Saturday, September 24, 2011

In a perfect world.......................

I would buy every one of these pieces...................and just stare at them all day long, they all come from one house - must be an estate sale - and are available on Craigs List...........I won't even talk about what each piece costs ( if a picture speaks a thousand words - you could imagine )

and lastly this stunning - beautiful - gorgeous - make me drool - desk - and the only piece that is even
remotely affordable - I soooooooooooo want this

I wonder who lived amongst such beauty, did they appreciate all of this or did they take it for
granted -
Everything looks like it is in such incredible condition that they must have been loved very much.
The lines - the graceful curves - the antiqued colors - I would even try my very very best not
to paint anything .
Some girls dream of diamonds but this, for me, is what dreams are made of.............

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