Monday, November 23, 2015

IT'S ALL ABOUT WREATHS................( affordable ones )

I bought the above wreath (12 of them actually ) at the dollar store !!!
3.00 each - they come in silver - gold - green or red.............because the front door is red I chose a gold to put on it - same style - with red bells - but I ended up putting it in the house because it didn't feel right............
All the red ones are in the process of being hung on outdoor windows.

I bought the bells separately - they were 1.50 each and fill it perfectly -
Hold on a sec.........I gotta figure out what they all cost..........
WOW !  36.00 dollars for the wreaths themselves - TWELVE OF THEM !
( you know you need sleep when you have to use the calculator to figure that out - I don't know what's happening to me - brain freeze I suppose )
As you can see they're just tinsel - ( I've got a way to hang them securely so they don't blow all over the place )  but I like the bling and I really didn't want to spend 60.00 per wreath !
Thought I'd share with you in case YOU didn't want to spend 60.00 per wreath either :)
These could so easily be a DIY with a wreath form ( or hanger ) and tinsel !

Have a great one everybody!


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  1. Well done Suzan! I have a couple of those wreaths too but I think they are skinnier than yours. That's a great deal! We're getting snow here this morning. It's looking very pretty outside.....for now. Enjoy your Monday.

  2. The wreaths are beautiful. We're having our first snow here in the Gaspe today. A lot of birds at the feeder. Have a good week.

    1. It seems so strange to me that East - West and South to us have been hit and not a drop here !
      Thanks so much Thel :)

  3. You get much nicer stuff at your dollar store than we do. Love your bling! xo Patty

    1. Do you have Dollerama there Patty? That's where they're from !

  4. I love finding goodies at the dollar store. Last year I bought several word a dollar each! Ha! They look great on the tree and elsewhere. Yours look great too. Sheila

  5. I made one of these a few years ago, so great and inexpensive! I glued on a few dollar store shiny ball ornaments and it was good to go! Love the red tinsel and the bells! xoKathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

  6. Love inexpensive finds that do what we want! Wonder if a silver one would look better on your door or green?

  7. Yay Suzan! Yay Suzan! Yay Suzan! Bling bling!!! Thrifty and stylin' is how you roll! :))) ~ Christina

  8. Pretty, pretty, pretty. That is a really good buy! I need a huge one to hang between our upstairs windows. It is hard to find a 48" one that doesn't cost an arm and leg. I really should just invest in a good "faux" one this year. xo Diana

  9. Hey there Suzy-Q, I love your new "Logo" or "Topper" or "Masthead" what would you call it--you know the top picture thingy on your blog!---Nice! I also love the wreaths! They are really classy and very festive and you certainly can't beat the price! That will be very special, and will dress up your house so festively, to have a wreath on each window! Very classy! I love pictures that I see with houses that have wreaths on every window! So at that great price there's no reason not to do it--except that doesn't work for me because whenever I go looking for something I can never find it--bad luck?
    Wow, I think you might be almost all finished with your outdoor decorating, n'est-ce pas? You're good! I just barely got the oomph to put up my cornucopia wreaths on the front door for Thanksgiving which is this Thursday in the USA. It is still too hot here to feel in the holiday spirit! UGH!
    Thanks for the brilliant wreath tip! You are one very creative chick!
    Laura, et al

    1. I did it in the middle of the night Laura - you were the first person to see it LOL !!!
      Thanks !
      We got a light dusting of snow this morning so I'm going to run out and get some photos of the windows right now !


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