Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No sew - no frills curtain valance

I needed something something to dress up the master bedroom ( the one I am staging not my own ) so came up with this idea tonight................

I had some very thick cotton batting - stiff enough to stand on it's own which I had used for a headboard project..............so cut it to size.

Than I cut up some Toile fabric that I had also bought some time ago for another project ( one that I gave up on completely )

I used straight pins to attach it to the cotton batting - no sewing - love love love it................

and this is my simple fix for a temporary valance..............

I am going to attach it with a simple rod ( again using straight pins and some small pcs of fabric )

A pair of cream linen drapes will hang underneath it.............I think I may be able to take pics of the
finished bedroom tomorrow - just a little " tweaking " left to do.


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