Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Talking Crazy Talk...................

John says - You're nuts
John says - You're out to lunch
John says - You're flat out crazy
John says - You're touched
John says - You're not normal


And it dawned on me this week -

He's probably, without a doubt, right on the money

I never actually gave it much thought before -
I just assumed I was " fun " but the sad reality is perhaps I AM a few bristles short of a paintbrush.

He's not the first to say it.
Far from it.
My ex thought I was crazy too.
And come to think of it, most of my friends say it also ( it doesn't count if they're shaking their heads and laughing, when they do so )
My kids have even accused me of it ( but they've earned the right, I have to admit )
And some of you guys have even alluded to the fact from time to time!!!

I've never been diagnosed - so what if I am, in fact, as crazy as a loon?



Only someone who was
Out to Lunch.
Flat out Crazy.
Not Normal.

That's who.

And if that's the case - then this house adventure is entirely John's fault - really - how can someone who's
" not all there " be held accountable for these decisions?

I mean if you're going to let the crazies run the loony bin than you're going to have to accept the crazy decisions they make, right?

And if you can't see that than that means you're probably bat shit crazy as well -

Sooooo, John's either
Out to Lunch.
Flat out Crazy.
Not Normal.

Or a completely irresponsible caretaker.

Whatever, I'm absolving myself of all blame from this point forward.

It may all be worth it in the end - but wow - this one's a tough one...................
BUT last night we slept in our bedroom - it's not quite finished ( decor wise ) because I can't find the boxes with my decor in them lol - BUT WE HAVE A BED IN A BEDROOM -
These are not final reveal photos - just a sampling - and a messy one at that -

I whipped the curtains open to take this photo
John says - half asleep - What the hell?
Suzan says - it's too dark in here to take a photo
John says - Do you plan on taking a photo with me in the bed?
Suzan says - I don't mind - if you'd like to stay in it, that's ok

Even Soda was a little aggravated

And as much as I hate a t.v. in the bedroom - when there's nowhere else to sit in the house basically - let me tell you, a t.v. in the bedroom is a GOOD thing................

Much love
Loco Suzana

P.S. everyone wanted to know what an electric shovel was - at your service :)
It's just a mini snowblower really - it REALLY is an electric shovel - fantastic for walkways


  1. This morning I've been catching up on your blog and reading what you've been up to since just before your big move. I can't believe how much you've accomplished in your new home! Your bedroom looks so cozy and inviting and like the perfect place to curl up on a cold snowy eventing to watch TV after a hard day of work. I know about the stress and hard work that goes on behind a renovation, and I applaud you every step of the way. Thank you for sharing your journey. I love reading about it all and am excited to see it progress. If your new bedroom is an indication of what's to come, it's all going to be gorgeous.

  2. Hey crazy friend... be patient! It will all work out, what you've done so far is amazing.
    P.S. I love the Paris sign on your dresser! LOL

  3. Hi, Susan,
    Greetings from Kokomo, Indiana USA. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog. I love stopping by everyday. Hang in there and know we are out here feeling your pain and cheering you along the way as you renovate your new home. Every time I start a new project and I am in the middle, halfway done, halfway undone, I ask myself "why" I started in the first place. Its takes guts to see it through. Go! Suzan!!

  4. Wow, even "un-decorated" the bedroom really looks amazing. Can't wait to see the finished product. :-) And just for the record...You're entitled to be LOCO...you're renovating for goodness sakes!

  5. LOL - your bedroom is looking gorgeous Suzan... love it!
    It will all be worth it!!!!

  6. Your front door area is a beautiful background with which to frame the cordless vacuum you use to shovel snow.

    And, what really is the definition of crazy? And who gets to determine that?

  7. Many, many inspired geniuses have been called crazy until . . . That's right! Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  8. I do NOT think you're crazy. You have vision and that's what people who have no vision say about those who have vision. Good for you! Stick to it, it will be gorgeous!! and I love your choice of a window seat. Looks fabulous!!!


  9. Those neighbors that can see the boxes now will be amazed when you invite them in! And, we're all a bit crazy--we do it best!♥♫

  10. Yay, you have a bed in a bedroom and a TV and a window seat area. It looks great and I know your vision and dream for this house is not crazy (and neither are you!) and it's going to be amazing. Keep plugging away.

  11. It's looking great! I like the window dressed with long curtains with the bed in front. I can't believe how much you have accomplished so far.

    By now my spouse knows I'm right, because we have done it before. ;)

  12. See, it is a good thing he got the shovel back because now we've gotten to see a picture of one and learn something new!! :)

    I don't think you or John are crazy, btw. :)

  13. Oh, my we're in the same boat, Girl...boxes of crap everywhere. We started moving next door a week ago, and I STILL can't find my panties. I will never move during the holidays again! And I just know you'll make that cutie-patootie house adorbs :)

  14. I love your style even with it not done.

  15. Personally, I have always LOVED crazy! Maybe because I resemble that diagnosis? You will get through this and be just thrilled at the end of it all. Just remember - I have done this FOURTEEN times...and I am still sane (or not!;>) xo Diana

  16. That think does look a lot like an upright vacuum cleaner. I don't think you're crazy at all, but then again, I think we have a lot of the same personality traits so I'm probably not the most reliable person to be diagnosing you. haha. Besides, we're not even halfway as crazy as most of the people elected to run our countries (no exclusions - that includes ALL of them). Although, right now I think I'm crazy because I haven't yet dumped com-freaking-cast for totally screwing up my email for the last week.

  17. Hi Suzan! Boy, I'm away for a while and you buy a new house??? I blame myself, so you and John are off the hook...for now.

    It looks like it has oodles of potential though. That front door is really beautiful. Are you going to keep that?
    And what's wrong with crazy? Sometimes it makes a huge alibi!
    Good to see you again!

  18. Hi Suzan,
    I love you so much. You always make me smile. You did not let me down today. You are my kind of crazy, and fit into my world very well.
    Have a great day and I love the house and bedroom.

  19. Hi Suzan, Join the rest of us bloggers. We are all a bit looney. I am just glad you are keeping it real and not one of super perfect bloggers. You know the ones whose dishes clean themselves and their house does the same. Always shopping and creating. That's why I enjoy your blog, you are a real person.

  20. What I'd like to know is, 'what's normal??' Most of the people who accuse us of not being normal are flat out BORING. Anyway, the bedroom looks good and Soda's a sweetie! You'll get there, it's just that this is a difficult time of year to be in the middle of a project like that. But it will all come together and come spring, you won't be asking yourself why you bought that place. :-))

  21. Hey crazy girl...Don't you know that's why we all love you so??? We ADORE your craziness. I know that I live vicariously through you and wish I had half of your spunk and attitude. lolol Rest assured, though....you are not alone! hehehe!

    Love how your bedroom is turning out, girl! Just so YOU!!!! And oh yeah....having a TV in the bedroom is awesome!!! We love snuggling up and watching the news or a cookign show before we go to bed. Gosh I wish we lived closer, too. I'd be over in a heartbeat to help you sort through those lovely boxes on your porch. :)

    xoxo laurie

  22. The bedroom is looking good.

    It is okay to be crazy because I am crazy too.

    Hang in there - by the time that white stuff is gone outside your house, it will be PERFECT.

  23. Hi Suzan!!!

    YOU CRAZY??!!!!! Naaaaaaaa!!!!

    Because if you are, we all are!!! I love you new house and I know I'm going to be super envious because I know the work you do and it's genius!!! You know me. There's more than your new house to make me envious...The location, the house itself, the backyard with the POOL!!!!

    Must I go on?? You're fine and John will love the place once it's all finished and done.
    The bedroom looks awesome and I really like the wallpaper behind the bed!!!

    What's taking you so long? I'm excited to see the next room you work on!!!!

    It's a good thing I'm here where you can't get me...He-he-he!!!

    LoveYa Gal!!!!!


  24. Normal is completely overrated and boring! Room is looking great I also hate the tv in the bedroom but jules would divorce me if I took it out and I'm kind of crazy about him so it stays :)

  25. You are so right. This is all on John! It really is starting to come together. I am excited to see the kitchen!!

  26. You have a bedroom! It's ok if you're crazy...the best of us are!

  27. Phhhtthhh...crazy shmazy. Think how boring life would be otherwise!


  28. That is why we get along, we are both loony. I have an ex that thought I was nuts and my kids will agree. My youngest wanted me to get a license plate that said psycho Mom. And I know my siblings have always thought I was a little crazy, I thought unique, went to the beat of a different drum, but maybe I am nuts. But its a fun place to be isn't it. The house will come together my friend, just takes time. Some people do a room at a time, you have taken on a whole house. You saw what it could be and it will be, in time. And yes John your just as much responsible, so suck it up princess. You guys should have your own show on HGTV, I am going to call them right now and suggest it. What shall we call the show? hugs Tobey

  29. Well, Suzan, call me crazy, but I don't think you're crazy :) Wait till everyone sees the finished product, and then they will call you CREATIVE. ARTISTIC. TALENTED. If your bedroom is any indication, which of course it is, you are going to have one amazing abode! Anyway, aren't we all crazy in some way or another? My son calls me "the weirdest mom in the world." I'm not, I don't think...am I? ;)
    I agree with Tobey's comment above about the HGTV show. Brilliant idea!

  30. I had to google "electric shovel" yesterday, thinking people on the other side of the ocean really had electric everything!!!
    I love, love the bedroom. And don't worry, crazy is good, at least that's what I tell myself!


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