Sunday, December 15, 2013

Missing Body Parts....................

It's cold in Montreal -
I'll tell you how cold later on in the post - because I'm afraid you'll pass out if I tell you right away.

Remember I told you all how I was going to borrow some space from the mud room - create a built in space for the fridge?

The mudroom is NOT insulated - nor is it heated ( which would be redundant I guess since it's not insulated, so when you open the back door in the kitchen, you're basically outside ( covered but outside )

John says - I've been thinking ( very very dangerous ) that your idea for the fridge is a lousy one
Suzan says - WHY?  I think it's a fantastic idea
John says - Well you're just going to have a hole cut out on the kitchen wall and plunk the fridge there?
Suzan says - WHAT???
John says - That's what you said you were going to do
Suzan says - Do you think I'm spending all this money on our little chef's kitchen - and THEN I'M GOING TO JUST HAVE A HOLE RIPPED OUT IN THE WALL AND HAVE A FRIDGE DANGLING OUT OF IT???????????
John says - That's YOUR plan - I wouldn't do it - it's nuts - it's going to be freezing in the house...............

Now I'm not going to blame him entirely - it's so cold here - this has to be a case of brain freeze - he can't seriously believe what he's saying.

Suzan says - I'm having an INSERT built John - and INSERT - which will be a finished nook - a finshed AND insulated nook - for the fridge to sit inside of.
John says - NOW that's a good idea.............

How cold is it here?  It's freaking unbelievably cold
as in -30 celcius with the wind chill factor ( - 22 fahrenheit )  This is normally something that happens in January - not December.  And although the house is warm - every time I look out the window I feel cold.
I went downstairs to make a cup of tea and sit in front of the fireplace.............

Suzan says - Why is the fire off?
John - standing on a ladder painting - says - I'm sweating my ( insert male body parts here ) off
Suzan says - You don't have to be so vulgar about it - ( John is the least vulgar man I know - except, I don't know, in the last year or so he's pulled off some real zingers )
I didn't bother telling him that I'm freezing my ( insert female body parts here ) off

If you happen to see them while you're out for an evening stroll - please return them to
Prince Edward Street - you'll know the house - it'll be the one with the hole ripped out of the wall with a fridge protruding from it :)

There'll be a reward.

Thank you.


  1. Don't envy you the cold, snow or anything freezing! We left Alberta in 1987 to miss those kind of temps, but alas, in recent years, t'would seem that they have followed us over the Atlantic! Wrap up warm, and enjoy Christmas: oh, and I hope the freezer idea works for you. @

  2. It's freaking cold here in southeastern Pennsylvania though I was outside a bit yesterday with just a sweater on and still have all my body parts. Looking forward to seeing that finished kitchen!!

  3. Bwahaha!!! I wasn't aware that you allowed John to think. I can remember growing up in Canada and how I turned into an icicle walking to school every day in the winter. BRRRR!!! Stay warm my friend. :)

  4. Aha! Now you're getting Wisconsin weather. lol I want you to know that I skipped through several other bloggers posts today to get to yours because I was so interested in those missing body parts! LOL Hope it warms up for you. Looking forward to pictures. (not of body parts, but of the kitchen, that is)

  5. I've been having so much fun catching up on your new house details. My gosh you work fast, it seems like just yesterday you had your house on the market. I hope you know you are my role model right now, just a few months ahead of us I think. We're still trying to sell our family home which I will also miss terribly since it's finally (mostly) done. And since we will most certainly be moving into a sorta fixer upper too. Which already makes me feel tired hahaha.... I love where you're going with the kitchen. Hang in there it's going to be beautiful when you get done!

  6. I lived on Belmont as a young girl! Such a lovely neighborhood!!! Can't wait to see the finished kitchen. You're doing a great job- hang in there.

  7. Suzan,
    I could write a full letter about your blog and how it makes my day EVERY day. What more can I say but thanks.
    ps......I'll keep an eye out but by the time the missing parts get to Florida they won't be freezing anymore.

  8. Suzan,
    I love your posts and it makes me feel good to read about all your adventures in house rehabbing. It is very cold here in Chicago too. We had 4 inches of snow yesterday and now we are in the low single digits for temps. We normally do not see this until Jan or Feb either. Scary that we are getting this so early. Yikes. Keep going it is going to be so fab when you get it done.

  9. What I can't figure out is why people live in weather that actually gets a minus in its numbers. Do you realize that there is more than a 90 degree difference in our weather today. I am going to a Cookie Exchange later today and I can actually wear shorts in this weather. I won't wear shorts though because it might scare off a few of the other guests.

    Everyone in the neighborhood stood out on the beach at sunset last night and complained that it was so cold each evening. There was a rainbow of Patagonia jackets lined up facing west in the cold - 60 degrees.

    I can't wait to see the kitchen and if your body parts show up in southern California, I will thaw them quickly before I send them back.

  10. well here we are in Australia sweating out in the heat of our summer, quite the opposite to what you are feeling!

  11. suzan...i just laughed a lot of my body parts off xx

  12. Dear Suzan, you really must find somebody to illustrate these conversations! I laugh til I cry just reading them, can you imagine them with a cartoon to go along?

  13. OMG =- you and John are so funnyyyyyyyyy! I can tell there is never a dull moment at your house. I COULD NOT live in a place so cold. Today we are having 81 degrees, but the house is chilly. I opened up the slider to the patio hoping to get some warm air in but I don't feel it.
    I can hardly wait to see the end results of your kitchen. How did the bedroom turn out? Did you leave up the wallpaper?
    You and John have a great week.
    I'm still laughing......

  14. Ha! I'm really getting a kick out of your renovation! BTW it is stinky hot and humid here. Maybe we could meet somewhere in between

  15. Oh and John make me laugh. And wow, that's cold. Cold here in Chicago, too, so I'm not going out looking for any body parts!

    I really need to catch up with you girlfriend! Going back to do that now!


  16. Hi Suzan, I can tell you, if I find any missing body parts in Savannah I will be glad to deliver them personally…in the Spring. We are suffering a cold spell here, 56 F but expecting a continually warming until 76F on Friday. We have a fireplace in the family room but it is only used for photographs.
    Looking forward to seeing the next segment. I am dying to know if the doors are paneled.
    Merry Christmas, Ginger

  17. Oh, please don't tell me that this cold Canadian air is going to be drifting south sometime in the future. We've HAD the cold air already and it's GONE! It's supposed to actually be balmy out the first part of this week--mid 50s F. Those missing parts are probably no longer in your area, so just don't expect anyone to be finding them for you up north. Am looking forward to seeing where and how this is all going to look in your new kitchen! Stay warm.♥♫
    PS--Just read that Savannah Granny is thinking 56 F is a cold spell, and I think it's pleasant. It made me laugh!!

  18. They tell us they listen to everything we tell them, but I know for certain it isn't so! I have found my dear one has very selective hearing and tunes out a lot of the details. Some of the looks he gives me after I tell him something let me know he is not only questioning what he thinks he has heard, but my sanity too. Gotta love them!

  19. So funny with you two, I can't believe -30 that is cold. I hope you warm up soon in all areas:)

  20. Your blog always makes me laugh--thank you! Keep up the good work! We're cold down here in Virginia, too.

  21. In Brittany, we consider it's freezing when we hit 0°C or 1°C, which doesn't happen that often, so maybe I could rip a wall open to put the fridge there. That would solve a problem in my kitchen. I'm sending an email to the contractor right now!

  22. Yowza, that's COLD! We're whining because it's going to be 19°F here. Our mud room (not next to the kitchen) isn't insulated either, and comes in very handy as a second fridge in winter! OK, sometimes it's more like a freezer, actually, and it's of no help in summer, unless we need to melt butter for corn on the cob, so I think you are on the right track with a finished nook :)

  23. Brr, I thought plain 32 degrees was cold! This southern girl will NOT being moving north. I'll come visit in the summertime, ok? Good luck with your nook- it sounds pure genius! Oh! And stay warm...pretty sure your body parts are some place warm, thawing out.

  24. Does anyone besides me remember Green Acres? Their bedroom closet door led right to outside. Perhaps they should have stashed their refrigerator in there?

  25. You two are so funny, I can relate to the freezing body parts off, I moved to the snow belt, what was I thinking ? I may be joining you in the home renovation nightmares, just working on a deal for a house right now. I am excited and terrified all at the same time. I will be working on a smaller budget but I want to go all white too. Have been working on it with my d├ęcor for a few years now. Can't wait to see all the things you are doing to the house. I am hoping it will help to inspire me once I get mine. I will be moving mid January, so the movers and I will be both freezing body parts off, wish me luck. keep the posts and updates coming, so excited to see what you do to the house. hugs Tobey and Maggie

  26. Really a reward? I'm thinking the reward may be you put the poor soul to work ;) I hope you get some Christmas downtime, and maybe a little warmth!

  27. So funny! Hey...the back of my fridge (which is boxed in with a bump-out downstairs, has a little door down at the bottom that I can slide up so I can vacuum underneath it from the back side. My FIL thought of that and it's a feature I love. Just thought I'd let you know in case you haven't done your yet, you might want to consider it.


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