Thursday, October 22, 2015

A FRIDAY CHAT ( about this & that )

Hi !  Good Morning !
Come in - come in - no that's ok -  you can leave your shoes on ( I haven't washed the floors in weeks )
I shouldn't admit that - but it's just the way it is - too much going on around here to worry about clean floors.

Crisp enough out there for you?

I was thinking about why we call Autumn the Fall..........................
Do you think it's because all the leaves start to Fall?
( if that's the case why don't we call Spring - Rise? _
And does that mean I'm in the Fall of my life ( because parts of my body that are supposed to be perky are starting to fall also )
The summer of my life were such incredible years - maybe that's why it's my favorite season?
I hate raking.
Leaves and/or boobs.

( but I hate shoveling even least we're not there yet - but at the rate mine are growing I WILL need a shovel to pack them into a bra )

SO...................speaking of everything " falling " a girlfriend of mine has been trying to get me to join Yoga for a couple of years now -
I've always had an excuse - for 2 years straight I have managed to find an excuse every single time for why I can't go  - working on the house - painting furniture - kids are coming over for dinner - I don't feel well - in grown toe nail - really any excuse would do at all.
Until I completely ran out of them .
Until I realized I'm waking up in the morning with more aches and pains that I can stand.
Until it dawned on me that at this rate I'll be finding excuses until the day I die.
This week I went out and bought a pair of yoga pants - just in case type of thing..............
And then I painted my toe nails ( just to let you know how deeply I was considering this )

And since I want to be able to eventually lift that leg higher than the toilet bowl - I ACTUALLY WENT TO A YOGA CLASS !!!
I think I may be hooked - I REALLY enjoyed it !
A facebook friend told me about a new exercise class so I googled it and we have it in Montreal - it's called
PURE BARRE - and looks amazing!
Here's the one in a historical building - win/win !!!

Eventually I may even learn how to take a selfie !

This is a comment I received this week on my blog

Dịch vụ làm bằng đại học uy tín giá rẻ tại tphcm và hà nội

làm bằng đại học
làm bằng
làm bằng đại học giá rẻ
làm bằng đại học tại tphcm
làm bằng đại học tại hà nội
làm bằng đại học không cần đặt cọc

Well !
Dịch vụ làm bằng đại học uy tín giá rẻ tại tphcm và hà nội - to you too !
One too many bangs going on there.
Bang bang you're deleted.

Remember that holey pumpkin I took from my daughter's house?

Well I noticed the other day that the " lid " had blown off so I bent down to pick it up
( and 5 Hail Mary's ).............there was a squirrel sitting INSIDE the freaking thing - munching away idly and looking out at me from one of the holes like it was his personal window. ( had their been curtains on it I think he'd have simply closed them )
I screamed and ran into the house and bolted the door as quick as my fingers could do it - like there was a murderer right behind me...
The neighbors have probably never heard so much screaming in their lives because I seem to do it quite frequently in my " new " location.
Anyway I sat there banging and smashing at the window trying to scare it off.
A neighbor walked by and mistook my frantic banging as a way to say " HI ! "
She waved back enthusiastically.
Next time I'll have a sign that I can hold up - saying HELP !
I wish I were as brave as the squirrels that live here.
Most squirrels see a human approach and run.
I see a squirrel approach and run.
I've empowered them with my phobias.
And there's nothing worse than an empowered squirrel - they SMELL the fear - just trust me on that one.
They walk around here like little muscle men with their chests puffed out and their arms outreached -
And they look angry - I just know they're saying " Hey girl - ya wanna piece of me? "
If it were legal they'd probably pack little guns.

Last weekend I was outside on a ladder - trying to get another window painted - beat the clock so to speak
as light flakes of snow were falling on me !

I'm a procrastinator in some areas - without a doubt.
But John's a procrastinator in EVERY area - seriously - every single area of his world.

It's kind of frustrating living in a fixer upper with that attitude ( which I think was the attitude of the previous owners as well - except they found suckers to buy it - I doubt we'd be that lucky )

Suzan says - I wanted to get all this done by the end of September.
John says - What done?
Suzan says - The windows - the shutters - putting the outdoor furniture away - etc.
John says - You know who you remind me of?
Suzan says - WHO?  ( more than certain he's going to say Kate from the Taming of the Shrew or some such bitchy character............)
John says - All those people that would not cross the ocean when Moses parted the sea.


John says - All those people that would not cross the ocean when Moses parted the sea.

If any of you can see a connection there - PLEASE enlighten me - because even after he tried to explain it to me I was clueless.

John says in a squeaky voice - while wringing his hands -  OH WE'LL NEVER BE FINISHED IN TIME - WE'RE DOOMED !

3 things you should know about me.
I don't have a squeaky voice.
I never wring my hands.
I don't think we're doomed.
Not at all.
But like Kate from the Taming of the Shrew I'm furious !

Suzan says - I have no clue what you're talking about
John says - Read the bible
Suzan says - I KNOW the story - it just doesn't correlate to my wishing we'd finished our Fall chores before it started to SNOW
John says - If you don't get it - I can't explain it to you
Suzan says - Ok Jimmy Swaggart - let's get some work done - shall we?

But now I'm worried to be honest with you.
He's bringing our conversations to a whole new level and it's way beyond me obviously.
Unless he figured the conversation would allow work to stop for another day while I tried to figure it out?
AND I do have faith that winter is right around the corner and we're nowhere near finished.

John went to Toronto for a few days on business this week.

Suzan says - Did you book your room already?
John says - Nah - I'm just going to stay at a motel
Suzan says - Even if it's a motel you should book it you know
John says - Nah - it's a motel for crying out loud - people come and go
Suzan says - Yes that's the concept of hotels and motels - people come and go
Suzan says - PLEASE book a room !
John says - Here you go again..................I don't HAVE to book a room -
Suzan says - PLEASE book a room !
John says - Yah yah - ok

He got to Toronto - saw all his appointments and called me around 7 p.m.

John says - I don't want you to panic
Suzan panics immediately - which he knew I would - why would he start a conversation with that line????
John says - The whole city is booked - I can't get a room

I called dozens of hotels from Montreal -
He drove all over the city for a couple of hours looking and finally found one................

John says - I TOLD you not to panic - I found a room
John says - For under a hundred dollars - it's a steal
Suzan says - But you spent 100 dollars in gas looking for one...............................

I have this horrible vision of some flea bitten dump but he'd never admit that to me
Anyway he's obviously one of those people that would have ran through the parted about faith !

And in real news
I got the window done...................but between you and I?
John's right.
I would NEVER have darted across that narrow path that Moses made in the middle of the sea.
I freeze when I'm terrorized - ( now  you know how proud I was of myself for being able to run in AND barricade myself into my house over the squirrel fiasco ) so I would have been left standing in the middle of the ocean while the waters closed back up and swallowed me whole. ( making a nice tasty snack for a whale and unlike Jonah I'd NEVER survive 3 days in the belly of one- no way - there's some things I just " know ":.
 I'd be the one standing on the shore waving my hanky and calling out
 " Bon Voyage - send me a post card when you reach the other side will ya?  Oy vey Godspeed ! "
That's the only part of the movie in The Ten Commandments that I absolutely CANNOT watch - that's how much it frightens me - even the celluloid version is too much for me.
In fact just writing about it makes me weak in the knees.
I have immense respect - however - for anyone that would.
AND for people that get all their Fall chores done by Fall - I have great respect for them too.
So there IS that connection I suppose....................

I still have 4 windows to do - wash - paint - paint shutters I'm going to leave you now
Have a wonderful one all !
PLEASE stay away from parting bodies of water if at all possible - I simply can't bear the thought of any of you running through them.............
OMG - I feel like throwing up

Duck Duck..............Moose ?

I was out shopping for some yoga wear last weekend ( yoga wear = anything that doesn't have paint splatters all over it ).when I came across this - with a sale ticket on it

And I was drawn to it so it ended up in my cart.
It's one of those items ( of which I have far too many ) that you just know you can do something with but have no idea what yet.

John says - Did you get your yoga wear?
Suzan says Yup !
John says - What's in the other bag?
Suzan says - It's all yoga wear
John says - No - there's something pointy sticking out
Suzan says ( furious at myself for not hiding it better ) oh that - it's just a little decor for Christmas
John says - Let's see it

I took it out of the bag and

John says - WHAT the hell is that?  ( with a bit of disgust on his face )
Suzan says - Just something that intrigued me
John says - It's not even wood - it's resin - and it's ugly as sin
Suzan says - IT'S NOT UGLY !!!
John says - What's it for?

I tried frantically to think of what it's for.....................and came up with this

Suzan says - It's a serving tray - you just put your dish (es) on top of it and use the deer's head as a handle.
Suzan says - You know for hors d'oeuvres.
John says - It makes no sense

John roars and says - Well that looks ridiculous

Ok so this is my question to all of you guys - can I drill holes through resin?
I have an idea for this and don't want to destroy it trying to do it.
Until I know for sure - it's going to be a backdrop for my wreath
I won't even bother repeating what John said about that look...................some things just shouldn't be out there in public.

Have a great one !!!


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