Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BRITISH INVASION................

One of the blogs I follow, Lindauer Design, hand painted a Union Jack on an old coffee table - and I have fallen in love................( I fall in love with every piece they do ) I love that the colors are not traditional -
I love that it has been distressed and looks like an antique pc, and I especially love the fact that something
like this would be very fitting in my home because John is from across the pond. Very inspiring - my creative
juices are bubbling - this is definitely a future project - perhaps more gray than blue but still.............

Miss Mustard Seed - ( another favorite ) created this one

and now looking at this I really love the traditional colors as well - and the antiquing is perfection.

Blogger Flea Market Trixie created this small foot stool - again non traditional color - lovely

and lastly the blog French Provincial Furniture created this masterpiece -

as much as I love the distressed look - I adore the clean paint line of this one...............

There are some seriously talented people out there, that I plan to steal ideas from -

I have so much furniture to paint - I just have to figure out which one will become my
ode to England.


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