Friday, December 27, 2013

I should have chosen Schroeder..................

We all know how much I love music anyway -
So how on earth did I end up with

I've never known a man to be so fastidious about his own personal hygiene and yet leave a mini disaster in his wake upon every room he enters................

There's piles of garbage on his desk.
There's piles of garbage in his van ( disgusting - the van is absolutely disgusting )
There's piles of garbage in his pockets - every single one of them............

And often - so often - too often - he leaves trails as he walks room to room - I'm serious - he leaves little bits of paper that have fallen out of his pockets -

If you went hiking with John on Kilamanjaro - you'd never get lost -
You'd simply follow the trail of his trash back to the base camp.

He doesn't bother with tedious things like closing closet doors - or drawers for that matter - he simply moves on because after all that's what the valet is for, right?

He doesn't clean counters after making a sandwich because that's what the maids do, right?

If I ask him to PLEASE clean the shower - he simply sprays the wall with the shower hose - using only water ( OF COURSE IT'S CLEAN, HE YELLS, YOU DON'T NEED ANYTHING BUT WATER )
And the grime and soap scum that gets left behind?
Well he doesn't even see that - and thinks I'm being picky for noticing that.

This man - that everyone loves by the way - is a SLOB...............

And has turned me into her....................

I resent him for it - because I used to be more like this...................

Not really - I don't think I was ever quite that sweet - but I really do think I was meant to maybe just wile away the hours listening to music

The floor company did the stairs - there's still 2 more coats of gloss to go on them - today the living room and hallway get done - we went with Ebony -
I'm terrified I've made a huge mistake here - but blockhead loves 'em....................

The cabinets have been assembled ( Ikea )

I made a time capsule of sorts on the drywall -
Gordie says - They'll never see it Mom
Mom says - Not until they renovate anyway
Gordie says - Uhhh - I think the paint may cover that up..................
I put it on a plank of wood instead lol
For the next renovators in the future

And shhhh - don't tell anyone - but I am soooo happy Christmas is over with this year - I want to zap it from my memory entirely -

We had no water on Christmas Eve - I COULDN'T TAKE A BATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's ok to be a sweating dirty mess any other time of the year - but Christmas Eve?
I sprayed perfume over the entirety of my body and prayed.
I would normally pray for peace on earth -
This year I prayed I didn't stink.
Or that no one would get close enough to notice.

John says - You're blogging early today
John says - I hope you're telling them how much I've been helping........................

But we won't go there this morning folks.

Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas - and that you were all able to take a shower or bath - and hug lots of loved ones :)

I'd love to show pics of a finished area - but I simply don't have one yet - I have tons of almost finished area's though :)

Much love -
And hugs to all ( the water's working again - I've had a bath - it's ok to hug  )
Will all this be funny one day?
Not so sure about that right now LOL


  1. The stairs look awesome! I'm sure the rest of the floors will look fabulous, too. One suggestion - frame out the window in the kitchen before fixing the cabinets to the wall. But you knew that already, you're just teasing us!

  2. The time capsule was such a cool idea! I love the stairs and am anxiously awaiting more! Everything is going to look beautiful! And thanks for the laughs this morning.....I truly needed them! Blessings, Vicky

  3. Love the stairs! Glad you finally got the water back and a shower....that is the yuckiest feeling in the world! The ice storm did us in for 16.5 hours with no power....Thank God I had the foresight to put in a GAS stove and natural gas BBQ as well as fireplace.....we stayed warm and fed! Remember to rest so that you stay motivated and inspired! Much love sent your way.

  4. It will all be worth it...some day soon! And at least you are both keeping your sense of humor! Hope you have a week ahead of getting things done....the way you want them! Sweet hugs!

  5. I married Schroeder who, when he's not playing the piano, acts a lot like PigPen, as a matter of fact you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. And even though my hair is blonde I'm more like Lucy than Patty. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  6. I though you were describing my hubby lol. He's not a neat freak either, but I have learned to overlook it. We had no power for Christmas, so I feel for you. I am also over Christmas and ready to move on:)

  7. Hi Suzan! Well, Christmas has come and gone for another year and you survived, no water and all. There are thousands down here who've had no power since the weekend and won't have it until New Years if they're lucky. I'm so thankful we weren't affected by the ice storm and feel sorry for those who were. I love the colour of your stairs and think the floors will look amazing. And next Christmas you will have a beautiful home to decorate for the season and enjoy the holiday much better. Have a good weekend! Hugs.

  8. In defense of John...I heard today on a radio show that was playing the "best of" that people who are messy are creative and make more money. But in your defense when everything is in chaos due to a major remodel it is harder. (((hugs)))

    From the photograph the stairs look beautiful. It's Swedish looking.

    The kitchen is coming along!

  9. OMG I could smell you from here.


  10. I've missed reading your make me smile. and while he is a slob, remember, he's your slob. You'd miss the mess if he was gone. :0)
    (That's what I tell myself while cleaning up after my slob. maybe it's a male thing).

  11. Can't wait to see more of your new house!

  12. Hey, I'm happy the toilet is working, the bathroom sink has water AND it drains, with a teeny tiny leak that will get fixed when my carpenter/plumber comes again after I finish priming and painting the baseboards. Might even have a working heating unit next week in this bathroom that was supposed to be totally finished about Dec. 4! And the two bodies that are now living with me had showers in there this morning. They are driving me crazy. So how you are surviving your move AND remodeling is a true Christmas miracle!!♥♫

  13. I have a LOT of catching up to do! Finally have a new computer...kinda like having an appendage to your body missing for awhile and then having it reattached. :) I did email you once when I was in the business center.

    So excited for you & the new house! Just anxious to see what you do to it. I would be like you re: no shower available. Gotta have it! Glad you didn't have to go without water very long.

    Well, we made it through Christmas and honored Abby in the process. New traditions make it easier, I must say! The holiday "firsts" are really difficult ~

    Hugs, Pat

  14. I have the same messy hubs too. He leaves a trail of disaster where ever he goes in the house! I call him a centipede, he must have 50 pairs of assorted sports shoes, sneakers and regular shoes! There is always 3 pairs at the front door to trip over. Don't open the front closet because there are another 6 there along with boots. I once tripped over a pair in the garage and fell backwards into the newspaper recycle bin! My arse stuck, my arms and legs flailing madly like a bug, screaming for help. Somehow I managed to tip the bin and roll out! I came back into the house a mad, hot mess and he and the son look at me calmly as I'm huffing and puffing about what happened. They couldn't hear me screaming because of the boob tube! You will laugh one day, promise. Happy New Year and best wishes for sanity throughout the New Year!

  15. I hate to tell you but it's funny your blog!

  16. Ha! ha! I'll put up Sam's truck mess against John's van mess any day!

  17. Not having water sucks, you don;t realize how much you use it , till you don't have it. Like the thousands of people that lost hydro during Christmas, and some still don't have I, no hydro, no heat..
    As for messy husbands>>> I hate to go there, but I would love to have my messy husband around. My sister was complaining all through Christmas about how her husband did this and didn't do that. Then she would look at me and feel bad about complaining at all.
    I can't wait to see all the projects you have on the go. I get possession of my house Jan 16 but I have a very low budget and won't have flooring guys coming in, I will be the flooring girl and the cabinet girl and plumber, painter and renovator. And no you won't see me on HGTV , maybe the comedy network.
    Hope you and John had a very Merry Christmas, take time for yourself and remember Rome wasn't built in a day and your house does not have to be renovated in the first month. Mine is going to take years lol hugs Tobey

  18. Suzan, In my house it's me who leaves the trail to follow.
    I have a friend who, while renovating each room of her house, put strange objects behind the drywall. One room was done during Easter so there are plastic eggs filled with beads and baubles. The office was done during their anniversary so each of their cards to eachother are now behind the wall. But the best was the kitchen, done shortly after Halloween. She designed a wall to house her stove. There was a lot of excess space to fill so she filled it with a full size skeleton, complete with a survival diary, nudey mag, burnt matches, melted candles, empty canteen and a jar of yellow water (noted in the diary as a jar of his own urine of which he resorted to drinking after the canteen went dry). hahaha. There are new people in the house now. But Lordy what I would have done to have been a fly on the kitchen wall when they remodeled. hahaha. You could leave John's bits of trash in the walls and photos of the gross mouse problems....... Lots of possibilities.
    I pray your new year brings accomplished projects and sanity.

  19. You will laugh and tell more funny stories about this reno one day. In the meantime, keep that perfume handy.
    In 1989 we had a freak snowstorm in Georgia. We only had two inches of snow but our pipes are not prepared for the cold weather. One of our water pipes was broken…no water. On Christmas Day six of us had to go to a friend's home to bathe.
    Stay calm and carry on, we know I didn't come up with that but I think it will work. I will be following your progress.
    Happy New Year,

  20. Those stairs are looking terrific, Suzan! Now, tell the truth, you know you love your little Pigpen.

  21. Close your eyes......count to 10 then have a good cleansing primal scream. I'm married to a guy who puts every detail in other people's homes but can't close a door. Without slamming it. Including my car door. And he drops parts and pieces like the dog drips water. It will be 48 years next month. Am I a glutton for punishment or am I a saint?

  22. Hang in there! Oh dear, no water on Christmas Eve. I'm so sorry. I can't wait to see some of those finished areas.

  23. What a cute post! And don't forget, Suzan, when one is in the presence of musical genius, one has to make allowances. ;-) So glad you got that shower. I always get headachey when I feel grimy. Have a wonderful weekend.xoxo

  24. This is the first time I've been to your blog, love it! I laughed so hard about your messy husband, because my husband is the same way. Every room or space that is his is filled to the brim...drawers are storage (for trash), trash cans fill up never to be emptied...and his car, well, I just have to pretend it doesn't exist. He is the sweetest man in the world,!

  25. Still playing catch up, Lucy? I hope you had a wonderful Christmas (sans water even) and a great new year.
    The stairs look fabulous! I'd love to go darker with our hardwood, not sure if I'm up to sanding & re staining...there's a lot of them! But at the same time, both our daughters have dark floors and hate them because they show every little speck of dirt. It sure keeps them on their toes cleaning up after the little ones!
    Did you ever tell John what you really wrote in this post?? lol A valet & maid? He truly is English! Mine just expects me to do it all for him.
    Hugs to you Suzan
    Debbie :)


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