Monday, December 16, 2013

From a Distance

From a distance................the world looks white and grey ♫

Monday - John says - The snow is going to start any day now - tell Gordie we need that bloody electric shovel back
Tuesday - John says - They're calling for snow - I need that bloody electric shovel back
Wednesday - John says - Have you spoke to Gordie - where's the bloody electric shovel?
Thursday - John says - I have a feeling we'll never see that bloody shovel again

I call Gordie -
Gordie says - Hello?
Mom says - Hi sweetheart - John says we need the bloody electric shovel back
Gordie laughs - Tell him I'll bring it by after work tonight
Mom says - Oh good - because John thought we'd never see it again
Gordie says - Tell him I sold it to a farmer in Siberia

The snow fell Saturday night..................
A lot of snow fell Saturday night.................

Suzan says - It's snowing pretty heavy out there - you should move the cars so that the snow removal service
can do the driveway
John says - I have no idea when they're coming - they're all over the place here
Suzan says - So maybe move them now - that way you don't have to think about it ...............
John says - Nah, I'll do it later.............

The snow removal truck has come and gone - and our cars are buried in snow.................

John says - Great now I have to dig the car out to go get coffee
Suzan says - Take the electric shovel
John says - It's easier to just use the regular one.

Suzan says - You could send someone to the BLOODY insane asylum - I swear to God John

We're in the midst of a blizzard here 

John says - Well you never know when you might need it ..................

From a distance - safe in the upstairs office - shaking my head in disbelief

You can't even see where the street starts - it's pretty bad out there - but at any rate - we have the electric shovel safe and warm in the porch - because hey - you just never know when that particular item will come in handy.

and now I'm about to put the bedroom together - as best I can - because I can't take sleeping in this room anymore................which is basically wall to wall bed -

which will ultimately be the guest room - so if any of you plan on visiting - bring your claustrophobia meds!!!!!!!

I just brushed on the final coat of paint on the floor - so happy I went with gloss - it look so pretty with the reflection of the window on it :)

I need someone to build me a window seat - for free - and who ever is willing to do that I would let them come play in the snow for a weekend ...................any takers?
I didn't think so

A dresser will most likely sit in front of it for now - temporarily you understand :)
Maybe I'll just sit on the dresser with a good book  ( like a Buddha - facing the outside and scare all the neighbors half to death )

Stay tuned for the reveal - woo hoo - you get to see a bed and a dresser LMHO

Have a wonderful day all!!!


  1. OMG…That is A LOT of snow! Enjoy!

  2. LOVE the floor! Hate the snow :-( We have our share here in Oshawa, but more so the COLD, I mean FRIGID temps.....Stay warm!

  3. I'm the one who clears the driveway and the cars every morning because I get up so early.So yesterday when hubby picked up a shovel (looks like we got about the same amount of snow as you) I was giddy as a school girl. :) I love when he shovels. And I didn't even know there was such a thing as an electric one. We have a snowblower, is that the same thing?

  4. Wow lots of snow! I've never heard of electric shovels how cool! Even if a regular one is better lol

  5. What oh what is an electric shovel? Men, they are all the same, aren't they? Can't wait to see the bedroom reveal!

  6. Why don't you just build/buy a simple coffee table and put a skirt on it for a window seat? It would look so sweet! Here is some inspiration for you

    Happy Monday!

  7. OMG - you and John are so funny. It's a good thing you have a sense of humor ....
    What on earth is a electric snow shovel? Floor looks great and can hardly wait to see the bedroom reveal.
    Wishing you and John a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  8. The floor looks great!! And by electric shovel do you mean snow blower? Enjoy the snow!!

  9. I'm as curious as everyone else!! What is an electric shovel? Never heard of one. Good thing you will be inside where it's warm, unless that refrigerator wall is letting cold air in.♥♫

  10. I'd love to make you a window seat, but I don't want to play in your snow, we have enough of our own!!!!!!

  11. Like so many others here, my first response is WTH is an electric shovel? Is that a Canadian thing???

    Suzan, that glossy white floor makes my soul happy.

  12. I think we got a foot of snow here yesterday. It was quite the blizzard! Looking forward to seeing your bedroom revealed!! I love all the white.

  13. Okay, I just finally got caught up on your December posts. You kids are just having too much fun! How much snow did you get? I got a solid 8 inches Friday night. Of snow.


  14. I swear your posts make me laugh out loud every time! I love them and the new room! I so wish I could come play in your snow...:) Beautiful! Blessings, Vicky

  15. Good YOU called Gordie and got that bloody electric snow shovel back because you might "really" get some snow in a day or so! Your floors look fabulous!

  16. Wasn't that a fun weekend? I loved all the snow we got, mainly because I didn't have to go anywhere in it. Other than for walks, that's my favourite time to walk...during a blizzard.
    Debbie :)

  17. Hi Suzan!!!!


    I would come in a heartbeat!!!! Playing in snow and then working beside you would be the greatest!!!!! We had snow last week and I put the pictures on FB and it stayed around for all of three days:(

    Good choice for the paint. I love that little nook in the room!!! The window looks great too!! And I agree...sometimes someone close to us can make you go insane. Funny thing is it's always the hubby!!!

    Have a great week Suzan!!!!


  18. Suzan,
    Love that floor. I cannot wait to see the reveal.
    Kris :)

  19. MEN (insert eye roll here). The snow is beautiful as is your floor. Just sit in the window and wave every once in awhile as he shovels :)

  20. Is an electric shovel the same thing as a snowblower?

  21. Got a cedar chest? Whip up a cushion, grab some pillows, a throw and a book. Don't worry......John will be fine outside.

  22. LOL! You guys are hilarious, Suzan. Hope you are staying warm and cozy. The room is looking really good! XOXO

  23. Dear Suzan, you always make me smile. Snow can make a lot of funny situations. The floor looks great. Can`t wait to see the room finished.


  24. What in the world is an electric snow shovel??? Not that I'll need one here, but I'm curious. I'm glad you chose the gloss paint too because it looks gorgeous! You go girl!


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