Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Heart is full, indeed.

It's the little things that count - always - at the end of the day it's the small acts of kindness that make everything bearable.

Do any of you remember " April " ?
I redid her antique dining room set HERE and HERE and her chairs HERE and  had way too much wine with her HERE

But my favorite post about her refers to her heart collection HERE - I'd never seen so many hearts in one home ( and that post didn't cover all of them )


A couple of weeks ago - ( actually the second day we moved into this house ) there was a small bag on the door waiting for me.
In the midst of a " hell on earth " environment someone thought of me and left these ......................

My smile was ear to ear ( and at the same time I was dangerously close to crying )  I didn't have to even look at the card to know who it was from - isn't that an amazing " signature " to have?

But of course the card was every bit as beautiful

And the cutest thing of all ???
Her real name is not April at all lol - that was a name I invented for the blog - that she signed it as such made me smile even more :)
Here real name is June - there I've said it - it's out there now - because it deserves to be.....................
But really from here on in I will call her the Heart Lady - because she collects them - because she has a huge one - but mostly because she touched mine deeply with her kindness.

This gets added to the one Carol from Heart and Sand sent me when she found out I wanted to start collecting them

On another note, the wallpaper is up in the bedroom - and the floor is almost finished - I'm painting out the wooden frame window ( and don't give me hell for it - it does NOT look good with the white and black - you know it - even if you hate painting wood - you KNOW this would look better painted, right? lol )
The right side of the floor is completely finished - the left side still needs a couple of more coats............
The wall paper was a nightmare to put up - with the window and the angled ceiling!!!

And tomorrow hopefully I'll show you the ceiling I went with for the kitchen - it was not what I thought I was doing at all !!!

For every comment you leave - please know I read them - they're my smiles during the day - when I take a few moments here and there to come sit at the computer - but sitting at the computer is  becoming fewer and farther between with this mandate I've set for myself to have the bedroom completed by Sunday !!!
I think John may leave me if I don't get it done - seriously - 2 weeks in and he's done - can't stand living like this and keeps telling me " this is insane woman " so the countdown is on :)

Oh and in the midst of all of this I keep forgetting - I received some Milk Paint to do a review on  and I'm oh about 2 months late in doing so - ( the move, people, the move !!! ) so I'm really hoping I can get something done with it within the next couple of weeks - because they have graciously agreed to sponsor a giveaway at the same time.................

Off to put another coat on the floor :)
Much ♥


  1. What a sweet surprise from "April"! She sounds like a sweet friend to have. Your wallpaper looks great, too. XOXO

    And I know this is totally random, but you have an ad showing at the very bottom of this comment box, and it's for Forever 21 - showing the exact horse shirt I literally just purchased 10 minutes ago. Either there's some kind of "technology" behind this that follows my interests, or I'm completely freaking out. :-P

  2. Oh how lovely of her! I really like that wall paper I've actually been doing some painting and wall papering myself which makes me laugh because 2 years ago I would've said wall paper was horrid based on the 70!s stuff my nana has, now I love wall paper! Good luck here's to Sunday!

  3. What a sweet surprise from April's heart! You are indeed loved by so many!! Suzan, I LOVE the bedroom so far. And that window? Absolutely it needs to be painted. The wood trim is so outdated now. Get that brush and bucket out girl!!! Looking forward to Sunday's reveal! Sending you love and a big measure of rest. That's right R-E-S-T.
    Much love,

  4. I love your surprise of hearts. As far as painting the trim. Absolutely :) xo Laura

  5. You are moving like a herd of turtles now!! And I love the hearts! What a nice surprise. :)


  6. What a nice gesture from April/June! The bedroom is looking good, and I def agree that the window trim must be painted. You sure are putting your "heart: and soul into this house!

  7. Your friend is very thoughtful during this challenging time for you. I enjoyed looking at her heart collection. I love your wallpaper. It is gorgeous. Yes, I would paint out the window frame for sure. It stands out like an ---- an old brown window frame! I hope you can be in your 'sanctuary' by Sunday. Hang in there!! Blessings, Pam

  8. So sweet about your friends and the hearts!

    I agree with your assessment on the window trim.

  9. It's coming along beautifully, Suzan. I love the hearts you received from April/May/June! What a wonderful day brightener. Okay- no time to "visit" more this morning- I am on a baby boy watch for our little recovering boy-o! Love to you-can't wait to see it done. xo Diana

  10. Unexpected gifts are the best. What a thoughtful gesture.

    I don't think that even diehard wood enthusiasts would disagree with you painting that window frame.

    You rock.

  11. suz after reading your last blog about getting used to it i was almost bawling ..... i am glad april gave you hearts to lift your spirits and you have the resolve to keep going...tell john to go buy himself more boxers lol and i can imagine what you are going through..been there done that got the t-shirt xx

  12. Well Suzan, April (May be) June, but we will all refer to her as the "heart lady". That is an awesome collection of hearts. I too have a friend, Carol (ps: that's her real name) and she had some big losses in her life ( her mother died and several months later her husband also passed away) she was besot with grief, sold her home and most of her belongings and moved to the beach. She became obsessed with walking on the beach for signs from her loved ones. She asked for hearts and hearts she found. She has the most amazing collection of heart rocks and beach glass that I have ever seen. I wish I could post a picture, as you would be as amazed I'm sure. She too has one of the biggest hearts I have ever known and am glad that we connected and became friends. Of course, I count you as one of my friends too, a blogland friend, but a friend. I love your dialogues with John. They make me giggle.

  13. Hi Suzan!!!!

    What a great surprise!!!!!

    April is such a great friend!!!! Who knew that someone(you) with a huge heart started
    to collect hearts!!!

    The wall paper looks great!!! And...You're painting the wood!!! I thought that's what you do, "Paint Wood!!!" Thought that might make you laugh!!! No, Go and paint it. It'll look better once it's done!!

    How's my reading parlor coming along?

    Have a fabulous weekend Suzan!!!


  14. What a sweetheart, Suzan! It's friends like that that truly hold a special place in your heart. ♥ I hope that you get that bedroom done so that John won't start ranting. lol So far, it's looking great! Very chic!

    xoxo laurie

  15. Oh what a wonderful surprise from your friend April/June. They are beautiful hearts. Tell John to relax. It takes time to clean and then paint and wall paper. Why doesn't he help you if he wants it done quicker? Those men!
    Everything is coming along great and can hardly wait to see all the lovely things you are doing. Have a vodka on the rocks and relax.

  16. In the midst of madness, your friend's gift was a ray of sunshine. Lucky girl!

    As for the bedroom - love it! and yes you need to get rid of that wood frame on the window - it's just glaring at me.

  17. Ah Suzan, nothing like a timely gift from a friend. How sweet and thoughtful of her. I am going to pop over and look at her collection.
    Now onto your bedroom-girl, that wallpaper looks fabulous but I don't envy you putting it up. I learned early on never to hang paper with my hubs. I get snappish and he takes it personally. Lol. I'm with you on the window frame - paint it! Good luck on finishing by Sunday! I'm rooting for you.

  18. True friends are keepers!!! What a special person she must be!!. Love your wallpaper and Yes I definitely think that window trim needs paint!!!

  19. Very sweet, and the little things aren't always so little. :)

  20. love to see your progress! just keep on painting :)

  21. How sweet of April!

    Home renovation can be overwhelming but you seem to be doing good. I started that project last winter (for 3 months) then took a break over the summer and fall. I'll be going back to it after the holidays, Yippee.

    P.S. Paint the window. I did one of my bay windows (1 more to go) and it looks much better.

  22. April/June is a wonderful friend to have! How thoughtful! I have never put up wall paper in my life. I've spent way too much time and money getting it off of walls...but you are tempting me with your pretty paper! Tell John to lighten's all going to be finished soon! It will feel like no time at all before you are both lounging in that pool and laughing at the craziness!

  23. I remember 'April' and how you loved her heart collection. What a thoughtful gift at the perfect time! Things are slowly coming together, and I agree you need to paint the window frame. And you are going to love the milk paint!! I can't wait to see what you do with it!
    Debbie :)


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