Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Painful Beginning

Good Monday Morning Everyone!

I was going through some old posts last night  of furniture to add to a board on Pinterest and nearly peed my pants looking at some of them.
Can you remember starting your first job when you were younger - and not knowing what in God's name you were doing?
Can you remember that feeling of being completely alone in a new world?
Can you remember trying to figure out where you fit in - which group seemed most like you?
Can  you remember trying to look very very busy and efficient when the whole time your brain 
was trying frantically to make sense of things that were completely alien and foreign to you?

That's exactly what my first 6 months of blogging were like - 
I had no voice - absolutely none - 
My posts showed no reflection of my character whatsoever
I was struggling to find my place in a world where literally hundreds of thousands of people had got there before me - I'm always late to a party.

So I wrote my posts - I uploaded my photos - and ambled along that way for quite awhile.
No one came.
No one commented.
No one knew I was alive.
then one day it happened
I found my voice 
my ridiculous
that I was too afraid to use in the beginning
And the magic happened
People actually came by 
they commented
they showed so much love that I was overwhelmed
and my blog grew
  I feel so connected to every single one of you 
that loyally come by day after day 
even when I'm overwhelmed and can't get back to you as soon as I should.

We're almost at 700 followers 
and that means we're almost at another give away 
Unless I just stay at 696 forevah
and that would be so over the moon ok with me!

The below is one of those posts from my anonymous days
I get to repost it because I was anonymous then lol
and I actually may start reposting some of the other things I did
from time to time.

If anyone were to ask me for advice today on blogging 
the thing I would shout off the rooftops is this
and use it
every day
It won't be for everybody 
Some people won't like your voice 
They'll come 
and then they'll go 
But eventually people will find you
and surprisingly they'll like your voice
and for the most part they are the one's who
for those of you that have stayed I can't tell you how very dear you've become to me

I also want to give a shout out to Maryann from  Power of Paint
who has been kind enough to feature me a few times - and has featured me again today
Visit her site if you aren't already following her - she's one of my go-to's.

And lastly 

 Here's a post from the old days - the dressers pretty nice 
the post is boring as hell lol
( and I had to redo all the photos to watermark them because I had no idea how to do that back in the day )
and the collage?
I made that up today also lol

Shabby, Dresser, White, Gray, Appliques, distressing

The dresser was first painted Old White - and then Paris Grey was lightly dry brushed over the surface
to give it layered old " worn " look

shabby, gray, white, layered colors,

shabby, dresser, gray, white, detailing

legs, details, gray, white, dresser

Such beautiful details - and the colors make the details stand out - I painted the
wooden handles in both of the colors - white - then the gray in the middle - and
then sanded them to expose some of the original wood color.  Hope she
sells as quick as the last one, do not want to have to look at her for too long or
I may never be able to say goodbye ;(


oops - here is the before shot - minus the drawers because I had already gotten
my greedy hands on the paint before I remembered!!

and this is what the drawers looked like - I was still working on the middle one in this pic - lol

shabby, details,legs,knobs,gray,white,layering paint,dresser

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  1. Oh I totally cringe when I look at my first 3 months of posts! I also remember hearing bloggers say, "Find your voice", "have great content", "develop a style"! All meaningless to me at the time! I had no idea what they meant! You've done them all successfully girl! And now you've made art out of the text of your blog! Amazing!

  2. I'm glad you found your voice, I'm also glad you riposted, it's a lovely redo. Funny, I felt over Christmas I lost my voice and just became like everyone else, also at the time I hit 6 months. I think it was because I stopped doing the house and started doing Christmas crafts, or that I was tired, or possibly because more people started looking. Anyways kids back to school at the end of this week, I'm back to the house and my loud booming voice is screaming to be heard. :)

  3. Who better to be than yourself, right? You are a work of art and very entertaining! Great makeover too.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Suzan! I sometimes feel that "why doesn't anyone like me" feeling and it can be so discouraging at times. I'm thankful I read your post and was reminded to just be myself and the readers will come in due time.
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. and they will come Allison - they most definitely will

    2. AND your chevron patterned dresser is still my all time favorite chevron dresser to date -
      In fact I'm going to go by now to pin it
      Everyone - You should go take a look at Allison's dresser ( and blog of course )

  5. Oh yeah, I know what you mean...I still don't have it figured out. haha. I just love your blog; glad I found you. You inspire me! Hugs,

  6. Beautiful piece! I still don't feel that I have found my voice after a year of blogging! I find it difficult at times to post because I was previously a secretary and I tend to type as I would write an old boring business letter!!! I struggle to try to keep it real! Thanks for sharing, Tammy

  7. I, too am still trying to figure this all out. I have been blogging for nearly a year but have been so sporadic. The techie side is over the top for me at times and I get bogged down in that and frustrated. Still trying to figure out water marks, lol. I do know the more you do something the easier it becomes and my voice is getting better with each post, though I still have a long, long way to go...

  8. We love your posts, Suzan. Glad you found your voice. Reminds me of the movie, 'The King's Speech.' See how easily distracted I am????

    Hurry up, 700!!!

  9. And now you have a bazillion of us who list you as one of our all-time favorites (raising hand!).

    I think it's great to bring out the posts from the beginning because I bet there's good stuff in there (like this one) that we'll really like to see.

  10. Great post, Suzan. My trouble was as a retired writing teacher I had too many voices and needed to pick one I would be comfortable with no matter what the subject matter. I still do not have a clue how the techie side works and really do not care. I paint, I craft, and I write - end of story!

  11. It does take time to find your voice and your audience. Heck, I'm only at 60 followers and I've been at it longer than you I think. But I'm okay with it. Yours is a great voice, funny and sensitive. If we lived closer, I know we'd be hanging out! You're my cyber bestie!

    I just love that little dresser! I find anything with an applique like that garland absolutely gorgeous!


  12. Love this post Suzan! It's definitely a long learning curve, and I'm still looking for my written voice to match my real one. Sometimes I feel I get there, but it's not consistent yet. I'm so glad that after some time you found yours. This gives me hope that I will figure it all out someday. Just keep being you!!! I love your blog, it's a go to read for me. Looking forward to seeing some of the old projects.

  13. I'm #697!

    This post made me laugh because I totally feel the same way. I cringe reading some of my old posts and looking at some of the horrible pictures. Yikes!

  14. I'm #698!
    I love your voice and have been following by mail for a while. Also, on day you told me I was a no-reply blogger and so I created an account... Months later, I created the blog, so thank you. And thank you for visiting me!

    1. And I thought I was following you Magali!!! Now I definitely am.
      Thanks so much for visiting too!

    2. and you're still a no reply blogger LOL

  15. I love your crazy voice. I think YOU hear the form of music- you may be the only other person I know that puts a song to every project...scary thought-that. Of course, none of mine are modern songs -unless you're talking Adele or James Blunt but I do "hear the music" in your words. The other one in your life "John" seems to have found his voice here, too...whether he wanted to or not.
    Congrats on almost 700 followers-That is amazing, Suzy! LOVE it- Proud of you, girl- xo Diana

  16. oh-ps-Love the dresser- You do beautiful furniture projects!!!! xo Diana

  17. lol I think we all have cringed. I have a one take video on my blog that is priceless.

    The dresser is beautiful!

  18. Great post! I'm still looking for my voice, I keep thinking I'll come across as silly because I feel like I have multiple personalities. lol
    Debbie :)

  19. Do you ever wonder what made you jump into the blogging ocean? I didn't have a clue about computers and had to have a friend set my blog up. I didn't dare touch a thing in case I screwed it all up. The has to be the most forgiving medium and has the most helpful people are involved. I had a hard time understanding that there didn't need to be any competing and it was okay to share ideas and promote someone else's blog. What an adventure it's been!

  20. ...And who are you?? ROFL

    Your blog is the greatest because you're behind it!!! Not only do we get to see how clever you are, but, we get to know you!!

    I love seeing how you redo items, decorate you house, take on causes dear to your heart, you take us on beautiful evening walks(which as you know why I LOVE THEM), your conversations with the Mr., which all of us love!!

    And last but not least(That's for sure) you give us a view of beautiful, gorgeous places on 'I Wanna Live There...' I can't begin to tell you how impatience I am to get to Wednesdays!!

    What I love the most is how your personality comes out. You're a hoot!! Sometime I wake the Mr. because I can't laugh quietly enough.

    I wish you had your own show. It would certainly take off!!

    Thank you for all the memories(the old and news ones to come)!!


  21. Hi Suzan! I'm here poking around-you told me to come by! I like what I see! :-)

  22. Hey, Suzan
    Thanks for the encouraging post. Blog traffic is still a big problem for me. It's a wonderful life!

    1. It IS a wonderful life, isn't it?
      Even when it isn't - it still IS.

  23. I'm just the opposite. I started out with a bang, knew my voice, then developed blog laryngitis. I started to feel like the only posts I should share were the pretty ones, or the ones when I accomplished so much.

    I am back on track, I think, but need to open up and share more of me. That can be hard for me to do, but I'm determined to do it. I love your style. Keep bringing it!

    Love the dresser by the way! Great job.

  24. 699 + 1 + 700......and I am your # 700. I just found you at a linky party and Im so glad I stopped in. Lovin everything so far, and now Im goin back to check out some of your older posts. Please come visit me at any maybe you'll follow back. THANKS!!!

  25. I sure do remember those "early days" and questioned if I should even be doing this. Glad I stuck with it. What a beautiful makeover on this dresser, I love the colors you used. It was good then and it's still good now:-)

  26. I can't imagine you ever being boring!!!


  27. It's always a bit scary to see where we started - looking back over my first posts, I think I come off sounding a bit pretensious (how can that be when I can't even spell it?). I was trying so hard to be so perfect in blogging land, styling myself after what I thought I wanted to be instead of what I really am. Now I hope I've found my voice. Not as funny as you - one of your biggest charms - but somewhere between haughty and down to earth.

    You have found your voice and your style and that's why we love reading your blog, my friend.

  28. Love the honesty in your voice and advice. The dresser looks pretty great too.

    Visiting from Cowgirl Up!

  29. You never go wrong staying true to yourself! Love your honesty in this post.
    Mary Alice

  30. Me also Suzan! I've learned so much the hard way, as usual, my Mother used to say I did everything backwards. lol. I love that dresser. So glad you shared it again. Hugs, Peggy

    1. but in our defence Peggy - we weren't raised with computers either!!! ( sorry I'm all about making excuses for my stupidity lol )

  31. Oh yes finding your voice so hard.I look back on some of my posts and see it was not me yet.Now I type the way I speak.Good or bad that is what I do LOL!What a beautiful dresser! So cool to look back on past projects.

  32. How sweet is that! I'm pretty in between now and sometimes it's exhausting. I remember that my older posts used to drain me and I waisted so much energy on looking for the right words. Since I'm not native english speaking it was even worse! :D I didn't even post all of my projects because I was afraid that people won't like them and on the other hand I was looking for projects that could be of interest for readers. I even cut off some projects because of that. How silly! ;)
    Really enjoyed to read your post! Much love, Dina

  33. Wow Susan. That was so inspiring to read. I started blogging thinking I would talk about being the mom of 5 kids, and found that that wasn't fulfilling me. I am too in that same process of 'finding my voice' and it is encouraging to see your success. Congratulations.

    1. Thanks SO much - it really is a steep learning curve - the whole process - but so worth it!

  34. That is just beautiful. I just bought a dresser about that size and shape and have been looking at ideas for painting it. Really just beautiful! Glad I saw you over at Crationary. Sharon

  35. Suzan this dresser is really wonderful! I have to laugh at the thought of starting a blog now, gosh, I don't know if I could do it, there are SO many more blogs now! but I totally agree, being yourself is the key to growth. thanks so much for joining in at Be Inspired!!

  36. I'm glad you found your voice because you are hilarious!

  37. lol - thanks so much Daena!!!

  38. Great job on the dresser and blogging!!! I think blogging is always a work in progress! Just enjoy! I do yours!

  39. Pretty dresser! I don't know how to water mark either.

  40. Maybe I overlooked this but a strange thing happens to my curser when I'm on your blog. It turns into a martini/margarita glass with some sort of fruit hanging off of it. It doesn't happen elsewhere. I don't know why but it is cute.

  41. So true - my first YEAR of blogging makes me wanna puke - not because I didn't use my voice but my projects, photos, all the rest. Wow. My mom used to tell me I sounded like an uneducated hick (she's got the hick part right!) but I told her it's the way I talk and I can't be someone else!! And I LOVE your "voice" makes me laugh. Alot. Love your blog.

    Oh. And. LOVE the dresser. :)

    1. LOL - you make me laugh - an uneducated country hick ( ma and pa kettle ? )
      and you want to PUKE Ha Ha ( mine makes me want to puke too )
      thanks so much for your kind words Kammy

  42. Another absolutely beautiful piece! Thank you again for Linking Up Suzan.

  43. We need to stop meeting like've got over the top talent, girl! Another project I love.

    Thanks again for linking up!

    ~hugs, Mary Beth~

  44. I totally relate to what you are saying about finding your voice Susan. I'm glad you found yours and that the lovely peopel in the blogosphere have discovered how wonderful you are.

    Thanks for linking up at Shabbilicious Friday.

  45. Hello Suzan,

    I wanted to let you know that I featured your project at this week's linky party ~ I am no longer cohosting with Clydia or Cheri {It's Party Time} but would love for you to stop by and link up at my new party, Project Inspire{d}, which is live tonight!

    I'm pretty sure Clydia will have her party up and running tomorrow unless there has been a change in plans but while you're over there check out the new party button she made~ she is so talented. I'm not sure if Cheri will be hosting this week but you can check with her as well.

    Thanks so much and I hope to see you soon.

    I would have sent an email but I couldn't find your address....but it may be here somewhere and I'm just not seeing it~blurry vision from too much pinning!

    Mary Beth


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