Saturday, January 19, 2013

His Things - Her Stuff

A little before Christmas I was looking for a particular dress -
I searched everywhere a dress of mine could be - I searched high and low - I searched for days - to no avail............

Suzan says - John have you seen my black beaded dress by any chance?
John says - I have no idea what you're talking about
Suzan says - you know, the black one with the diamond pattern sparkles on it
John says - I have no idea what you're talking about
Suzan says - It looks exactly like this one - except it's black

John says - Oh that's a nice dress - when did you get that?
Suzan says - 5 years ago
John says - You're kidding me!  How come you've never worn it?
Suzan says - I've worn it a few times actually - with you -
John says - and the black one is identical?
Suzan says - Yes!  Have you seen it?
John says - why would you have 2 identical dresses in different colors?
Suzan says - you have polo shirts in every color
John says - that's completely different
Suzan says - of course it is,  have you seen my black dress or not?
John says - No...............but you should wear the red one - you're always in black

I wore the red one - half heartedly.
And that was that - until last week - when I was putting something away in John's closet ( the only place I didn't - wouldn't have looked................
And there between his shirts was this

Suzan says - Do you have something you'd like to tell me?
John says - No, why?
Suzan says - Do you like slinky - soft - black sparkly dresses by any chance?
John says - Yeah I do
Suzan says - Well next time you want to borrow one of mine - COULD YOU LET ME KNOW?
John says - What the hell are you talking about now?
Suzan says - Are you a cross dresser?  Because if you are, it's OK - I won't judge
John says - Go paint something please - leave me alone
Suzan says - ( as I open his closet door like inspector Clousseau ( ita ) AHA !!! - look what's hanging in there all tucked away between your shirts !!!
And I whip out the black dress and dangle it in front of his face
John laughs - It must have been put in there with a pile from the cleaners
Suzan says - Where's the plastic then?
Suzan says - It would never fit you, you know
Suzan says - I really wanted to wear that over the holidays


Suzan says - and why, pray tell, are some of my shoes on the floor of your closet?
John roars - don't you remember?  we had to make room in the foyer over the holidays - so I just
grabbed a bunch of your shoes from the shoe rack and threw them in the bottom of my closet
Suzan says - hmmm you seem to be using your closet for my things a little too often
Suzan says - my shoes would never fit you, you know
John laughs - Please, you're feet are almost the same size as mine
Suzan says - Very nice John - thank you  ( I do have big feet )
Suzan says - and by the way I wanted to wear the black dress - with the silver shoes

John says - Oh their nice..................


We have a bunch of pallet wood left over from the Christmas Pallet Trees - so this weekend I made these

Just a quick little tutorial on how I place the words on my signs - it's a shortcut like everything else I seem to do lol

First I dry brushed each slat white and then I placed my stencils ( again these particular ones are from the dollar store - I've used them too many times to count - ) where I want them to go

The best part is that they come on a perforated sheet - it makes it so much easier when stencilling with words if each word is individual!  AND these ones are sticky on the back - which means they stay in place without you having to hold them and worry that your hand might slip.
I simply outline the stencil with a sharpie pen -
I find the best one to use is this one

it has dual tips - one of them I use to outline the letter

and the other I use to actually fill it in ( I dry brushed a little pale blue on both signs )
the slats from the pallet are the exact same width as the cupboard - no sawing!

excuse the mess in the middle of the photos - my bedroom's in a transitional stage at the moment lol

John says - I don't like them
Suzan says - You don't have to - they're strictly utilitarian really - just make sure YOUR THINGS go in your closet - and MY STUFF go in mine
Suzan says - Thank you very much
John says - Can you get out of the way with the camera please - I'm watching hockey

The mystery of the missing little black dress is now officially

However, my favorite jeans went missing a few years ago - hmmmm - wonder where they could be
( as she ponders the possiblities - nah - he wouldn't )
but I'm definitely going to hide my jewellery ( just saying )

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  1. Hide your mascara, that should never be shared - Oh John!

  2. My neighbor actually found a woman's dress in his closet and suspected an affair for a very long time. It was far greater than that and he is now transitioning to a she. A great big 6 foot she.

  3. Funny! My children help with laundry so we find random pieces of clothes everywhere.
    I really like the pallet signs. I've got a stack of pallets I need ideas for. I LOVE that you use sharpies, I'm going to pick some up today. Have a great day Suzan

  4. oh my gosh thats so funny, beautiful dresses too!!!Love the shoes!!!

  5. Okay, that's it! I've been hunting for my favorite gray blouse (like obsessively) for a week. I'm going to look in Kevin's closet between his shirts!

    Why is John stealing your clothes anyway??! lol

  6. Ah, the hockey game, we had to have that running too. :)

    And bwuahahahahahahhaa, on the post. I love the signs, and I do hope they help to keep your things on your side.

    "You don't have to - they're strictly utilitarian really - just make sure YOUR THINGS go in your closet - and MY STUFF go in mine," BWUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Ah...I love this blog.

  7. At our house, it's my husband finding his things in my half of the closet, because it's just easier to hang them all up at once, then redistribute. But I always miss a few.
    Bliss and Danni and I would like to know if you want to join our "Tongue-in-cheek Tuesday." Bliss says if you don't, we'll talk about you. E-mail me and I'll give you the details!

  8. I lost a dress once. Seriously, put it in the laundry (it was a tshirt dress) and never saw it again! Maybe my ex thought it was his girlfriend's and took it back to her!!

  9. Too funny!
    My kids are the ones that seen to steal my clothes- what an 8yo boy would do with one of my tops is beyond me, can't get why they just stick it in a drawer and forget about it is beyond me!

    1. When my daughters were younger Deanne - they used to " borrow " my clothes constantly - and sometimes I'd see there friends in them!!!
      Anyway one time I decided to borrow something from one of them - and it turned out it was one of their friends - I was morified LOL

  10. Have you ever thought of being a comedian... I'm just sayin' You could make a fortune! I wouldn't pay of course, I get it for free here! Love the signs, need em'!!!

  11. Have you counted your underwear lately?


  12. LOL! Tell John he is just the best conversationalist! :)

  13. Oh is back....I bet he is a Canadiens fan? Hope he did not watch them playing Toronto.

  14. Heather has me laughing my head off ... 'my ex thought it was his girlfriend's and took it back'. Been there, done that!

  15. A sharpie....who new! You are a genius! Your sign is very nice...but it does not count as a Valentine sign. Oh...and what Kirby said above.

  16. These are so fun. I love them! Hope it helps keep your clothes and other items straight! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays!

  17. Hilarious! I think I might play a few pranks with those signs and switch them out occasionally! Really confuse the poor guy.

  18. The BEST story I have read in a long while. That was great. And the signs are even better. I dropped by from You're Gonna Love It Tuesday, and I am so glad I did :)

  19. Your story cracked me up but I'm more impressed that you can remember full conversations. The signs seem like a must have. Hope John comes to grips with them

  20. Cute idea! (Love the story that prompted the signs, too.) LOL! Found you on The Dedicated House!

  21. Ha ha ha! I love it and the signs are awesome. I would LOVE two closets!!

    1. but they're 2 itsy bitsy teeny weeny closets Jen - really!
      Thanks so much!

  22. I found you through the link up on The Ironstone Nest and had to stop in to say "hello"! Because.....I, too, am SuZan! Yep, with a Z! :-) I think you are only the 3rd person with that spelling that I have encountered, in my entire life! Excited to find your blog and more excited that we have something so unique in common :-)

    1. HI SuZan lol - I only know of one other as well ( and she's a blogger )
      My father stuck the Z in there - and I have spent my entire life explaining to people that it's not Suzanne but Suzan with a Z !!!
      Big hugs to you!
      Me with a Z

  23. LOL Too funny. Tell John to go buy his own dresses. You could still share your shoes though. LOL Stopping by from Katherine's Blog Hop. Cheers.

  24. Oops.....forgot to tell you how cute your signs are!

  25. You are too funny!! You have so many great ideas! We are hosting our 1st link party. It is live today!! We would love for you to come and join the party!!
    Joye & Myrna @ The Busy Bee's

    1. Thanks so much both of you!
      I went by and linked up

  26. How cute! Nothing like having a little fun with serious matters! heehee!

  27. Chucks came home from work one day to tell me the boxers I had bought for him did not fit right. I took a look and said,"That's because they are my gym shorts!" I do not think men really look at what is in their closets! Love the signs.

  28. Oh that is hilarious.

    Nice practical signs.

  29. Hi Susan, I had to laugh at this! My husband would notice in a second anything that did not belong in HIS closet. He is a little OCD about the closet...everything is hung by color and also season. If I ask him to get something out of my closet he will tell me it is too dangerous to go in there. Thanks for the laugh and for sharing this at the Open House party.
    xx, Sherry

  30. Oh girl you make me laugh. Must say, I sure would like to see John in that dress and those shoes. Va-Va-Va-Voom! I'll never forget the day that my daughter was over at her best friends in high school. Their mom came out and said she couldn't find her jeans anywhere. Hubby was cooking breakfast. He turned around and she read 'chic' on his pocket. Believe me he never lived that down. He really had no idea. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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