Saturday, December 28, 2013

When is Antiques Road Show coming to Montreal?

Because I found some antique items here yesterday when the living room heaters came off..............

Remember them?

not only was it smack in the middle of the hallway and living room - but in every room along the perimeter of every wall
anyway the ones in the living room were removed yesterday - time for those babies to go.............................

you know those stories you read about where people find all kinds of hidden treasures under walls and such?
I'm sooooo excited to show you what we found that I can barely contain myself

are you ready?

lovely, isn't it?
it's definitely very old - and yet in such pristine condition - so it has to have some value, no?

and this - a handle from a tool?

and this

and one red package that looks suspiciously like an old Du Maurier package..............which was being used as a shim ( you'll find more people today are smoking du mauri ori ori ay - have had that jingle in my head all day - I can even still remember the girl smoking them in the commercials - 70's I think )
I'm not going to get rich but those panelled heaters are Gone Gone Gone ...................
They took up more space than you can believe - all different angles and heights - a friend of mine said it looked like a 60's ski lodge lmho
We're going to make new ones out of MDF - uniform ones -
Oh I wish I had been blogging 2 houses ago when John and I made radiator covers
Anyway - here we are - box free in the living room

The floors have been patched

and there's light at the end of the hallway

here's the before of that particular view

Did I show you all the fridge niche?
Sorry - really can't remember - here it is - with it's " backside" in the mud room - which means it takes up
zero space in the actual kitchen

Did I show you the microwave niche?
Here it is with it's " back side " on the other wall in the mudroom which means it takes up zero space in the kitchen

I was going to make a " butt " niche - so that when someone stood in the kitchen they wouldn't be taking up any space at all either but you can overdo niches - so I won't bother with that particular one.

(All in all it's just another niche in the wall........................)

Now excuse me - I have a couple of more walls to knock holes into - I'm sure there's money somewhere in this place !!!

Have to tell you - some of your comments make me laugh my head off - some make me giggle - ALL make me smile on days when there's sometimes very little to smile about - THANK YOU so much.
There's been a few moments in the last month where I've seriously considered shutting down my little blog because I'm not doing my bit  - but as long as some of you are interested in what's going on here - I'll keep documenting it :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone
( weekend? what's a weekend? it's sounds sort of familiar but I can't quite put my finger on it - does it have something to do with 2 days off? )
Much love,

Friday, December 27, 2013

I should have chosen Schroeder..................

We all know how much I love music anyway -
So how on earth did I end up with

I've never known a man to be so fastidious about his own personal hygiene and yet leave a mini disaster in his wake upon every room he enters................

There's piles of garbage on his desk.
There's piles of garbage in his van ( disgusting - the van is absolutely disgusting )
There's piles of garbage in his pockets - every single one of them............

And often - so often - too often - he leaves trails as he walks room to room - I'm serious - he leaves little bits of paper that have fallen out of his pockets -

If you went hiking with John on Kilamanjaro - you'd never get lost -
You'd simply follow the trail of his trash back to the base camp.

He doesn't bother with tedious things like closing closet doors - or drawers for that matter - he simply moves on because after all that's what the valet is for, right?

He doesn't clean counters after making a sandwich because that's what the maids do, right?

If I ask him to PLEASE clean the shower - he simply sprays the wall with the shower hose - using only water ( OF COURSE IT'S CLEAN, HE YELLS, YOU DON'T NEED ANYTHING BUT WATER )
And the grime and soap scum that gets left behind?
Well he doesn't even see that - and thinks I'm being picky for noticing that.

This man - that everyone loves by the way - is a SLOB...............

And has turned me into her....................

I resent him for it - because I used to be more like this...................

Not really - I don't think I was ever quite that sweet - but I really do think I was meant to maybe just wile away the hours listening to music

The floor company did the stairs - there's still 2 more coats of gloss to go on them - today the living room and hallway get done - we went with Ebony -
I'm terrified I've made a huge mistake here - but blockhead loves 'em....................

The cabinets have been assembled ( Ikea )

I made a time capsule of sorts on the drywall -
Gordie says - They'll never see it Mom
Mom says - Not until they renovate anyway
Gordie says - Uhhh - I think the paint may cover that up..................
I put it on a plank of wood instead lol
For the next renovators in the future

And shhhh - don't tell anyone - but I am soooo happy Christmas is over with this year - I want to zap it from my memory entirely -

We had no water on Christmas Eve - I COULDN'T TAKE A BATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's ok to be a sweating dirty mess any other time of the year - but Christmas Eve?
I sprayed perfume over the entirety of my body and prayed.
I would normally pray for peace on earth -
This year I prayed I didn't stink.
Or that no one would get close enough to notice.

John says - You're blogging early today
John says - I hope you're telling them how much I've been helping........................

But we won't go there this morning folks.

Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas - and that you were all able to take a shower or bath - and hug lots of loved ones :)

I'd love to show pics of a finished area - but I simply don't have one yet - I have tons of almost finished area's though :)

Much love -
And hugs to all ( the water's working again - I've had a bath - it's ok to hug  )
Will all this be funny one day?
Not so sure about that right now LOL