Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another treasure

A couple of weeks ago John, my mother and I went out for a bite to eat - and beside the restaurant was a tiny little dilapidated second hand shop - selling mostly old Elvis paraphelia - I have come so far, there
was a time when I would have never even thought to walk into a place like this.  It was bad, really really bad,
no place to walk - mayhem - but in the back of the store they were using this to house some old broken ornaments

 and I bought it on the spot, well after a bit of negotiating. 

 They did not want to sell it at all - but I told them it was being wasted hidden in the back
 of a shop filled with dust and blah blah blah...............and said it deserved to be restored.
 It's in pretty rough shape, the veneer is coming loose everywhere in the front - and there is
 no glass in the door - and the door itself is a little warped - but oh the potential. The moldings
 are so pretty - and I am kind of glad they painted them in a blue color - so that you can actually
 see them in the pic - ( they will not remain blue - I find it hideous )
 This will be my last purchase for awhile - things are just not selling right now - perhaps after
 the holidays.

 Will post the after as soon as I finish ( got to submit something to Debbiedoo's blog!!!! )


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  1. It has the potential to be gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you do with it.


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