Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's down to the books!

We had such a great spot in our last 2 places for books -

The last place was in a very large foyer - facing the front door actually - I kind of loved that it was the first thing you saw when you walked in to that old Victorian flat -

Billy Book Shelves with extension

But no such luck with this place - and truth be known there's no place really for them in this house - but I can't live without them - I really can't.  They're like my security blanket - I feel good just knowing my favorite words are tucked inside - safe and sound.  ( and I DO reread books )

Anyway - they were not going to work as brown units - ( they're just IKEA billy cabinets - so only wood veneer for you wood lovers :)
And so they were quickly white washed - very very quickly.  Too quickly.  They'll have to be redone when I have the time - but I needed to get the book boxes out of the front porch - it's getting embarrassing now - 2 months later - that we still have boxes to unpack!!!

Here's a sneak peak - and only a sneak peak because I'm not finished yet - I still have more to do
in the living room - but I'll let you see the bookcases lol
you get to see how the colors of the books bring a bit of vibrancy into the white walled - white ceilinged living room :)

Don't they look cottage-y ?

Books are like the Tofu of Interior Design lol -
They blend in seamlessly with any type of decor - I've never seen a room filled with books that I thought to myself
" hmmm, no - those books don't belong "

I'm really liking the 2 leaded glass windows on either side of the fireplace ♥♥♥

It's the easiest painting technique there is - bar none - seriously

And just like that - 2 months later - tonight it felt a little more like " home "

In case you're wondering - I removed the backs completely - since the walls are panelled it wasn't necessary to keep them on ( and they're very very flimsy to paint ) we secure them to the walls anyway so we didn't need the extra support that the back panels give :)

painted ikea billy bookcases

and the view of that little red house goes with the colorful books, don't you think ?

 Think I'll read a little today - just got in our order of 4 more Maisie Dobbs books :)
 And I have Goldfinch sitting on my end table ready to devour!

 Have a wonderful Sunday everyone
 It's the day of rest - try to remember that ♥
 Much love,

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

LMHO - no really !!!

Ok - I'm going to play Dear Abby here today -

Every now and then I get these comments - ( I know they're garbage ( spam )  and always delete them but sometimes they strike me as too funny not to share )

I'm still laughing about this, seriously.

This was on my post - The spy who loves me

WOW nice article, i just got the phone call from my hubby as promise by Dr Kamiru i just want to share a few testimony about how my marriage got saved by . I had a fight with my husband and he got mad at me and decided to bring in another woman, i know i did wrong and was scared of loosing him, when he brought in another woman to the house, i thought i have lost him already and that was when i had to use and i was amazed the way the spell cast turned the table around and made my husband start chasing me and want to be with me again. am so happy now that my husband is back to me and me alone. So if you are facing any divorce issues waste no time contact him now Via email.
Chloe Holtz

Dear Chloe

Fighting occasionally is normal -
Your husband getting mad at you from time to time is normal -
His bringing another woman into the house IS NOT NORMAL
And although I hate to say this - it would appear that you are not normal either.
You need Dr Kamir to put a spell on you my dear - a big fat potion of SELF ESTEEM would do
wonders for you.
As for him chasing you around - I'd turn around and swat him like the bug that he is.
I think he and your Doctor should both be castrated, but that's a personal opinion.
Thanks for writing to me - and for your concern -  I am not - however - facing any divorce issues at the moment.

Kind regards,
Dr. Vintageous.

Have a great Friday all :)