Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I WANNA live there Wednesday # 22

I live in a pretty incredible area - It's an historical neighbourhood loaded with tons and tons and tons of charm - and 20th century architecture, just steps away from the city center, it's also a pretty expensive neighbourhood ( in which I live in servants quarters basically compared to what I'm surrounded by ) 
Because there's days I don't have furniture makeovers to show you - I've chosen Wednesdays to showcase and feature one home that's for sale around here.................( or apartment - or duplex - or teepee )


Good morning all!  Think I've found another winner - 


MLS: 10810524, Residential
4 bed - 3 bath
Straight out of the pages of Canadian House + Home, this impeccably well appointed home has been renovated to the highest standards. Situated on desirable Thornhill Ave, it features an exquisite new kitchen with the finest appliances, + 3 magnificent new bathrooms. The list of improvements goes on and on! Large private terrace, and a 2 car garage!
 Step right up

come on in

if you'd like to take the grand tour
I love how this room is styled - the white back drop and the pops of color are just gorgeous!
but these next few photos - WOW

I painted my dining room the same way in my last house - black walls - white trim everywhere
still love how this color combo works

These windows are too die for - are they not?

speechless - sorry

that stove? that hood? that soup faucett? that backsplash?
love the microwave hidden out of view - love the marble

I can't tell you what this photo does to my heart - don't want to make anyone nervous
one more view before we move on anybody?

ok - time to head upstairs -

these people have gorgeous taste - just loving all the neutrals - and the striped cushions and upholstered bench
again loving those windows

I think this one should stand all on it's own this week - I don't want to post another one.
I'm completely exhausted from jumping up and down in glee - 
and I seriously need to win the lottery because once again I've found my dream home
AND I think it's worth every single penny - in fact - I think this one is a steal considering how much some of the other homes cost that I've listed in the past!
What do you think?
Does it shine?

Happy Wednesday All !!!


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  1. I have a big thing for marble so the kitchen sells me. I'm kind of bugged by the living room drapes that can't close over the radiators, though. I'll have to change those right away.

  2. The only thing I really like about this one is the fact that they painted all the wood trim. I do not like the kitchen. Not nearly enough countertop area for cooking and I especially don't like how it is open to the dining room.
    I am such a picky wench!

  3. I totally shines...but I couldn't stand having neighbors!!!! I'm too much of a country girl! You buy it and I'll come visit you though!

  4. Suzan, how did you get into my house!?!? Did that agent let you photograph it without my knowledge?? I didn't even clean up before you came! How embarrassing! Now that you know where I live, you're invited over for a cuppa!

    1. You left the key under the mat - and I've had the locks changed since - sorry
      but you snooze - you lose LOL

  5. The windows open for air, I love that!! I hate that these new big beautiful windows don't even open. I love fresh air in the house!

    This house is def. a keeper...no maintenance brick exterior, roomy insides, tastefully decorated, yep, I'd live here and be happy. :)

  6. Beautiful juxtaposition of old and new.

    The drumset in the basement would give me an overwhelming urge to make a racket. How fun would that be?

  7. Lovely home! But not enough cupboards in the kitchen and the 2nd bedroom is REALLY small and where's the yard???. See, you can do better! hehehe! I wonder how it makes the homeowners feel to fix the house up to sell it and then it's the home of their dreams...for the next owner!

  8. This one is gorgeous! I love it. Wish my house was so stream-lined and clutter free.

  9. Hi Suzan!!!

    OH MY....I lost count how many times I said that looking at this gorgeous house.

    I can't choose one room that I love the best, but, I really love the master bedroom.


  10. Have I told you how much I love your new blog design and colours!? Well I do, I do, I do. Ok, now onto the house. Bwaaaaaaa - why wasn't I born rich instead of good looking (kidding on the looks but you get the idea). I'm going to drown my sorrows now in coffee. If I have to say one thing negative - no lovely little garden with fountain for my 3 wee ones to do their business in. Patty/ BC

    1. thanks so much Patty!!!
      why would you want your 3 wee ones to do their business in a lovely little garden with a fountain LOL?
      if I could live there - I'd hire a dog walker most definitely!
      Big hugs,

  11. I wanna live there as well! I think it might be a full house if we all moved in, LOL!! Thanks for sharing :)
    Lish @ Imprintalish

  12. You're right, it is style beautifully! Of course at that price it should be! I love it too!

  13. Oh, it is beautiful!! I loved the tour. That master bedroom is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous house with us at A Bouquet of Talent. I should have been in real estate!!! I could look at houses all day long. LOL


  14. Hi Suzan
    Stumbled upon this post featuring my beautiful old home - thank you for your kind comments. Thought I'd give you some info. This was a beautiful home and the new owners are very happy living there. We're back in Toronto and renovating a new home ... and our designers are kindly working with us again (even after I drove them crazy last time)! We deliberately chose not to hang short drapes and to hang silk panels in order to showcase the beautiful windows. The kitchen had more than enough space to work in - as you can tell by the stove, I love cooking - the island was large. There were 3 bedrooms upstairs (the other very large bedroom is not shown), neither is the large walk in closet in the Master. The basement had a separate apartment for our son complete with kitchen, bathroom, living area and bedroom. And yes, he played the drums (with pads on them for the neighbours)! It looked like this all the time - wasn't styled for sale! This was a city home hence the lack of garden, however in Summer the deck did look beautiful complete with table, chairs and flower pots. Interior design, soft furnishings and custom furniture by Imbue Merchandising and Design, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada - www.imbuedesign.ca - so I'd like to credit their work. The interior design was handled long distance - the power of the internet and working with professionals!
    Many thanks
    Kind Regards

    1. Wow Bridgitte - how nice to " meet " you - thanks so much for leaving such a great comment explaining a little about your home :)
      I live in Westmount - so started this series because of all the beautiful ( and architectural details ) homes in this area. You did an outstanding job - truly - the new homeowners must have been over the top thrilled to land this one!!!
      We're leaving Westmount ourselves - headed out to the West Island - ( Pointe Claire ) but I'll miss this neighbourhood - without a doubt
      Have a wonderful rest of the weekend - hugs from Montreal to T.O. -
      P.S - would LOVE to see your new home when you're finished - because I'm very nervy like that lol


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