Friday, January 11, 2013

BLOG BUTTONS FOR DUMMIES ( blog face lift )

Simply Vintageous by Suzan

A new look for my blog!
As some of you have noticed I had a face lift - well my blog did anyway.
This is quite literally as good as it's ever going to get - because I cannot - absolutely cannot spend another 2 minutes on this endeavor - I'm exhausted - I'm frustrated - I have a huge headache - and I am
not going to admit to ANYONE how long it took me to update my blog - you wouldn't believe it even if
I did..........................( let's just say " what a difference a day makes - 24 little hours " ) almost!

That I was able to accomplish even the little I did is flabbergasting because I am a complete idiot when it
comes to these things ( these things being anything to do with a computer and html )
Picture if you will - a person walking into an operating room - and trying to remove kidneys with nothing more than a laptop to guide them through it or a person who's never seen the inside of a car - trying to
change the ignition - first of all it was terrifying ( don't judge - it doesn't take much to scare me )
secondly it was complicated - to the point of almost crying 15 times - and thirdly it just left me feeling incredibly stupid.

If at first you don't succeed - try try try try try try try try try try try try try try try try try try try try try and
try try try try try try try try try try try try try again........................

I worked for hours on trying to create a button - it doesn't matter how many hours it took ( a lot ) because
I really should have been able to do it in a couple of minutes.
After searching all kind of sites - and doing what they swore would work, I'd keep coming back and trying it
and no button - over and over again.
Until I found this site  My Cool Realm and 5 minutes later I had a button -

After creating and uploading my button - I typed in 3 pieces of information - and presto - my code was generated which I simply copied and pasted onto html/ java in a new " gadget ".  This is one of the best help sites I've ever encountered in blogland - they should call it " buttons for dummies " really!
If you need a " button " and are as inept as I - PLEASE visit the site - instead of spending all day banging your head on to your desk.  Simply click on the below

So.............any of you need a kidney removed?
I'm quite confident now that I could do it...............
( I don't own a laptop - so bring your own please )
First patient gets a HUGE discount.
And I'm contemplating giving myself a real facelift - how hard can it be?
Bet I could do it quicker than it took me to do this!
A little tuck here - a little clip there - a little lift everywhere - sew it all up and voila!!!
Have a good wknd everyone!

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  1. I totally know how you feel! I have been trying to make my blog prettier and more user friendly and it takes A LOT of time!! My neck is even hurting from being at the computer so long!!

    Jenna @

  2. You did an amazing job! Did you do your own header? If so...can you teach me?? Please email me at there is any way you can help....BTW, I love your color scheme!

  3. Love the facelift, Suzan! And I know about all the grief it is do do new things on a blog. My source has always been Google search. I type in things like 'blogger how to change my header.' lol Eventually I find someone who can explain it well. But they are few and far between. Thanks for the link. If I need to do more renovations, I will check there first! I'm on my way over to your place for a lobotomy. You busy?

  4. I thought things looked shiny and new around here, but I thought that was just your amazing heel treatment impressing me!

    And now you've impressed me again with your mad blogger skills... is there anything you can't do??

    Looks wonderful, happy weekend :)

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤... Jennifer

  5. Love your new look! Okay, you've encouraged me, and I've created an image with my logo in photobucket, but cannot figure out from your link how to get the code for the image??? I'm soooo DENSE!!!

  6. Looks great Suzan! I remember the first time I changed my was hilarious. I was sooo frustrated. You should be really proud of making a button too, that took me forever. As for the surgery, well, I think I will wait to see how that goes for you. ;)

  7. Your blog looks great. I've cobbled mine together and haven't changed my buttons in a while because I can't ever remember how to get the code right so this link is a life saver! Thank you for sharing it.

  8. Love your new look but I too understand the time it takes. I have never done a button before but I will try that site. Thanks for th einfo!

    hugs, Linda

  9. Just wanted to let you know...IT WORKED!! Thanks Suzan!

  10. I love your new look. I changed mine a few months ago and it took me forevah with instructions and still not thrilled with it. Computers frustrate me. As for a button beyond me. My goal for this month is to get my blog up to par so I will def be visiting this site. Thanks so much for sharing... Have an awesome weekend Suzan...

  11. I think you did an amazing job updating your blog! Looks great!
    A few years back, I was big in the graphics and animation online. I even used to write tutorials. I haven't done it in quite a while, and the program I used won't work on our computers because it is outdated. But one day, I'd like to do it again to get my blog looking as good as the other sites I built did. One day...when I have time...who am I kidding??
    I'm a huge grey fan...must be why I love your new look so much!
    Debbie :)

  12. Hi Suzan!!

    Why do you think I haven't done it yet? The "New you" looks great.

    ...And NO you do not need a facelift!! You're beautiful the way you are!!

    Have a great weekend!!


  13. I love the blog look, and the button (just added it to my button role).

    Happy weekend to you!

  14. LOL! Gave you a fun blog post for us to read :)
    I like blogging with amy for geek stuff - her blog is how I created my own wordpress blog. your button site sounds great - glad you found it. and i totally know how you feel - a year ago i was just starting down the road of creating a wordpress blog. I remember spending entire days working on it and then scrapping the whole thing and starting over! And I was trying to keep my blogger blog updated too. Talk about headaches and pulling my hair out! Glad that was last year :)

  15. Hi Suzan - I think your update is beautiful. Great job! Believe me when I say I KNOW YOUR PAIN! I spent countless hours even getting a blog up and running, and since then tweaking things along the way to try to make it better. I was months without a blog button until I found something on a Google search that made sense to me, and now I'm trying to figure out how to create my own Favicon! This certainly isn't as easy as everyone thinks it is. Blessings to you, Patti@OldThingsNew

    1. Hi Patricia - your blog is just beautiful!!!
      Pat yourself on the back my dear!
      And the favicon has me totally baffled lol

  16. I don't know how I figured out as much as I have, but I have never figured out how to have my own button. So I will need to work on an image now, that might look a little like the 3 Stooges with only 1 Stooge! I went to this address and even what little info they are asking for seems beyond me, but I'm nothing if not persistent! Thanks for sharing the info and don't be surprised if you get an email crying for help from one of the Stooges!

  17. I love this. You do all the hard work, then I just go to the websites you find and use them, like PicMonkey, lol!

  18. You did a good job so quitshure It looks great-bright and fresh- kinda like YOU! I'll let you experiment on your own face before you attempt my own...but thanks for the offer to be first- xo Diana

  19. You are hilarious!! And although I don't want you to do any surgery on me, your cute new button now resides on the side of my home page! Nice job!

  20. This is awesome Suzan! And I know what you mean... even small changes seem to take forever to figure out. I've been trying to make a button for a while now and have been pulling my hair out. So thank you, thank you, thank you!! I've checked out the link and I'm sure this will work for me. I just have to pick a picture now. Oh, and by the way...your new look is just beautiful!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  21. What did John have to say about all this?


  22. I haven't made a new button in a while, so will pin this and give it a whirl--it sounds easier than the last time I did one. So nice to see all the lovely changes you made to your blog, and I hear you when it comes to computer code--so confusing and so easy to screw it up, I know from experience :) But good for you for giving it a go and being successful--a big pat on the back to you! I just got a new to me DSLR camera--my first one--and so I am on a sharp learning curve with it. It's pretty confusing, but I'm just going through the manual and trying things out.

  23. Okay, this blonde hair dye I'm using must have sunk into my brain cells because I'm not able to understand what "image url" means on the site. Did you create the image in picmonkey and then upload it from there? Or just take an image from your files. Help. I want to do this!!

  24. It looks beautiful! I have been wanting to make a button for quite a while now. You may have given me the push I needed. Thanks!

    1. You're so welcome ( and thank you for the kind words )


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