Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where did it start?

Was it when I was 5 years old and started changing my room around because it didn't quite feel right?
Or was it when I was 11 and decided the black wrought iron banisters in the apartment building where
we lived would look much better white ( my mother had to repaint them the same night back to the
original color ) or it could have been when I went on my first walk - a - thon - and kept the money
( cannot even remember the charity - but it was only family that donated so maybe I can be forgiven )
and then took the money and bought a bedspread and curtains that I just had to have.............
or painting my bedroom furniture when I probably should have still been playing with my chatty Cathy
( oh oh dating myself again )
Strange child that I was - when I went through my babysitting years - I would completely clean the
people's houses and rearrange things - sometime's changing the childrens bedrooms around.
When my children were small - I would go into their rooms - thank God they were heavy sleepers,
and move furniture. I can still remember their little faces when they woke up the next morning to a
different setting then when they had gone to sleep - those sleepy smiles - and " I like it Mommy" just
melting my heart.
And my friends houses, oh the joy when they moved and needed some help. I would literally run to
the task - and the biggest compliment of all was that things would so often stay just the way I did them,
until I did them again.

Now I notice I am not so quick to jump around, although the passion is as strong as ever - I don't
seem to have the energy that I did, I exhaust myself with my constant need for change, they say it
stems from unhappiness but I can tell you without a doubt that in my happiest times I need change
the most. 

The ability to self diagnose?

lol - have a good Sunday - the day of rest -

Think I'll paint a dresser


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