Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Kodak Moment

It's a good thing I have low blood pressure - because I think I would have had a stroke tonight -
I plugged my camera into the computer to transfer some photos ( to link up to Debbie Doo's
newbie party...............................and nothing.
It was like the camera was dead - so off I go to my instructions booklet....................
and nothing - there is no information on trouble shooting for this type of thing.
So off I go to to look for a contact..............and nothing
I cannot tell you how long it took me to find an online contact ( there is no such thing
as speaking to anyone anymore ) and then we sat on line " chatting " for 40 very
frustrating minutes with me feeling more stupid with each of those 40 minutes passing.
Finally the person asked me try my back port -
Ok - I did not even know there was a back port - now I had to go find a flashlight and dig
behind my desk amidst 465,347,222 wires - panicking because I am making him wait and
look for a spare port - which thankfully I found.
Then I had to reconfigure the camera to accept that port - and when I tell you I am technically
challenged I ain't whistling dixie here -
The good news is it worked.
The bad news is I have to crawl behind my desk everytime with a flashlight to plug the &*^##
usb into the "BACK" port.
I suppose it is a good thing that it was online - because there was a lot of nasty words being
said from my end.  It's officially time for a glass of something.  So my linking up will have to
take place later.

I have to learn to chill - is it normal to work myself into such a state over something so trivial?

When John gets angry in the car - I always tell him " Road Rage " here I sit with a terrible
dose of computer rage,
I scare myself sometime.

Anyone want to share a glass of wine?


1 comment:

  1. I'm all for a glass of wine!

    Just a thought (and I don't even know if this exists), but maybe you could find an extension cord with the right thingys at the ends to plug into your back port and camera. That way you wouldn't have to crawl around back there.

    Of course, I'm as techno challenged as you are, so maybe we should just open a bottle of wine instead.


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