Friday, May 6, 2016

Well hello there...............A FRIDAY CHAT ( about this and that )

My it's been a long long time............

I thought I'd get back to blogging a week or so after the last post and though I tried I just couldn't do it.  I had writers AND thinkers block I guess.
But even through the sadness this old world just keeps on turning.
A huge thanks to all of you that expressed concern - you are all just amazing - you really are.
If anyone is still around - come in !
I need to chat !

First in the news is WE'RE BOOKED FOR PARIS !!!
It's a business/leisure trip - we leave on September 9 and return on the 18 ( I'm going to miss Evan's first birthday - what kind of Lolli and Pop are we ? )
Although we used to go every year - I haven't been in 6 years now and so I'm ecstatic.
Nothing like booking a trip to Paris to lift you out of the doldrums I tell ya !

AND because we're going to Paris - and because summer is right around the corner - I decided to start a strict diet.  The method I chose is a simple calorie counting diet because I don't do well when I'm told I can never have certain foods again.  ( it's sort of a free version of Weight Watchers I suppose )
Anyway John has jumped on the bandwagon with me.
Except he doesn't understand the concept.
At. All.

John says - Why are you giving me more food than you take?
John says - Are you trying to keep me big while you lost weight?
Suzan says - You can't possibly survive on the calories I'm allotted
John says - OF COURSE I CAN !
Suzan says - John - listen to me - if you ate 1300 hundred calories a day - at your height and current weight you'd end up very sick
John says - Of course - only you have the stamina to do it right?

WTH ???

Suzan says - It isn't a contest - you need x amount of calories and I need a different x amount of calories
John says - It makes no sense at all.
John says - I find you're very irritable when you diet.............

You all know I'm not allowed at the grocery store, right?
I know that sounds awful but I'm really not - I spend too much money ( he's right about that )  and so John does all the groceries with a very carefully written list ( of which he never reads properly anyway )

Suzan says - Can you check the calories on the bread - make sure it's 60 calories each slice.

He came home and I asked him if he found the bread...............

John says - very proudly - Yep !  21 grams !
Suzan says - what does that mean ?
John says - well you asked for 60 calories - I found an even better number

HE'S DEAD SERIOUS..................DEAR LORD..............HE'S DEAD SERIOUS.
The bread was 100 calories each

Suzan says - It says 100 calories

Whether he likes it or not I'm going to start doing groceries again.

I thought I saw a mouse the other night - in the den - and I naturally screamed.

John says - What the hell was that?
Suzan says - There's a mouse in the den and I think it's dead
John says - Was that you screaming?
Suzan says - Yes !  Come get the freaking thing please !
John says - That didn't sound like a scream
John comes in the den - bends down - and throws it at me - which caused me to scream and run out of the room so fast I smashed my foot into the corner of the wall and think I have a fractured baby toe.
AND I made him pick up the socks he had rolled in the shape of a dead mouse and put them in the hamper.
John says - You sounded like a bloody walrus for God's sakes

As for my scream?
I've never been able to do it............I don't have one of those blood curdling lady like screams.
But I can assure you I in no way sound like a walrus.

And if I do I think it was pretty mean of him to let me know

Ive watched and counted every calorie that's gone in my mouth for a week - and so I made sure I had enough spare ones to allow for a soft ice cream cone ( my summer weakness )  I checked calories and found that Mcdonald's had the best choice for calories.  Only 170 of them !
John says - I feel like a blizzard from DQ
Suzan says - Can we get the one from Mcdonald's ?  Please?  Next time we can go to DQ
John says - Why? What's the difference ?  They have soft ice cream at DQ
Suzan says - Mcdonald's has the least calories

And off we went -
John went in to get them and he was gone so long that I got out of the van worried that something had happened to him - only to see him appear out of nowhere - struggling with 2 very strange things in his hands
Here's your lowest amount of calories. he said.
The machine was broken - and we ended up with ice creams that were at the very least - 10 inches tall including the cone.
John says - We should have went to DQ
John says - Now you've ended up with a 1000 calories
John says - You never listen to me
John says - This is absolutely ludicrous
Suzan says - nom nom nom nom - this is delicious. And I ate the entire thing.
I find diets over rated anyway................

I can't.
I just can't.
I find him crass, obnoxious, ill informed, dangerous, racist, sexist, bullyish, boorish, ignorant, rude
egotistical, narcissistic. vulgar, divisive. immature, mean spirited and hypocritical.
( other than than I'm pretty neutral on the subject )

We've had our share of pretty shitty politics here in Montreal - so I've used some of those same words before - maybe not all together - but some of those combinations anyway.

The other night I was trying to push one of my ideas on John - and he told me I sounded like Trump.
I instantly shut up.
Those are very sobering words.
I'd rather he told me I sound like a walrus

The mosquitoes are out already - holy cow - I can't remember them ever being out this early before here.
Suzan says - We have to empty all bodies of water.
John says - What bodies in the water are you talking about exactly?
Suzan says - bodies OF water - good grief !
John says - Where are you going ?
Suzan says - I have to write this down

So we diligently emptied all containers and such while the swamp ( the pool ) sits there stagnant and a  perfect place for 80 zillions mosquitos to have an orgy.

Special prayers go out to Alberta - where they are battling horrific fires.
The world can be cruel.
A couple of years back they were battling the worst flooding.
My heart is with every last one of them.

Ok guys - I'm outta here - I have flowers to buy - a pool drainer to rent - and voice lessons on the agenda this weekend.
Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's day - mother's of humans AND furbabies .
Love you all
More than you know

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I'M SORRY.....

I really am.

I've struggled ( and very literally it's been a huge one ) with how to write up this post.
Every night I walk into the office and sit at the computer but the words don't come.
I end up sitting and staring out the window for far too long before giving up and leaving the room.

I published a post on March 18......a post I had already written up and so I simply had to hit publish or there wouldn't have been one on that day either because of something that happened on March 11.

"A South Shore family is in mourning, trying desperately to understand how their daughter ended up driving the wrong way on Highway 30 East, near St. Constant last Friday morning, slamming head on into a pick up truck.
Angie Adelin was just 36 years old, a few weeks shy of her 37th birthday. She was on her way home to Chateauguay after working 18 hours straight.
Her mom, Joanne Breen, stresses her daughter didn't often work a triple shift and didn't need to, but was hoping to earn a few extra dollars for a family vacation and for her two young daughters, aged 9 and 13.
She says police are investigating all avenues.
"Maybe she was just tired, it was very dark, it's very, very dark on the 30 where she came from working." says Breen.
Breen says on top of the poor visibility, there is a lack of road signs in the area and hopes Transport Quebec will look into that. 
"It's a very bad turn, I almost did it myself one time, and there's no signs not to go in or out." she says.
The SQ says there were no skid marks or any sign of brake activity at the crash scene. Officers spent the last few days trying to reconstruct what happened. "

This accident made headlines.  It was heartbreaking to hear about - a young woman in the prime of her life gone in such a senseless accident. It was all people spoke about for days and it's all I've been thinking about for the past month.
JoAnnie Breen...........a dear friend was the mother the article mentions.  And Angie was her life.
The older you get the more funerals you attend.  I have a funeral face by now.  I can offer comfort without falling apart ( took many many years to be able to do that ) I can say words that comfort more often then not and I've learned to be strong even if that means falling apart in the car when I leave. But this one? 
It threw every single one of us into an unrecognizable state.  I've been crying for a month most days. It's left me feeling vulnerable and frightened and more angry than I should be.
And most of all it's left me without the power to write.
For now.
I know it'll come patient with me?
I miss you all - I just have to sort out the jumbled rambling mess that's in my brain.
MARCH 16 - 1979
MARCH 11 - 2016


Much love
and again my apologies if I caused any of you concern
Really really tight ones.