Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm lazy - end table makeover

Good Morning everyone !

Back with a small makeover......................

Small as in a 70's end table that started out like this

I painted it Annie Sloan Graphite

and it looked a little blah to me - I chose NOT to distress it because the veneer on top was in terrible condition ..............and because I was lazy.

I took some of my Modern Masters Pewter paint and made a wash ( I don't measure but I use roughly half and half - paint and water ) and brushed it on to the top - then quickly took a damp rag and rubbed it across the top - creating this

Then I spray painted the handles in a silver finish

I put a finish of polyurethane on it - and there's a very important reason for that.
Again, I was too lazy to wax it..............
2 coats - and one more will be applied before I'm finished - I used a water based - satin finish.

Now as any furniture painted knows - we ALWAYS have an abundance of mirrors.............
Most people prefer to buy dressers without them today - opting instead to hang a mirror on the wall above them - or using them as buffets or changing tables - whatever the reason -  I have had quite the stash at times.

I had 2 narrow ones - which were perfect to sit or hang on the wall over an end table ( I love mirrors on either side of the bed - over end tables - ( I love mirrors period - just hate looking in them lately )

Now what could be better then a dark and sultry end table beside a bed?

Two of them of course

These are going to one of my daughters - which means I now have to change out the dresser and headboard she previously took :)

It's a big change from my Paris Grey and white.....................but she's not a Paris Grey and White kinda girl lol - this is definitely more " Lindsay "

Have a great Monday all :)

Much love,

I'll be partying here this week !
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  1. ewww....I like. I think I am not a paris grey and white girl either. I love the dark.

  2. These look beautiful! I like this colour and I have 2 nightstands that could use a makeover along with the headboard, dresser and tallboy - our bedroom set. But it would be more satisfying to replace the whole set. lol Have a super week!

  3. They came out really nice and the mirrors are perfect.

  4. Those are lovely! Would love to see them in place. Any chance "Lindsay" would let you share pictures with us?

  5. Great transformation, the mirrors are a perfect match too.

  6. they look great,,,love the color, the mirrors transform them for sure, I have a Lyndsy, she is our youngest!

  7. This technique, though you consider 'lazy' still turned in a gorgeous piece for you dear! Love it!

  8. That is the perfect treatment for those two beauts! Love the tall mirrors on top of them, too- xo Diana

  9. These end tables look beautiful! I love the pewter & silver detailing on the table and the handles.

  10. Lovely! I think "Lindsay" is a very nice style!

  11. New fan here, you got me at the end with not only two end tables, but two mirrors too. All are delicious.

  12. As always Suzan...these turned out awesome! Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do? Love how they turned out...:) Hava a wonderful evening...Vicky

  13. I like what the graphite did to that style side table! ANd the mirror goes great with it - and the fact that there are two makes it even better - your post goes well with Nana Diana's post about twins :)

  14. Very nice and so pretty! I am always amazed how paint can transform a piece. Your pieces are always so beautiful!

  15. I did a couple side tables in graphite for my daughter, she didn't want distressing either. I thought they were boring, but she loved them. I bet she'd love them more with the wash you applied to yours! I love that and will have to remember it next time I have to use graphite! It looks amazing!
    Debbie :)

  16. I am starting to really like graphite, the nightstands and mirror turned out great, they don't look like you were being lazy at all, turned out beautiful. And I know your renovations have been exhausting, but at least you weren't pumping 3 feet of water out of your basement like I was doing yesterday, not a happy home owner this weekend, that for sure. hugs Tobey

  17. A luck girl to have such a wonderful mom! They turned out fantastic!

  18. I really like these, wow, is all I can say.
    Great Job!

  19. They turned out so cute! I even love the original handles. :)


  20. "a little Lindsay" LOL You know I'm a Graphite girl but I gotta say that wash over it is perfect! I like it better than a dark wax finish because it has more depth. Very nice makeover! I'm with you on the mirror thing - can never have enough of them...and candlesticks...and balls (as in decorative).
    Marie @ The Interior Frugalista

  21. I think they look amazing! LOVE the mirrors. I just hung mirrors above our side tables. They aren't as big as your mirrors but they do add a little something something... Your daughter is lucky to have a mom like you :)

  22. Wonderful job, hmmm think I will have to give modern masters a go at it! what effect does the poly finish have on darker colors Susan? Does it yellow up the color a lot?

  23. Awesome job!! Wow great transformation!! .Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share this post with us

  24. Are the mirrors just resting on the tables and leaning on the wall? It doesn't appear they are hung up. Is that correct? They look great!

    1. Yes they are !
      I did these for my daughter - my son in law will put something on the back of them so that they can be hung up on the wall directly above each end table :)
      Thanks so much !


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