Wednesday, January 30, 2013

John Malkovitch ( and I )

Did I ever tell you all about the day I met John Malkovitch  - and we shared a quick lunch in Paris......................?. Yes my life is funny like that - I mingle with all the stars when I travel.  Ok maybe that's a slight exaggeration - maybe I only had a quick sandwich with one of them one time but still...................
It's a true story - and happened at the fabric shows we go to in Paris.
He was there with a friend of ours ( who was producing a line for him ) and I was standing in line waiting to get a sandwich and I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around and there was Jerry ( our friend ) who said
Hey Suzan - I'd like to introduce you to someone
John this is Suzan 
Suzan this is John

Now the conversation I had with him in my mind went something like this
But what I actually said was
Hi John - it's nice to meet you
and held my hand out - and he took it and replied The pleasure is mine - BUT HE DIDN'T LOOK AT ME!!!
We sat down to eat - and he was too shy to look up basically - and blushed a lot - and actually mumbled a lot!
You don't think of Movie People that way right?
I asked my John a question while we were sitting there - and John Malkovitch tried to nervously reply -
"No, No,  I was speaking to MY John " I quickly let him know - to spare him the agony of having to answer lol.

As we walked away - I said to My John - " wow - he was very shy wasn't he "
AND My John replied - Well you always have to take over - you don't give anyone a chance to talk - I think you'd leave the bloody Queen speechless. ( or something to that effect )
Which left me kind of speechless - because I didn't say what I wanted to, after all!

Nor did I DO what I wanted to do.

Which was to throw myself at his feet and beg him to get me a part in a movie - these opportunities don't come around too often - and I blew it -I absolutely blew it.
Had I just gone with my gut - you would be watching me on Jimmy Kimmel instead of reading me on my blog!

I'll leave it for another time to tell you about the time I scared Catherine McKinnon half to death in her housecoat in her garden ( on a vacation in P.E.I ) John blasted me for that one let me tell you!
In case you don't know her, she's a Canadian singer who's married to Canadian actor Don Herron

and in case you don't recognize him all nice and cleaned up 
you may recognize this photo of him from Hee Haw

Charlie Farquharson
 or about the 2 years that I dated Anthony Bourdain and just broke his heart all to pieces when I left him ?

OK - sometimes I get reality and fantasy mixed up a teensy little bit - nix the Anthony Bourdain one - 
But I have an over the top crush on him - like I haven't had on anyone since David Cassidy in the 70's.
I want to kiss him all over
and over again
Thank God John doesn't read my blog........................
But he's in love with Helen Mirren - and I'm okay with that - I even " get " that lol

Have a good day all - I'm meeting up with Cher this weekend!!!


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  1. You'd have made a great actress. You really should have begged him for a part! It's funny how so many performers are painfully shy and choose a line of work that is all about being in the public eye.

  2. Great story - wish I had one, my life is very dull!!

    1. Well that wasn't exactly the most exciting thing that's happened to me Dee lol

  3. Stay away from Anthony Bourdain. He would just break your heart :)
    John Malkovitch scares me...a lot...

  4. Hee Haw! LOL! It's been grandparents loved that show. :)

    I think you handled yourself very wonderfully by not begging and groveling at his feet for a part. It's that kind of behavior that probably made him so shy to begin with. ;)

    Anthony Bourdain's got the life, doesn't he??? What a dream job...

  5. I love your conversations. My John Malkovitch story: my husband and I were standing on a train platform in Aix-en-Provence many years ago and heard his voice behind us. He was standing in a corner, dressed all in black, talking on a cell phone. We listened to his conversation for a while, but it was very boring. He must like France! Thanks for writing. I always look forward to another of your posts.

    1. And who wouldn't love France lol? Boy - he gets around though doesn't he LOL?
      All dressed in black - who does he think he is - Johnny Cash?
      Thanks so much for coming by Leslie!
      Have a great wknd

  6. I would imagine that he is shy and nervous. He was just so nervous to meet a Countess of your stature, I bet.
    My husband has a man crush on Anthony B.
    Ha! David Cassidy...he's in town tomorrow with Herman's Hermits.
    Alas, my husband does not love me THAT much. Plus, I refused to go to a Rush concert with him last month, so I'm no way he's gong to sit thru that! LOL

  7. Maybe he's writing a screenplay about your meeting. He'll win an Oscar and say: "Thank you to Suzan, my muse, my inspiration for this screenplay, I owe her so much, yadda, yadda...!" You. Never. Know.

    That's very interesting that he is so shy. My daughter joined the comedy club at university, and yet if you met her, she wouldn't say two words to you.

  8. Wow, blast from the past... Don H. and Catherine M. Whatever happened to them, you don't hear about them anymore?
    (re: Malkovich: A lot of actors are painfully shy)

  9. get to go to Paris for WORK????? I get to go two miles down the street to school. I need a new job. Even if they didn't pay me and just took me to Paris. Do you know about my crush on Rick Moranis?

  10. I have always found John Malkovich intriguing, that compounded when they released "Being John Malkovich". I think you should be featured on Jimmy Kimmel regardless, but not INSTEAD of writing your blog. I'm going to pressure you to write that also. You can do that in the Prevost, between gigs.

    I'm waiting for Anthony Bourdain to have a layover in my podunk Wisconsin city, so I can grill him a fine filet with gorgonzola and share a glass of my finest boxed wine. I'll call you up and you can drive your tour bus over. K?

  11. What a great story. I think I would have been more excited about going to the fabric shows in Paris rather than meeting someone famous! I had a huge crush on Rod Stewart when I was in high school. Then, I met him when I was in my 20's and it destroyed the fantasy!!!

  12. I went over and left Cecilia a message. I feel so bad for her- I only have one brother and can't imagine losing him.

    On another note- your post is hilarious (as always)...did you know I used to work in television?;>) xo Diana

  13. It's amazing how many actors are really shy. Acting allows them to be someone else.

  14. Can I have your autograph?


    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·`¤... Jennifer

  15. I am in desperate need of a nap but I had to come over first and read - I just can't resist when your blog pops up in my inbox!! LOL! NOW I can go take my nap :)

  16. Real tears huh? While I might not get the Mr. Bourdain attraction, I do know the song I wanna kiss you all over... and over again. And I'm telling John. Your John.


  17. Hi Suzan!!

    It's amazing when we meet "Stars" how we react and they react. I was able to hang out on the set of the '70's show The Hardy Boys. It was great. I love hearing stories how people meet or have seen "Stars".

    I think I can become your manager and start you off on "Just for Laughs." What do you think? And then have your own show with the odd "Star" show up, where you are redoing or making something, then get you into acting.

    Sounds good?

    And on a sad note, received that call I've been waiting for since Dec. 7/12(The night they found a 5lb 6oz tumor had ripped through her stomach) to say my cousin had passed away this morning.

    Thanks for making me laugh and just being you!!


  18. I agree with would have been a real STAR!! Well, you are a real star...blogging star... you gotta take what you got girl!!
    You know Suzan, this cancer thing is really getting to me. We all have to live every day with great loving intention and care.

  19. Wow. Great story!

    I am an introvert and I always find it easier when people talk. What's weird is when you get three introverts together for example my spouse, a client, and me; oh the awkward silence! It makes me seem like I'm the outgoing one.

    You probably did fine, and the story could of not as been as fun to tell if you hadn't been yourself.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. you have me laughing about 3 introverts in a room lol -
      John's right - there's rarely a silent moment when I'm around!
      Thanks so much for coming by -

  20. Oh my! I love John Malkovitch! He is such an awesome actor! I wondered why I wasn't seeing you on Jimmy Kimmel!!

  21. You crack me up! I love your stories! Can't believe John was shy!

    Jenna @

  22. You are hilarious! Thanks for giving me a good laugh. I happen to love John M. Wish I had met him...

    We joined your lovely blog a while back and would love it if you would join us!

    Linda and Jeannie at the French Hens Nest

    1. lol - thanks so much - I'm following you!
      coming by to visit now!

  23. Suzan, I've never had lunch with a star but I did sit next to Tony Bennett on a plane. He was asleep when I boarded and still asleep upon arrival. You are so funny and I appreciate you sharing this story at the Open House party.
    xx, Sherry

  24. Hi Suzan! That is such a great story. Hey, you are certainly PRETTY enough to be an actress. My daughter has a 3-month gig working for the Academy Award show...I am hoping to see her in the background on the red carpet (where really YOU should be) in a couple of weeks. She lives in LA and people mistake her for Rachel McAdams all the time...don't we just love to be near a little bit of celebrity?

  25. Hey Suzy! Boy did you blow your big chance!lol I used to live in Nashville and worked at a convenience store. I met the Oak Ridge Boys among others from the Grand Ole Opry. I was always kind of star struck and didn't know what to say. I guess we're the opposite. I should have burst into song maybe I'd be a famous singer today. Not! :-) Loved the story. Hugs, Peggy

    1. You should have belted out Elvira LOL
      Did they ALL walk into the convenience store - wow what a team!

  26. Your are a star to me darlin! Thanks for sharing with SYC. So sorry for your friend.


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