Saturday, August 20, 2011

Royalty for dinner tomorrow night ( my kids )

I haven't seen my kids as much as I need to with all of this work going on this summer - a couple of stolen afternoons and evenings, not nearly enough ( I would say want to - but you know how it is when you're a parent - it is a real need deep inside )   I need to see their faces around the table - I need to know everyone is ok - and I absolutely need to see their much as I can dress up a table - nothing can adorn my table like them.  This is how I feel before I see them
Table Setting Basic and Simpleand this is what they do for my heart

And next weekend we will need another fix of the " little ones " John's ( mine in my heart too )
granddaughters -

Because they have 2 grandmothers already - I decided we would be Lolli and Pop - and when they
say " Lolli " my heart just about melts into a colorful vibrant happy bowl of mush.

Happy wknd


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