Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tongue in Cheek Tuesday # 1

This is a new series featuring a bunch of wacky bloggers - not your, ahem, typical bloggers.
Actually it may or may not be a series - we're not sure yet - we may have gone to all this work on
a whim, ya never know..................we're fickle like that.
Let's just call it Tongue in Cheek Tuesday #1 ( because I have to number everything anyway )
And It's all about New Years Resolutions...........................

I thought about this a lot in December -

I thought about it while I stuffed my face with chocolate -
and wondered if perhaps that should be my resolution
No chocolate for a year?
But then one night - just after Christmas - I went to take a turtle out of my hidden stash - and
the box was empty - John had discovered where I hid it
Let me just tell you this.
My reaction was such that I knew from the bottom of my being that if I even attempted to give up chocolate
I would be living alone by January 15.........................
I'd give up my life for him -
Not happening.
And I'm menopausing so I can't give it up anyway.

I thought about it while attempting to do a sit up one night by the fire
One sit up.
And realized I couldn't get up off the floor - and it was so cozy down there with the fire blazing away,
that I just laid there and tried to come up with another plan......................
And I'm menopausing so I can't do sit-ups anyway.

I thought about it while making supper one night -
Hmmm - maybe this should be the year that we seriously focus on eating healthier.
But I really wanted fries - and I really wanted them made in hot bubbling oil - not shrivelling
up on a baking sheet in the oven like a batch of cardboard sticks.  I hate cardboard sticks.
So that idea was axed.
And I'm menopausing so I can't give up fries anyway

I thought about ( while laying in bed ) making it a point to get dressed every single day this year.
Instead of spending half my life in sweats or p.j's sitting in front of my computer, blogging, but
realized this would almost be impossible for me - setting my sights far too high - so I rolled over
and had a nap instead.
And I'm menopausing so I can't get dressed everyday anyway

I thought about taking over the chore of walking Soda - at least once a day - instead of John doing it
every single time in the last year or so - but it was so cold on the day I thought about it - that I shut it out of my brain completely.
Because I know - I just know- that if it were left to me - I'd spend my life on my hands and knees washing up accidents. And I have a bad knee.
And I'm menopausing so I can't walk Soda everyday anyway.

I thought about trying to make a balanced budget - but this sent me into such a downward spiral of depression that I ripped the paper in a thousand pieces and walked out of the office - and laid down on the floor in the living room in front of the blazing fire and tried to do a sit up.
And I'm menopausing - so me and  " balanced " do not work together anyway

I even thought about the idea of maybe letting John " be " this year - instead of tormenting him daily - but then realized if I did that - that would be the end of my blog - and I am most definitely NOT giving up my blog.  At this point it's the last thin line between me and my sanity.
And I'm menopausing - so I can't NOT torment John anyway - ( or I'd self combust )

I know exactly what I'm giving up.

Since it's the one common factor that's keeping me from being able to make any New Year's Resolutions in the first place.
That's right
I'm giving it up - I'm walking away from it -
I'm saying goodbye to the sweating profusely ( good-bye - sayonara - you beads of degradation )
and adios to insomnia -  (well hello -you beautiful dream filled nights )
I'm going to shake off those headaches - and shimmy out of the " bulge " that just seems to get a little bit bigger each month,
And the mood swings?
They're history - I'm shutting the door on them - you hear that, mood swings?  Don't let the door hit you on your way out, ya hear me?
I've sat down and had a good talk with my hormones - they seem to understand God Bless them - that they can't - absolutely cannot - run havoc all over the place anymore - if they can't behave - they're outta here too.  I'm giving them a chance though because they get confused so easily.
And while I was at it I had a little conversation with my bladder - I detest weakness - and refuse to have it behaving the way it does whenever I need to laugh - really laugh - My God Girl - I told it - toughen up!
You're better than this - you're bigger then this - have some pride - yadda yadda - in it's defence it did seem a little embarrassed - we'll see if it worked - but if not - that's out the door too!
I was a little gentler with my heart - it's soooo sensitive - so I softly explained that it can't keep breaking everytime I read a card,  or remember certain things - or watch a movie - it just can't - like the bladder it just has to toughen up -  and although I didn't actually say the words to it - it's GONE if it can't comply.
And my bowels?  Let's just say they've been warned - they have to learn a little patience - I explained to them that the world doesn't stop just because they're demanding some attention. I let them know that if we're going out for a walk - they can't, out of the blue, insist that I look for the closest restaurant that I can run into.
My God it's not all about you, I admonished them. You can't be stamping your feet in a temper tantrum
with " But I want to go now - " and carrying on like a child.  It's simply not necessary to explore every public washroom in the city...........
The chin hairs better make themselves scarce too if they know what's good for them.
Tough Love?  I hear it works..................

So this is the year folks.
This is my New Years RE SOLUTION.
I'm quitting menopause.
It's a sacrifce, I know, because I'm walking away from a perfectly built in excuse for being a b**ch and I just may be a walking skeleton by June or July without any important organs existing inside of me other than intestines....................
Trust me on that one.
AND once I'm menopause free - it'll be soooo easy to come up with a New Years Resolution next year -
Hell, I may be able to attempt 2 or 3 of them!

For all you younger chicks out there - the wisest words of wisdom I can give you is

Wish me luck................
And please join my fellow bloggers on their New Year's Resolution posts below
WARNING:  We're keeping it real folks and sometimes "real" ain't pretty...................
See the links below
( and by the way - I had to cut my heart some slack last night - because of Sybil from Downton Abbey - she nearly ruined this whole RE solution thing by pulling off what she did  #$%@  )

humorous posts,witty, satire,

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Have a great Tuesday all - has anyone made a resolution?  I'd love to hear about it so that I can torment
you when it doesn't pan out LOL.
Tormenting people has become a past time for me it seems - I should really stop doing that
( but I'm menopausing so ................................ )

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Painful Beginning

Good Monday Morning Everyone!

I was going through some old posts last night  of furniture to add to a board on Pinterest and nearly peed my pants looking at some of them.
Can you remember starting your first job when you were younger - and not knowing what in God's name you were doing?
Can you remember that feeling of being completely alone in a new world?
Can you remember trying to figure out where you fit in - which group seemed most like you?
Can  you remember trying to look very very busy and efficient when the whole time your brain 
was trying frantically to make sense of things that were completely alien and foreign to you?

That's exactly what my first 6 months of blogging were like - 
I had no voice - absolutely none - 
My posts showed no reflection of my character whatsoever
I was struggling to find my place in a world where literally hundreds of thousands of people had got there before me - I'm always late to a party.

So I wrote my posts - I uploaded my photos - and ambled along that way for quite awhile.
No one came.
No one commented.
No one knew I was alive.
then one day it happened
I found my voice 
my ridiculous
that I was too afraid to use in the beginning
And the magic happened
People actually came by 
they commented
they showed so much love that I was overwhelmed
and my blog grew
  I feel so connected to every single one of you 
that loyally come by day after day 
even when I'm overwhelmed and can't get back to you as soon as I should.

We're almost at 700 followers 
and that means we're almost at another give away 
Unless I just stay at 696 forevah
and that would be so over the moon ok with me!

The below is one of those posts from my anonymous days
I get to repost it because I was anonymous then lol
and I actually may start reposting some of the other things I did
from time to time.

If anyone were to ask me for advice today on blogging 
the thing I would shout off the rooftops is this
and use it
every day
It won't be for everybody 
Some people won't like your voice 
They'll come 
and then they'll go 
But eventually people will find you
and surprisingly they'll like your voice
and for the most part they are the one's who
for those of you that have stayed I can't tell you how very dear you've become to me

I also want to give a shout out to Maryann from  Power of Paint
who has been kind enough to feature me a few times - and has featured me again today
Visit her site if you aren't already following her - she's one of my go-to's.

And lastly 

 Here's a post from the old days - the dressers pretty nice 
the post is boring as hell lol
( and I had to redo all the photos to watermark them because I had no idea how to do that back in the day )
and the collage?
I made that up today also lol

Shabby, Dresser, White, Gray, Appliques, distressing

The dresser was first painted Old White - and then Paris Grey was lightly dry brushed over the surface
to give it layered old " worn " look

shabby, gray, white, layered colors,

shabby, dresser, gray, white, detailing

legs, details, gray, white, dresser

Such beautiful details - and the colors make the details stand out - I painted the
wooden handles in both of the colors - white - then the gray in the middle - and
then sanded them to expose some of the original wood color.  Hope she
sells as quick as the last one, do not want to have to look at her for too long or
I may never be able to say goodbye ;(


oops - here is the before shot - minus the drawers because I had already gotten
my greedy hands on the paint before I remembered!!

and this is what the drawers looked like - I was still working on the middle one in this pic - lol

shabby, details,legs,knobs,gray,white,layering paint,dresser

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