you have to weigh whether it's worth taking a shower for and ultimately it isn't - when you'd rather skip the shower and paint another wall - or clean another floor - or pull nails out of the stairs -
The thought crossed my mind the other night - that if I stood outside Home Depot this week - in the state I'm in - and held out a hat - I swear to you people would drop money in it - especially being so close to Christmas and all - I look that pitiful.
I mentioned that fact to my better half last night

John says - DO IT - we could at least get a kitchen sink out of it
Suzan says - Well you do it at another branch and we could get the faucet

I could never - not in a million years - have imagined taking a job like this on while living on the premises.
We did it once before - but only moved in when it was mostly finished.
Sawdust in your coffee?
Dirty hands?
Nails going through your flip flops?
Windows so dirty you can't see through them?
Gunk as thick as wall studs to be scraped off of EVERY. SINGLE. INCH. of the space you're inhabiting?

There comes a time - when you live amongst the filth of renovating that you realize Coach Purses are overrated - and Burberry Jackets are over the top - and when your Chanel sunglasses get stepped on accidently you most definitely come to the realization that the pharmacy brands keep the sun away ( and hide your haggard face ) just as efficiently.

Who knew it would take a filthy home to change my priorities?
But bit by bit it's chipping away at what I always considered my " must have " luxuries
AND that I'd be kind of happy to see them go -
I haven't worn makeup in 2 weeks - not a big deal in some ladies worlds - but huge in mine -
I'm lucky if I have time to moisturize my legs ( which are starting to be as dry as the wood in this home )
Manicures?  FUGGEDABOUDIT - not happening any time soon.

At the end of the day - a hot bath - a thick towel - warm pj's and clean crisp sheets are the luxuries I now live for - and oh what luxuries they are indeed :)

You get used to it..........................
You really do







  1. First time I've looked at blogs in over a week. I hear yiou- We renovated 14 houses!!!! And lived in 11 of them WHILE we worked on them with KIDS and pets in tow. OMG-I look back and wonder how we ever did it. I am glad that you have kept your sense of humor. lol It will ALL be worth it when you are done- I promise! xo Diana

  2. The white floor looks pretty! Your slippers will have to be changed at the door before you enter that space. We did the sleeping quarters first, also.

    Today, the utility company was chopping down a tree in the yard of the house behind us, because it was hitting the power lines. It was really ugly for awhile, and I thought they were going to leave it with stumps at roof level, because our back yard looks like squalor, and the workers probably thought we wouldn't care; the previous owner had an obsession with all kinds of "bricks"; it's last on the list. I tried to send my spouse out to ask. I said, "they must think we are slobs, and they don't how nice it is in this house." My spouse told me I should go out, because I'm in my "Home Depot" outfit... One of his old, lime-green, conference shirts paired with some orange yoga pants... (It's my remodel work/painting outfit!!!) Fortunately, they took the whole tree down, and now we can see the full mountain.

    It's so much work!!! I rarely got discouraged, even when it went so SLOW at times, because I could imagine where I was headed. It sounds like you have that vision too. HUGS XOXO

    1. I forgot to tell you that some of the people at Home Depot know us by our first names!

  3. Soon your home will be beautiful. I know that it is such hard work but you'll have it in shape in no time. So glad that you still have your sense of humor - have a productive week.

  4. I was such a whiner when we renovated one room, my master bath. It was so worth it! Hang in there

  5. I know all of your efforts will be worth it! Hang in there... You'll be enjoying your home before you know it!

  6. It must be awful to live in the renovations. We did it with our kitchen gut and reno for almost 2 weeks. It wasn't fun but worth it in the end. However, a whole house? At least you're bedroom sanctuary will be finished soon and you can retreat at the end of each day and unwind. Have a blessed day!

  7. Surely you will look back and say it was sooooo worth it!

  8. Dear Suzan. I had to laugh about the make up. Sorry, but I knew myself in you.
    All the mess, but it goes only one way, forward. You will get a fantastic home when it`s finished, my friend, and you will laugh about mice, dirt, paint and all this mess. (maybe)

    Big hug from me

  9. You make me very happy that I am almost finished my house - well, as finished as it ever will be cause I keep dreaming up new things to do...

    Enjoy your bedroom! I'm sure you will finish it this week xoxox

  10. Burberry Coats are NOT overrated. :) :)

    All this hard work will be worth it in the long run. Sending hugs and good wishes for your renovation efforts.

  11. I admire your spirit... I could never live through a major renovation! Looking forward to photos soon :)

  12. We have always lived in "the projects." I am over it, but DL will keep at it 'til he drops.

  13. Loving that floor and the wallpaper. Woooooo Hoooooo you will be sleeping in Heaven by Sunday night. It will be good to have a room done where you can go and just relax after all your hard work. Hang in there. You are doing gang busters so far.

  14. Your scaring me woman, I am house hunting. I need a place of my own. Brian would want me to have a place of my own, a place where I can paint. I put an offer in on one there other day and it needs lots of work. But I need something to keep me busy, so keep your fingers crossed that I get it for my price. We can compare horror stories about all of the renovating. I love the white floors and the wallpaper is gorgeous. I think I will start with the bedroom too, I love that idea of escaping at night to crisp clean sheets and shutting the door to the rest of the work. I may be at a different location of home depot with a cup too lol. can't wait to see all the work you are doing. hugs to you and John. xo Tobey

  15. When we flipped houses out in the Seattle area, I was often elbow deep in stuff that you just never want to think about. I was amazed at how other people lived and truly had my eyes opened. Thankfully, I went home every night to a beautiful, clean home. Having the master finished by the weekend as a goal is a great idea.Doing projects one at a time will help you to feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel!

  16. The first day we owned a house that needed renovating, I took down 75 year old, insect infected curtains which literally disintegrated in my hands while my husband tore out the kitchen and the bathroom because "I wasn't going to live like that".....famous last words - two months later, the bathroom was still not done and I was sick of showering in a 75 year old tub with it's original walls (gross beyond belief). I hear ya, my friend. Just keep your eye on the final reveal!!

  17. I have to say Suzan that I am so proud of you. You are moving along like a trooper. If you have your bedroom finished at least at night you can shut the door and be in a clean new environment. I can relate t this with our first house in sense o f how disgusting it was. I mean filth ad is FILTH. We could not see out our windows and the dirt an smell was everywhere. Thank the Lord for paint, it kills a multitude of odder. Hang in there, remember what you mission is and that is a BEAUTIFUL home.


  18. I can so relate to what you are feeling, and yes it will get better. When I walked through my home the couple living add so much furniture in it you couldn't see the walls, any of them. They lived in my home for 3 months after purchasing and when I finally moved it I was in shock with what I saw. I would not sleep in the bedrooms, I stayed at a friends house and spent a fortune on PieSol. I thought I would never get this home clean and in working order. One thing they did is someone must of add really back allergies and they painted all the window shut, BUT they left about a foot of leaves in the windows, I guess it was to much to open the windows, removed the leaves before painting shut.

    One of the worse things they did was put a large aluminum pan in the attic stuffed with towels, the reason they did this was because they had a leak in the roof and didn't want me to find out about it until after year (they wouldn't be responsible for it) and it worked. Within my first year of living here I add to put on a new roof with a 2 layer tearoff. Very expensive.

    But now I look back and as many nights as I cried, I don't now, and it will become you home that will reflect you. I know you will!

  19. You guys are amazing the way you get at it and get it done!

  20. Hey I slept with a bat in my bedroom. It wasn't pleasant and I have to say I hid under the covers the whole night. They inhabited our attic for a while and one made it's way into our bedroom. (Hubby was out of town) I was able to get them all out humanely as they are good for the mosquito population but not good bed buddies! Renos are hell, but as you know, so worth it in the end!! God Bless Google!! Our house is sealed up from the critters now. I have to say I admire your spirit! I am amazed at all that you have done in such a short time!! Cheers to you both.

  21. I go days without makeup too, mainly because working from home means I don't get to town often so why bother? I've never done a major reno so I can't even imagine what you are living through, and it doesn't sound like fun. But I'm sure you will look back and think it was all worth it in the end.
    Debbie :)

  22. It's amazing what we can put up with when we have to. Just keep your eye on the prize Suzan. You're doing so great and that'll help get you through. I believe in the power of visualization. Even in your worst moments of doubting just keep your vision in your mind and you WILL get there.
    Tuula :)

  23. i cant begin to imagine but thanks for describing it in vivid detail lol good luck my friend this too shall passss and im lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveing the wallpaper

  24. Oh you poor thing, but it will be beautiful

  25. I love the white floor! And that wallpaper is beyond gorgeous! Like so many others have said, it's going to be absolutely beautiful. Cheering you on!

  26. By Sunday???? You are a reno machine, I'm in awe.

  27. I just know that as horrible as all this seems right now, it will be equally thrilling and satisfying when you are finished. Hang in there!

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  29. Oh I'm tired just reading about it. Hope you get your room all finished soon. Love the wallpaper.

  30. Oh I feel for ya girl! Wall paper is gorgeous and I'm glad you about have a sanctuary from all the madness! I am about to be right on your heels girl!

  31. YES!!! the wallpaper where did you find it ... it is awesome.

  32. Been there…done that! It will be so wonderful when you're finished though! It's great to have the pictures…someday it will be so encouraging to look back and see what you did! You can do it! Just put some good music on and hit it!!

  33. I have not lived through a whole-house renovation, so I can't pretend to know what it's like. But I did live through a couple of kitchens, many baths, a master suite and lots of other big projects. It sucks, it really does, but think of it like childbirth -- you won't remember the pain as sharply when it's all over, and you'll have your baby -- your house -- exactly how you want it. And then one day, you'll strut out of that gorgeous house, in your designer jeans, killer shoes, (new) Chanel sunglasses and maybe a Prada bag, to go get your nails and hair done!


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