Friday, April 4, 2014

Adding ART to unexpected places.................

Now I'm using the term ART very loosely here - in my world anything you hang on a wall becomes ART lol - it could be slipper with a nail hung through it for all I care - it's ART.............

So when my Son found these last year and gave them to me as part of my Christmas stocking things
they instantly became Rembrandts.
I wouldn't have bought them for myself - really not my style but you know how it is - when one of your kids gives you something it becomes more precious then gold :)

There's 2 of them - he got them from a Dollar store for 2.00 each I believe ( our Christmas stocking rules - items cannot cost more than that ! )

The other one says

I've been wondering where to put these for awhile now - I thought of making elaborate frames for them, but really?  I just don't have the time..............

I thought they'd work best in the kitchen - but the way it's configured I have very little space for anything on the walls..................

And then it dawned on me - art can go anywhere, right?

So how about between the open shelving I have on either side of the stove !

The other side will have the HOME one on it - Home Love ....................and all of a sudden I love it - and it IS my style - who knew? Thanks Gordie - they're perfect !
All you need is love, love
Love is all you need :)

Except it took me far too long to hang this thing
I HATE THIS TYPE OF HANGING HARDWARE - HATE IT - especially since this is not a large piece one of those brackets in the center would have sufficed !

Because it doesn't matter how many times I measure - I never get it right the first time - EVER !!!

WHO invented that?  I curse them a thousand times LOL

I think it took me in excess of a half hour to get it up

I also added a frame to a little space I had - my girlfriend gave me this years ago - I added a Parisian Metro Map I took from our last trip ( they're free everywhere - I should have grabbed hundreds lol - what a perfect drawer liner these would make )

The frame is meant to sit on a surface - so I plopped it onto a clipboard and hung it on the wall

And then I discovered a little room over the micowave - oh oh - can't have that can we?
This is where I drive John over the edge by the way................

I have a beloved wood tray that I bought once in Paris ( on a trip with a girlfriend who thought I was insane - before I started blogging and met people who would actually GET buying it )
I was thisclose to putting a screw right through it so I could hang it on the wall LOL

Instead it sits on the top part of one of the plate racks.................doesn't it look like art ?

John says - what that's thing you added to it?
Suzan says - a chandelier
John says - I'm sick of seeing that stencil everywhere
( I'm obsessed with it truthfully )
I won't tell him that I had BON MATIN stencilled on it - but sanded it off for the chandelier lol

and then to balance it out I put a wicker break basket on the other one

John says - Where did the wicker one come from?
Suzan says - We've had it at least 10 years - don't you notice anything?
Suzan says - It's been on the table even for dinners .............
John says - Oh yeah - I forgot about it.

I bought it last month - shhhh...............

Ok - I'm off to find some more nooks and crannies to fill lol
May your weekend be filled with lots of -

and sunshine - ( which we may not be getting too much of - they're calling for rain for most of it )
but that's OK if it's going to wash away the snow

I'm trying my best to

Accentuate the positive 
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
( don't mess with Mr. Inbetween ) ♪♫

Much love,

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  1. I love Dollar Store finds! Tomorrow I am taking a Dutch dollar store wooden tray to my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint course. Wish me luck! I am not a furniture painter at all. In fact I usually spill the can of paint on my foot! That is why I am a "brown" furniture lover, I guess. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. I like how you have dressed up the mirrored words to make them look like 'art'. You have such an eye for that. The added tray, basket and picture warm up the kitchen decor. It looks really nice. It's sunny here today but we'll be getting your rain and some snow on the weekend. Have a great weekend.

  3. you have certainly got the magic touch,

  4. I Love what you've done with everything! And it's so true that when one of our children gives us something, it becomes something so precious!! Why is it that men believe us when we say we've had something a long time, when we bought it yesterday? My husband's excuse is...he doesn't remember what is where...EVER! He sits in a recliner in our Sitting Room every day...right next to a HUGE art piece. We've talked about the Art, he's looked at the art...and it was hanging there for about a year. I moved it to our Den, where we sit after dinner, for the night...with our 3 Pups. He was wondering where and when I got the NEW art! {insert rolling eye icon here}. I asked him if he didn't remember seeing it before...and he said NO. NO? Oh boy! Have a great weekend. If you have time, stop by my Blog and check out my Flashback Friday post today...I have something in there that my son gave to me that I just it's a fun post!

  5. I pinned your Tube map picture/clipboard to my 'Home Decor' board!! Love it. You're such a trend setter, Suzan!! And I know what you mean about that horrid hardware. So frustrating!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.♥

  6. Wow.. so creative. Love all the pics!!
    Totally loving the plate rack also!
    Have a good weekend!!! V

  7. So cute! and so fitting for your new home!

  8. it really is lovely art when it comes from out kids

  9. I agree... anything can be art if you love it. It all looks great! Love the framed Paris map.

  10. LOVE your LOVE art Suzan! It's perfect there!

  11. I really don't know why...but when I read your posts, I feel like I have to read them faster, and faster as I go. Do you talk fast??? Maybe it's me!!! You say so much in such short posts!! I love it!! Everything looks wonderful here! You have such great ideas swimming around in your head. Oh...I really like your hair, and your new picture of yourself, too.
    Thank you for stopping by the Lakehouse today. Your comment made my day.

  12. "We've had it forever" is kind of a catch phrase in this house and has no real meaning. I LOVE your signs...especially since sonny boy got them for you. Love your old tray, too. I would have bought that!!!!
    Next time you go to hang one of those double hanger thingys- lay a piece of paper across the back holes-mark where they are with a pencil. Put the sheet of paper up on the wall (you can tell if the paper is straight easier than the thingambob you are trying to hang. I drive the nails right through the paper and then just removed the paper. Perfectly placed every time. Hmmm....I just told someone else how to do this. Might be worth a post, huh? And DON'T steal my idea now! lol xo Diana

  13. You really found the perfect place for ART! Looks awesome.

  14. Very nice..I love your signs. And yes, because they are from your son, for sure extra special. :-)

  15. Suzan, I actually think the signs your son bought are very you... I've been keeping and buying stuff to decorate the kitchen for four years now, and I know it'll be impossible to display it all as the kitchen is so tiny! My father makes fun of me when I buy stuff "for the kitchen later" telling me the kitchen won't actually be bigger later! But you give me hope I can hang most of my items!
    I have to go to Paris in August for a wedding that takes place nearby. I'll try and take some m├ętro maps for you!

  16. Love the signs and the wood tray!! They look great in your kitchen.

  17. You have found some wonderful ways to display your art.....very creative!!!! Your son has great taste too :o) Have a great weekend!!!

  18. Perfect artwork for your kitchen. Love where you put your son's signs. There's always room to display our favorites!
    Mary Alice

  19. Come on...they look like they totally belong in that spot! Psssst, want a super simple tip on how to hang that nasty kind of hardware? Put a piece of painters tape across the back of your art nice and straight. Mark the center of each clip with a pen. Take the tape off and put it on the wall where you're going to hang the art. Check it quickly with a level to make sure its nice and level. Pop a nail over each pen mark - rip off the tape and voila. No measuring...perfect every time!!!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  20. I love stuff from my kids. And you're right, those things are as good as gold. I think the art looks perfect in the cabinet. I love that wooden tray too. I'm liking your decor girl. It's really coming together.

  21. The art given to you by your son looks like is was MADE for your new home! I love that you found the perfect spot and now you can see and enjoy it. Happy weekend my friend! Give each other hugs! And here's some more....Hugs, Diane

  22. Suzan I'm envious that you are decorating your reno!! It looks lovely and I cannot wait to get to that stage!!

  23. I really adore your "Love" piece. What a great find.

    1. thanks so much Carmody - not bad for a dollar store find !!!

  24. You did find the perfect place for them.

    lol at the wicker basket commentary AND that you sanded one thing to get another that you liked better (stencil). You always make me laugh.

    All you need is love, love! Love is all you need. :)

    Have a happy weekend.

  25. is one of the sites that has a tutorial on hanging pix with masking tape. You might want to check it out. It's one of my larger problems in the decorating scheme of things.
    There was another site that had a more complicated (but what actually looked like an easy to use) method. Still have not looked up how to make the edges of the frames line up, which makes it all look so neat.
    Your son has remarkably good taste and I guess he learned it from his Mom….?
    Wishing you happy days…..

  26. I love this idea, how genius and gorgeous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  27. i LOVE these!!! what a great find... Coming over from: homework Blog Hop

  28. What a great idea, Suzan!! I'll definitely have to try that with Larry...because he notices nothing I believe it would work if I buy something new. lol Mind you, he never ever says a word about my frugal spending because he's worse than me...just different ATVs, boats, hunting & golfing stuff.
    And I agree about those type of hanging holes, they are impossible to work with. But they look great!
    Debbie :)

  29. What an awesome idea! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams on Fridays :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party

  30. Looks so perfect in that spot! I like covering up empty wall spaces, but my problem is that it takes me too long to decide what to put where. I've had a few walls that have been empty for way too long!

  31. Very perfect! I love that you kept them because your son gave them to you! They look awesome and I love the wood crate...with the stencil! You make me smile Suzan!

  32. Hi Suzan
    Would love for you to link this post to Friday Favorites at
    Love it! laura

  33. Great ideas! Love them! The clipboard is genius!
    We would love for you to come and link up with us at Your Designs This Time, Mondays 8:00amEST.


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