Monday, November 21, 2011

All things 60's

I don't know why - but I am on a kick of all things 60's right now ( resorting to my childhood I presume, hope this is not the first step in dementia or alzheimer's!!!! ) and was surfing the web looking for familiar
home decor - things I could relate to - but I can tell you right now we never had kitchens like these in
my circles.....................check out these photos from House Beautiful

Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies?

This Manhattan apartment kitchen, designed by Robert Caigan Associates, was the epitome of sophisticated living in 1968. "The strong solids of white, walnut, sun yellows are given buoyancy and a delicate linkage by the wallpaper, its flowers colored to order," according to the pages of House Beautiful. "A room in praise of the fact that city dwellers need not sacrifice space and sunniness in the happy pursuit of sophisticated life."

LOVE LOVE LOVE that wallpaper..............timeless?

Here is a room that quickly comes to life with a few well-chosen pieces of furniture and some bright accents. Because all interior surfaces are wood, there is a natural built-in warmth. Folding louvered doors provide a colorful frame for the compact kitchen recess. Featured in the May 1962 issue

I am really liking that Niche - and how you can simply close it off when entertaining.

This kitchen was deliberately planned as an entertaining center. It makes the most of the modern, and easy-to-clean technology (at least for that time). Necessary work areas disappear behind folding doors for easy clean-up and entertaining. Featured in the February 1962 issue

How cutting edge this must have seemed - 2 colors - love the contrasting black cupboards below

Pretty Enough to Entertain In
This large kitchen has a refreshing warmth and graciousness that is characteristic of the entire house. The island divides the room into work centers with a sitting room at the far end. Featured in the October 1961 issue.
Timeless ( except for that exhaust fan -  they really loved their scallop trim back then  ) other than that - 50's years later - I could live with it exactly like it is

My mother had a bathtub in her kitchen growing up, can you imagine the height of luxury these kitchens
must have seemed 20 years later?


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  1. Dear Suzan,
    What a treat to find your blog. My father designed kitchen #1. He was an architect and an interior designer. He would have loved the comment about Dorris Day and Rock Hudson, but he always said design was for EVERYONE! The solid color,pattern and straight and then broken lines are what often punctuated his designs. He wanted folks to know that they too could create spaces with these elements! Happy browsing!


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