Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Welcome Home

John yells out - Hi honey I'm home.
Suzan says - Welcome home - did you have a good day?
John says - Any time away from here makes for a good day
Suzan says - Well that's nice to know  - I cleaned up for you -
John says - Very nice ( in the most sarcastic voice you can imagine )

I don't get it - I tried to make it as homey as possible LMHO

Even I - who just love the transformation process of turning something like this into something pretty - am discouraged by it if truth be told but I do know that the worst is over - and that every single day from here on in, it's going to get better :)

John says - You're not taking pictures of this for your blog are you?
Suzan says - Yes I am
John says - Oh for God Sakes - I'm trying to build business up - I'm selling high end fabric and garments - I don't need people to know what I'm living in.
John says - We went from a prestigious address to this hell hole
John says - in a high pitched voice - supposedly imitating me - Oh - it's going to be gorgeous !!!
Suzan says - And it WILL be - it just may take a leetle bit longer than I originally thought
John says - They'll be burying us - AND IT'LL STILL LOOK LIKE THIS - IT'S TOO BIG, THIS JOB!!!
John says - Why can't you just admit you were wrong this time.

Suzan says - Listen - with everything I have to worry about - I don't need to worry about your coat
Suzan says- Hang it up
John yells - WHERE??????????????????

Ok - I'm asking all of you dear readers - if I ever tell you I'm buying a fixer upper in the future - JUST STOP ME - REALLY - JUST STOP ME

The bedroom is so close to being done that I can taste it
What does a bedroom taste like, you ask?
Like fresh paint - and sanded floors and walls - and refurbished windows - and wallpaper and pretty curtains

Today I'm loving the wallpaper again LOL

AND guess what yours truly ( inspector clousseau - ette ) discovered today???

These wood inserts that fit the windows - they were in one of the closets in the dormers tucked way back

The clips are missing that hold them in place - there was duct tape on them - such a Canadian thing to do
I ripped it off - and put my frog tape on instead LOL

Still, I'm thrilled to have found them - they'll be spray painted black tomorrow to match the windows
( and I may use a little piece of black electrical tape until I find the right brackets because tape seems to be the way to go in this house :)

Want to see the kitchen ceiling so far?  It's only been primed so use your imagination 'K?
I had to come up with an alternative plan from the ceiling I originally wanted because the money is flying out the door - you can see the original coveted ones HERE - and I still love them with a passion - but too too expensive - and in the end I may just love these as much!!!
I'll tell you all about it when I do the " Kitchen Ceiling " post lol -
Such a great alternative to a standard ceiling - I really am loving it -
Which makes 2 things I love so far -
against the 4 million and 3 hundred and 62 thousand things I hate....................

 If anyone needs me - I'll be sitting in the corner of the bedroom - on the floor - admiring the view and wishing the bed didn't have to be put plunk right in the middle of that window - hiding the curtains..............

It IS going to be pretty - please tell me it IS going to be pretty ?

Oh and I'm just finishing off the bedroom closets -

John says - Where the hell are the knobs from the buffet gone?
Suzan says - Oh them?  I got bored of them on the buffet - time for a change..................

I'm missing my last house a little too much this week -

REALLY - a little too much !!!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone - I'm off to have a tooth pulled - in the midst of all of this - a tooth crumbled in my mouth this week - which means I now have to make a decision concerning a bridge or an implant.
I'd rather be choosing a kitchen sink :(

Much love,
Christmas is less then 2 weeks away - this will be the first Christmas in 35 years ( with the exception of 1 ) that I haven't had it here at home - Lindsay's going to do it at her place this year )
I may discover I like it that way LOL


  1. Wow! I spotted those things on the window and I was thinking they needed to be black, and then suddenly I was happy to read that you found them and were painting them!

    I like the buffet knobs on the closet doors.

    It will be beautiful. The curtains are lovely. You are working much faster than we worked!

    It is a lot to take on. ((Hugs))

  2. Your bedroom is gorgeous so far. Love the window and the curtains, and the kitchen ceiling is beautiful, Suzan. Your house is going to be gorgeous in the end.
    Good luck with the tooth.

    Big hug from here

  3. Love love love the ceiling this house is going to be one show house when finished.Then I think you need a holiday to Australia-love dee x

  4. Goodness! Suzan, your life is crazy at the moment! So sorry your teeth are falling out on top of everything else... I REALLY love your wallpaper. I can't wait to see the whole room done. I know you are exhausted.. hopefully spending Christmas away will give you a nice break. Take care friend!

  5. Suzan, Wann know how crazy your life is right now? Today is Thursday NOT Friday! So if your appointment for the tooth is Friday, wait one day before you show up!! LOL!! The bedroom is looking amazing! See the wallpaper is toned down with the curtains and you don't even have the furniture in there yet! It's going to be amazing! And the kitchen ceiling????? ooooohhhhh la laaaaaaa! You have impeccable taste! Can't wait to see more! Love to you my internet friend!


  6. Seriously you are like the energizer bunny! You're getting so much done! Ask for the gas at the dentist, it make the time in the chair so much more "fun" ;)

  7. You poor thing, good luck with the tooth....and hubby! LOL

  8. Oh Suzan! I did the same thing as you did, leave a perfect home in a great neighbourhood for what I'm living in now. It was hard at first (and mine wasn't even a quarter as bad as yours - sorry!) but now I look around and I'm in love with it. You have helpers so it won't take as long. In 6 months you'll look back and laugh... promise! xoxox

  9. Hello my dear, stop breathing in paint fumes, today is Thursday not Friday. You need to go pour yourself a drink and from the sounds of it John too, and relax for a bit. I love love love the celing, and now that the curtains are up and stuff I am liking the wallpaper a little more. I can not believe how much you guys have on the go. The house is going to be gorgeous and you deserve a break from doing Christmas. So now that I have let you know you have an extra day in your week, use it as a day of rest woman. hugs Tobey

  10. LOVE the kitchen ceiling. LOVE your bedroom drapes. LOVE the can lights in the ceiling. HATE that your teeth are giving you any problems, they're as annoying as that rag that insisted on being in the bucket when you went to dump the water.

    And to John: Your customers should admire you even more for the project you have taken on and are progressing with so swiftly. It shows great character strength.

  11. Suzan,
    The ceiling looks gorgeous. I like the bedroom so far too. You are doing a great job of bringing a diamond out of the rough.

  12. That ceiling is gorgeous! I would turn into a flounder because I'd be looking up at it ALL.THE.TIME! LOL
    I'm sure your home will be gorgeous .... can't wait to see it come along!
    diane @ aug's blog

  13. Did you go buy more curtains at Ikea or did they turn up? You guys have made some impressive progress!

  14. Yes, Suzan, it will be beautiful! Tell Scrooge to go take a nap. lol I don't know how you find any time to blog! But we love following. :-) Go, Suzan, Go!

  15. I KNOW your home will be beautiful!!!!!

  16. Oh, it's coming along Suzan. I think the grills will look great in your windows. What a great find. I love the kitchen ceiling, very fancy. Yes, it's all going to be gorgeous one day.

  17. Hey Suzan,
    Love your blog! I LOL every day! Your home will be beautiful when you are finished. Don't worry. As far as the tooth goes, get the implant. More expensive but will last. I have gotten 2 implants over the past 8 years and have no regrets even with the added expense. The dental implants will definitely outlast me!! One and done. Get some rest and I look forward to viewing your progress on your new home!

  18. Suzan, I have all confidence in your skills and talent. I know this will turn out lovely. Did I miss a post…did you find paneled doors behind that veneer?
    My Christmas is discombobulated this year, too. I know you will agree, crisis seems to be the normal often. This too, will pass and you will end up with an awesome home.

  19. Love, love the wallpaper --- great choice. Would look good in my bedroom as well :)

  20. You are on the move to your goal! Wish it were easier to attain..we are doing some of the same.

  21. Bedroom is looking good! Love the curtains with the wallpaper! Oh and you kitchen ceiling - to die for! What, where?? Do give me the skinny on them...I'd love to cover up the popcorn without scraping. Lol. I know you have a ways to go but oh! It's looking so fabulous so far. Hang in there! ( you too, John! It will be wonderful in the end. Mark my words!)

  22. It IS going to be pretty! It IS! The bedroom is looking very glam so far, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitchen ceiling. Glad the wallpaper is back in your good graces. Good luck with your tooth!

  23. The bedroom is looking great!! Love the wallpaper and the is going to be so beautiful!!! Hang in will be worth it all when you are done.

  24. I'm loving the wallpaper today too now that you've got the curtains up and those "bars" in the window. And I love the frog tape holding it up - that touch of green really works - lol.

    Hang in there. It will all be worth it. In a few months, you and John will be sitting out on the patio drinking wine and talking about "remember when the house was a disaster"

  25.'s going to be beautiful! Please tell me the same thing now.....I just lost half of my bathroom. I'm getting a good schooling on renovation...and I don't love it this time! Thinking of you all the time and hoping you are holding up better than me right now!

  26. Poor Suzan. A trip to the dentist is never fun...especially for the pocket book. Your bedroom looks really nice, even with the closet half painted. Looking forward to seeing your window all trimmed up. It will be amazing!!

  27. Suzan, it will turn out. I know it will.
    I am excited for you to be able to show it off in a few months.

    Praying for tooth...I am not really a fan of going to the Dentist. But I go twice a year. So far all good news for me.

  28. Oh sheesh, a crumbled tooth? In the middle of your renos? At Holiday time? You are having a time of it, but it has to get better! And then John will tell you you were right all along.
    Debbie :)


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