Saturday, January 26, 2013

Graffiti I can live with

Happy Saturday All!!!
A little grafitti for you
I took a photo of my living room brick wall as the background for these

graffiti on pic monkey

creating graffiti on pic monkey

Quotes on pic monkey - graffiti on Pic Monkey

making posters on pic monkey

Quotes, faux graffiti, pic monkey

I feel I'm famous enough now to make my own quotes lol

I'm almost certain all of you know how to put layers of photos on pic monkey - but just in case there's 1 reader that doesn't ( other than me - because I seem to be the last to learn everything in blogland )  here you go - in the options bar on Pic Monkey you go to TEXTURES - and click on
YOUR OWN - this allows you to download another photo on top of the one you already have!
You can then fade it or make it stronger, as you like -
The next photo shows an example...................I had my photo of the brick wall - and added a photo of a bowl of cherries right?

Now that you know how to do that - you can add as many layers as you like - by clicking on it again -
The next photo is again, the picture of the brick wall - with a photo of lemons as my " texture " and then I hit
" texture " again to upload a photo of Vodka..................

and lastly - I haven't mentionned that I'm now a PINNER PINNER PINNER!!!
you can click on my side bar and go take a peak around - I've found the most amazing things!

Ok - that's about it for today folks - and I think I'm officially taking a day off tomorrow
I'll be back on
Monday, Monday
( oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee - that Monday evening you would still be here with me )
Much love,

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  1. I adopted the Marilyn Monroe quote as my own several years ago.

  2. I play with Picmonkey, but haven't tried what you've shown...looks fun!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  3. Very cool, just so you know, I have what could possibly be the worlds most productive lemon if you know anyone with a load of vodka hook us up!!!!

    Oh and Pooh bear, I hope my little ones love him as much as my older ones did, just so sweet!

  4. These are great. I love the fork quote!

    And I have never even heard of PicMonkey...if you think you're last in bloggy land to know something technology-related, come on over to my place, chances are high you're not (I'm terrible at keeping up w/such things and I don't even pin yet). ;) I like the picture over picture thing, that's neat.

  5. Mine is "don't worry, be happy" by the famous philosopher Bobby Mcferrin!

  6. Those are great Suzan! Especially the ones by you! Ron White is hilarious....a guilty pleasure actually! Sam and I went to see him and just about died laughing!

  7. Have a great break Suzan. I might just do the same..... a little addictive at times? But, that is not before I go check out your Pinterest boards.

  8. I love yours the best! Ummm.. I did NOT know how to do that in Picmonkey but I will play with it now- are NOT the last to know- I am!
    Have a great day off...See you Monday
    Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be
    Oh Monday Monday, how could you leave and not take me?

  9. I am just discovering PicMonkey and need to spen a day with it -just playing around. Looks like a lot of fun. Be careful... Pinterest is very, very addictive. But it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, lol. I use it all the time! Have a wonderful weekend....

  10. Oh my God, loooove the layered photos, sooo exciting! See, you're not the last one to know about stuff, I am. I'm very eager to try it!

    Great quotes!

  11. Pic Monkey has been a friend for several months. There is no end of what you can do with images. The only thing is now Pic Monkey requires a payment for some of the special effects - previously it had been all free. That Suzan Sweatman is quite the writer. Enjoy your day off.

  12. Well, I'm that 1 reader that didn't know how to use PicMonkey... I'm going to have a little! I adore the first quote...

  13. Hello. I follow your blog and absolutely love it. I have a question about picture taking. I have a piece I just finished, and I'm totally in love with the color and how dramatic it is, but when I take any picture of it the color is totally and completely wrong. Its looks like a completely different shade of blue. I really want the color to come through true to what it is, because that's the best part. It doesn't seem to matter what light I use, it just comes out wrong. Any tips, or tricks to help me solve my problem? Thanks a ton!

  14. Love 'em! Especially #2 and #3 - and yours! And of course we'll be back here Monday. Why wouldn't we be?? And did she really die face down in her soup, or was that a rumor (rumour)??

  15. lol! You are just a hoot, Suzan! I knew it. A self-quoter for now. An author later. Yep. I'm just waiting for that day. And I'll be the first to tell you, "I told you so." hehehe! Hugs to you, cupcake!

    xoxo laurie

  16. gee you are becoming more tech i dont know the word ha ha but great post-love dee x

  17. I like pic monkey...and ribbet...I keep going back and forth

  18. Great quotes Suzan! I guess I'm that 1 reader because I've never been to pic monkey. I'll have to check it out! Those layered photos look awesome!!!

  19. Hi Suzan!!

    Cute...Very cute!!

    My sister and I had a saying when we were teenagers. If we weren't going to the same place we would tell each other: If you can't be good, be good at it.

    Ahh, what would we do without quotes!!

    Have a great day off and don't get into trouble!! LOL


  20. Does that mean you haven't been following me on Pinterest? Damn. Wait until you start pinning your furniture. You'll be shocked at the people who find you through that!

  21. Thanks for great tip on layering photos in pic monkey! I've pinned it for future reference!! Blessings, Tammy

  22. I must be the last person on earth never to try Pic Monkey, although I do use Adobe Photoshop (the basic stuff) so I appreciate your tutorials for the newbies. haha
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  23. So many of these I identify with! I'm not a techie at all so thanks for sharing this re: Pic Monkey. I think I do well just to get a photo framed & text included. :)

    You rock, my friend!

  24. I miss you, my friend!!!!
    Thank you so much for coming to CondensedLoveHome!
    I am trying HARD to be comfortable with my Wordpress blog, but it seems people don't go there!!!
    Anyway, NO< you are NOT the LAST ONE to learn things, hahahahahahah!
    I am right BEHIND you on the layers on Pic Monkey! I think I have only seen pic monkey once. WHat do you use it for (other thas this post)?
    I think I was trying to make signs, when I used it first. ANyway, Love your picture, I can see your pretty face!
    I will check you out on Pinterest! I Pin too! Will follow you! HUGS, Claudine

  25. Love all the quotes! Clever idea to put them against photos of your brick wall!

  26. I'm happy to see I'm not the only one to have such fun with PicMonkey. I currently have a running series of these pictures that I call "Bethanyisms" that I post every Monday. Thanks for sharing all your fun!


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