Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Newest Project - Buffet / Hutch

It's a beautiful day here in sunny Montreal - the city is alive with the sounds of summer -
The international fireworks have begun - we are in the midst of the Jazz Festival - all of the
terraces are packed - shoppers are in and out of the stores - Old Montreal is spectacular with all
of the street performers celebrating the warmth and sunshine - boats are drifting in the harbour with music and laughter floating in the air............. there are more tourists than natives.......and what am I doing????

Well I have another project of course - involving painting of course - involving spending these
beautiful days in the house with sand paper of course - am I certifiable? Most definitely.

I found this piece at the Salvation Army - our salvation army is way overpriced - ( do not get
the " steals " our American friends seem to get ) but every now and then I come across something that makes my heart pound - my hands start to sweat - my eyes darting around
like a deer in the headlights - thinking I could do wonders with that...............

Last week was one of those instances - walked in not expecting to find anything at all - and lo and behold - I saw this buffet and hutch for 75.00 and when I inquired about it I found out it was a 50% day off sale!!!!!!! So picked it up for 37.50 ( along with 2 coffee tables - 40.00 each and an antique buffet which could easily be a bureau for 75.00 - more on those projects later )

So................just to let you know I live in a Victorian flat - over 100 years old - and my kitchen is smaller than most people's washrooms - and that is really not an exaggeration - that is simply the truth. I have 3 upper kitchen cupboards - and 2 lower ones - and am in desperate need of storage - so this piece is going to be painted ( maybe antiqued - not sure at this point ) and turned into a county type of buffet.............tons of room for dishes. glasses on the top and pots and pans hidden in the bottom part.
I will post pics of progress as I go along -

This is a picture of it's current state in all of it's 70's glamour ( ugly as sin I know ) Hubby says it's a pc of &^%&$ but says that about everything until I finish them - then falls in love with them every time.


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