Saturday, December 7, 2013

A couple of accidents....................

Did I mention that a couple of days after we moved in I flushed some water from a bucket down the toilet?
With a huge microfibre cloth inside of it?
And that I clogged the toilet?
And that it was a nightmare to retrieve?
Ok - I guess I conveniently forgot to.........
But I WILL tell you this.
A couple of nights ago while painting the floor I asked John ( he was going to Home Depot ) if he could pick me up another gallon -
I specifically told him what to get exactly - word for word but he decided he needed to go into the room and pick up the gallon of paint and see what it said himself.
The gallon who's lid was just resting precariously on top of it.
Which he found out as he turned it upside down to read it better.
I heard the bellow before I heard the paint can hit the floor - even before I heard it bounce a second time -
It exploded would be a better description actually - on to the ceiling - the freshly painted walls - the cupboard doors that still need to be painted - the windows that had just been painted black - and of course the floor.

John screams in my face - WHY DON'T YOU EVER CLOSE PAINT LIDS?
Suzan says - Because I'm painting - and I'm not going to close it every time I take a break!!!
Suzan says - Who turns a paint tin upside down to read it?
John says - Oh no you don't - you're not going to make this out to be my fault - I'm sick of it - it's the third time this has happened to me - how hard can it be to hammer a paint lid on?
John says - You owe me a pair of jeans and a shirt

It took us at least an hour to clean it all up......................miraculously not a drop hit the wall paper -
which I'm ready to take down by the way - not crazy about it at all now - in fact I wouldn't have minded at all if he'd totally destroyed it lol

Suzan says - I don't think I like the wallpaper after all
Suzan says - Why do you react like that when I change my mind about something?
John says - because you only change your mind AFTER you buy things - I ask you to think about it first

The cupboard doors are going white for now - with big glass knobs - but I may hang curtains from them eventually - and further down the road I may cut into them for more space since there's a small cupboard on the other side - and the small room I want to make my little " closet/boudoir ".

Suzan says - Do me a favor - next time I ask you to pick up paint - just trust me enough when I tell you exactly what I need please.
John says - Do ME a favor - next time you pour water from a bucket down the toilet - remove the cloths.

The score is currently 1-1 - but I bet it doesn't stay that way long :)

Gordie hung up the new bedroom light today

99.00 from Costco.....................

It's gorgeous when it's on - because there's a ton of glass crystals that hang on the inside sending prisms of light throughout the interior. (  I haven't put the glass in yet - too tired :)

I'll take photos when it's on when I do the reveal - which sadly won't be today - ( I was aiming for Sunday and I'm oh so close - but not quite there yet - )

There was a time - there really was - when I could have had this room completed in a matter of days - but there was so much to do ...............and I'm 54 and JOHN SPILLED PAINT ALL OVER WHAT HAD JUST TAKEN ME 2 DAYS TO ACCOMPLISH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I made sure to hammer the lid shut on the paint when I was finished - it was midnight - John was sleeping

John yells - WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?????????????
Suzan says - closing the lid on the paint tin of course....................
Suzan says - I find you're doing a lot of screaming lately - are you stressed or something?

You all have a wonderful Sunday
Enjoy your beautiful homes - you spoiled brats!!!

Much love,

Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Heart is full, indeed.

It's the little things that count - always - at the end of the day it's the small acts of kindness that make everything bearable.

Do any of you remember " April " ?
I redid her antique dining room set HERE and HERE and her chairs HERE and  had way too much wine with her HERE

But my favorite post about her refers to her heart collection HERE - I'd never seen so many hearts in one home ( and that post didn't cover all of them )


A couple of weeks ago - ( actually the second day we moved into this house ) there was a small bag on the door waiting for me.
In the midst of a " hell on earth " environment someone thought of me and left these ......................

My smile was ear to ear ( and at the same time I was dangerously close to crying )  I didn't have to even look at the card to know who it was from - isn't that an amazing " signature " to have?

But of course the card was every bit as beautiful

And the cutest thing of all ???
Her real name is not April at all lol - that was a name I invented for the blog - that she signed it as such made me smile even more :)
Here real name is June - there I've said it - it's out there now - because it deserves to be.....................
But really from here on in I will call her the Heart Lady - because she collects them - because she has a huge one - but mostly because she touched mine deeply with her kindness.

This gets added to the one Carol from Heart and Sand sent me when she found out I wanted to start collecting them

On another note, the wallpaper is up in the bedroom - and the floor is almost finished - I'm painting out the wooden frame window ( and don't give me hell for it - it does NOT look good with the white and black - you know it - even if you hate painting wood - you KNOW this would look better painted, right? lol )
The right side of the floor is completely finished - the left side still needs a couple of more coats............
The wall paper was a nightmare to put up - with the window and the angled ceiling!!!

And tomorrow hopefully I'll show you the ceiling I went with for the kitchen - it was not what I thought I was doing at all !!!

For every comment you leave - please know I read them - they're my smiles during the day - when I take a few moments here and there to come sit at the computer - but sitting at the computer is  becoming fewer and farther between with this mandate I've set for myself to have the bedroom completed by Sunday !!!
I think John may leave me if I don't get it done - seriously - 2 weeks in and he's done - can't stand living like this and keeps telling me " this is insane woman " so the countdown is on :)

Oh and in the midst of all of this I keep forgetting - I received some Milk Paint to do a review on  and I'm oh about 2 months late in doing so - ( the move, people, the move !!! ) so I'm really hoping I can get something done with it within the next couple of weeks - because they have graciously agreed to sponsor a giveaway at the same time.................

Off to put another coat on the floor :)
Much ♥