Tuesday, November 8, 2011


before -  (feeling a little blue )

I'm loving the stripes - have to do some somewhere in my house!!!!!
This was one fast easy makeover - a little paint - a little tape - a little glass of wine,
Ok - there was more wine than tape, but anyway.......................
The blue above is the original state when purchased, the first makeover was this
which I loved but couldn't sell so what do I know - the striped version sold right away!



  1. Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So creative. Sandy

  2. Awesome.
    Kiss from Portugal


  3. I'm Loving the stripes too! You did a fabulous job. I am visiting from Better After.

  4. ha! I can't begin to tell you what my stripes would have looked like had there been wine involved. just sayin!
    Came by to check you out from Better After, I have an almost identical dresser in my garage on my to do list. Same handles, same key locky thingy's, except mine is mahogany. Wondering if a two tone finish would look as nice as yours??!! Gonna have to try now!


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