Monday, April 7, 2014

A Hutch in my Clutch ( makeover to be )

58" X 30 X 14 - the size of a tall boy I suppose

It's not really a hutch per say - because it's quite small - but isn't it perfect?

Or rather can't you just see it being perfect?

She needs a little love - for sure - but wow she certainly has potential !

I see it with fresh linens folded on top :)

But she could easily have dishes - or books - or toys - or even food for that matter.

John thinks it's ugly as sin.

I'm too tired to convince him otherwise ...................

Meanwhile Soda spent the day at the groomers - she HATES going there - she shakes like a leaf the whole way there, always, and for some reason she KNOWS where she's headed when she goes.

She usually hides for a couple of days after...................really she does.  It's like she's embarrassed.

is that the funniest thing?

I kept calling her and calling her - and the blanket would move slightly but she wouldn't come out LMHO !!!

Poor little thing - she has a crew cut!

The groomer took one look at her and said - Oh Wow - she has dreads

John was mortified - I thought it was the funniest thing ( although I have to admit she was in an embarrassing state )

My daughter made me the prettiest infinity scarf

and she made a miniature one for Soda !!!!!!!!
is this the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Not sure if I mentioned it before - but we finally booked that free trip we won for October - it was just impossible to go on a cruise now while the house is like this - AND we made an upgrade because when you win a free cruise they basically put you in the engine room.  I may upgrade it one more time to a room with a patio

John says - It was a free trip - stop upgrading - it's going to cost as much as if we booked it on our own
Suzan says - The room was claustrophobic - I couldn't spend a week sleeping in there
John says - Are you going to bring your paints - and paint it while we're there if you don't like the color?...................

I'm so tired guys - I don't even have the words to express just how tired I am - I feel like hiding under the blankets with Soda all day today
With our matching infinity scarves on :)

Have a great day,
See you tomorrow

Much love,


  1. Aww poor Soda. She'll be quite chilly in this cool 'spring' weather. Good thing your daughter made her a scarf too. Is that one of those scarfs you knit with your hands (not needles)? They seem to be a popular thing to make down here. I know you'll make over that little hutch into a beauty. Can't wait to see it. Have a great day. Sunshine here and WARM. Heavy rain for tomorrow. Can you say flooding? :(

  2. LOL, nothing like a new accessory to make you wanna go out again - Soda's adorable. I agree on the guy sentiment. And I also agree with you on the hutch - perfect size in my book - the kind I can haul and hide in my Rav4 if necessary, until I'm ready to pull it out and say. "this? I've had this for a LONG time!" ;)

  3. you need a trip, you have worked so hard, our little dog behaved the same as your Soda, embarrassed, lol, That is a cute cabinet, so many possibilities!

  4. I think I would call that a "cupboard". Is that a lock mechanism? If so, I would guess it came from a doctor's or dental office. I thihk you desperately NEED the cruise and soon. Your pup looks like an angry old man with the new hair cut. Poor darling!

  5. Cute piece, short and sweet (referring to the cupbuard). Doesn't John realize you'll make it gorgeous?? C'mon, John. And by the way, Soda is adorable.

  6. How thoughtful of your daughter, especially since Soda got one too! The little cabinet is cool, would it be considered art deco? Maybe just from that era. I love cruises! My rooms were never a big factor because I'd only go in there for a crash landing. There is way too much to do on those ships to spend a lot of time in your cabin. However, claustrophobia and engine noise are two considerations.

  7. Aw poor Soda, my dog used to hate the groomers too. but they look so cute when they are all done. I love the matching scarves, what a cute idea. I am glad you guys are finally going on a vacation, you have been working so hard. The house and the projects will always be there, but a chance to go away the two of you and see the world, won't always be available. trust me I know this when I say, life can change on a dime and you need to enjoy life and treasure time together. hugs Tobey

  8. Susan- I have that SAME CABINET sitting in my basement (craft area) waiting for a makeover. I trash picked mine. I love the sweet simplicity of it and have been trying to figure out WHAT to do with it. Do that one next, will you? lol So I can get inspired!!! lol

    Our Smokey (cock-a-poo) used to be the same way. He would hide for a couple of days after he went to the groomers. We always thought it was hysterical. WE would finally coax him out by telling him how handsome he was....I don't think he believed us though.

    Have fun- A cruise- a cruise- oh my---I am NOT good on cruises! xo Diana

  9. Awww... Soda looks adorable, but I guess she doesn't think so. Poor thing. Maybe her new accessory will cheer her up. I'm sure you'll love the cruise Suzan. You guys deserve a break after all the hard work you've been putting in on the house. There's so much to do, or you can just relax and do nothing. I usually do a little of both. We've been on three and we've really enjoyed them all. We've done the Caribbean twice, for family celebrations both times, so I think we're done with that area of the world now, but we loved it.

  10. Too cute Suzan you and Soda have matching scarf's. Wow the cruise will be so much fun and I think it will be a nice get away from construction zone for you. It will be so much fun.

  11. I was going to say how cute that hutch/cabinet/whatever was and then I saw Soda hiding and then with the scarf and the cutest thing on Earth award goes to Soda today, hands down (just don't tell my cats). I understand how YOU thought Marie-Antoinette's daughter went to University of Florida if you're so tired... It's not like I would have come up with such an idea ;)

  12. The hutch will be beautiful when you get done with it. I can imagine all the things that you mentioned. Perfect for a small space. Love the scarves! And Soda is so cute. You definitely deserve /need a vacation. I don't blame you for upgrading. I don't like tight spaces either. Hope you get a break soon!

  13. Suzan hang in there your trip will do you good!! Recharge!!!! Soda is adorable and I LOVE her cuz. My friends one Doxie knows when he gets close to the vet and whines a lot. It's amazing how they know. I can't wait to see that piece finished. You will work magic as always!!!


  14. The hutch is fabulous - just look at her lines! Can't wait until you get done with beautiful she'll be!
    The scarves are so pretty and Soda looks adorable in hers. I think you should cuddle with your pup and rest today. Why ever not? The house isn't going anywhere! (And it doesn't do any good to run yourself down.)
    Take care of yourself!!

  15. hope you worked up some energy to go show off your matching scarves there adorable

  16. That hutch is darling. Sorry John - try squinting and pretending it's already had a coat of paint.:)

  17. Ohhhh, upgrade to the patio!!! I always figured you don't spend much time in your stateroom and so have always gone as cheap as can be, near the bilge pumps, until I got an accidental upgrade to patio and concierge service. Heaven! We had our breakfast delivered every morning and enjoyed it on our patio. I can never go back. Love the hutch, too!

  18. Soda is adorable. There may be a reason why she knows where she's going. My mother's dog Mitzi went every where with them around town, but knew exactly when she was being taken to the vet, which she hated. Mom thought she was a genius dog until I pointed out that they always took a green book with all her shot records and such with them to the vet. Mitzi knew, Green Box = vet. Duh!

  19. I love the IS or will be perfect when you get finished with it! Soda looks absolutely adorable, especially in her infinity scarf! You should take a break tomorrow and curl up with a good book for the day. The house will still be there the day after and one day won't make a big difference. for the cruise...I would upgrade to a balcony...they are much nicer. Next time I go, I will splurge and pay the extra for one. Perfect for watching the sunsets which are magnificent on the ocean! Have a restful evening....Vicky

  20. LOVE soda's little scarf! When you go on your cruise, I know it will be wonderful... and so so well deserved!

  21. Do get the balcony, my husband and I just got back from a cruise and that's what we did, breakfast out there every morning,in the evening watched the sunset, it was heaven!!! You only live once, you work so hard, you so deserve it!!!! The cupboard will be a masterpiece when you finish it, I just know it!!!!

  22. Poor Soda she's naked, stripped of hair! Maybe your daughter could knit her a wee sweater? Love the little hutch. It's so small, maybe a child's play piece. It will be sweet painted up. Patty

  23. little dogs want to hide after they get their hair cut. Guessing it is a doggie thing. Love your matching scarves and I think that Soda would have loved it if you were to hide under the covers with her all day.

  24. Soda looks so cute. I used to have a baby that looked so much like her and she would always shake and hide too. xo Laura

  25. Oh beautiful scarves I hope you enjoy that break you obviously need it.

  26. Awe poor Soda. But she's very fashionable and a beautiful haircut to match! I LOVE your cabinet. I could see that in a bathroom....mainly mine if I had the room. Pretty towels and soaps behind the glass, and all the rest shoved in the bottom. I am excited for you to go on your cruise. A much needed break for you and hubby!

  27. That little hutch is just perfect for my new bathroom LOL!! Love that your daughter was thoughtful and made a scarf for Soda too. Finn always struts around with his new hair cut, like it's the hottest thing going! Glad you finally booked your cruise. Get a room with a deck for sure! I slept out on mine almost the whole trip..between the phosphorus water and the twinkling stars...I just couldn't leave it! Are you coming here on your way home????

  28. Love those scarves & your hutch! Will your daughter share how she made them? A mother- daughter post?

  29. This is why I love your blog Suzan...where else can I see a dog wearing an infinity scarf! My dog goes to the groomer tomorrow --she also shakes like a leaf on the way there. She comes home in a bandana every hubs hates it but I think it's adorable. I'm sure that chest will be gorgeous when you're through with it. So glad you have your cruise to look forward to! We're going on one soon!

  30. Hello! I believe dogs know when they are about to be groomed! My little girls shake the whole way there, and one gets car sick so she has to be in a crate. So the crate shakes all the way there too. And they both hide after. I do believe they know it will be a week after their cuts before they can be seen in public lol! Soda is adorable with that scarf :)

  31. Soda looks so cute in his scarf! I can't even begin to imagine how tired you must be, I get tired looking at all your posts of the house renovations. This trip in October will be a much needed rest and escape for you and John. In the meantime, take a break this long Easter weekend, enjoy some family time and don't lift a single brush or hammer.
    Debbie :)


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