Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sorry do not have the before.................

I am notorious for not taking "before" pics - have to start remembering to do that
before every project -
This chair was a very dingy brown - full of nicks and was
upholstered in a cream ( filthy ) and brown/orange floral fabric - picked it up from
Craig's list for peanuts -

Cleaned it with T.S.P - an extremely important step - this product removes
grease, cigarette smoke, and any other kind of undesirable residue left on
furniture ( great for cupboards too - prior to painting )
It is as important a step as priming is...............

Then removed all of the old upholstery - I cannot tell you how difficult it was
to remove the top part, had to get hubby to chip in with that - there were
aproximately 10,357 staples - and once they were removed we discovered
the piping had been attached with some kind of epoxy glue - there was
a lot of cursing going on for about a week!

Next step was to prime it - followed by a coat of white paint.
Once that was dry - I dry brushed gray paint over the entire
surface - rubbing it in ( and off ) as I went leaving a sort of "antiqued"

Then I reupholstered - black satin - the seat was very easy as I have been
doing seats for years - but the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! again a lot of very bad words
were muttered under my breath. I decided to tuft the top with small silver
buttons for a touch of glam - and then finished it off with silver cord ( this
is a step you have to do to hide the staples )

Although I am happy with the outcome - I don't think I will ever attempt to
do a chair with backs again. Absolute hell on earth actually -

And here we are - drum roll please ( if ever I have deserved a drum roll it is for
this piece ) TA DA!!!!!!!

First and last attempt at this I'll tell you.


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  1. I just love it! Thanks for the inspiration. Now, if I find the time when summer is over I shall try one of my own that has been sitting around for a few years. Not quite as atrocious as cream, brown and orange floral, so I have managed to just live with it as is. (My cat thinks it's a scratching post.)

    Come mid-September and I will begin. Pics to follow.

    Thanks again,



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