Saturday, April 5, 2014

I'm in the Huffington Post !!!

With this Election on my mind morning, noon and night, I'm constantly checking the paper( Huffington Post is one my go-to on line newspapers )

I'm on it daily - worriedly checking the latest polls - and  tonight was no different - except once I was finished I lazily clicked on to the HOME section...............where they were featuring


Right up my alley, right?

I recognized quite a few of them from Bloglandia - UNTIL I GOT TO NUMBER 35!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be still my very rapidly beating heart - could it be?

Yup - it is !!!!!!

If you'd like to see the before you can see my link HERE - I did it 2 years ago 

If you'd like to see the article ( with 98 incredible makeovers - not so sure mine is even worthy to be in it to be honest with you - this is NOT one of my favorite makeovers at all - I can think of others I'd much rather have seen on there but hey - I'm not complaining lol ) you can check it out HERE which will take you to BUZZ FEED ( linked already from Huffington Post ) 

Do any of you remember it?

I almost want to go wake John up - but I won't - it's almost 1.30 in the morning - so I'll tell you all instead!

Have a wonderful Sunday 

( I read the news today - OH BOY !!!!!!! )

Much love,

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I should be mopping the floor


  1. OMG!!! I am so happy and excited for you!! I never saw the piece before...Beautiful! I don't think I followed you back then. I would wake that man up with some champagne and strawberries!! Hurray for you!

    Only up because I'm waiting up for the youngest (23!????)


  2. How exciting. I'm not sure I was a 'follower' 2 years ago. It might not be what you consider your best, but it is funky & will catch the eye of many I'm sure.

  3. Dear Suzan. You must be so proud. You transform to the most beautiful dressers.
    I can see you have been busy, my friend. I just love the frame with the map under here. You are so creative, girl.

    Big hug

  4. Wow, that must be exciting!!!
    Congratulations from Norway :-)
    The dresser is looking very beautiful!!!
    Hugs from Trude C.

  5. How exciting!! I read the Huffington Post every day (because I am a wild eyed liberal!) but absolutely never knew they had a "Home" section. I looked at all the dressers and there were some I liked more than others but there were some that I just thought "huh?". I like your dresser because it turned something from traditional to modern and fun. A complete transformation. And, sadly, once again I noticed that one of the dressers used plastic animals. I am throwing it out to the universe - if anyone ever sees me with a plastic animal and a glue gun in my hand, slap me hard!

  6. Congrats, Susan! This piece is so "in" and trendy right now . . . no wonder it was picked!

  7. That's awesome Suzan...and I bet it was a surprise to run across it out of the blue like that! Too cool....:) Have a great Sunday...Vicky

  8. I alwrays knew you were a stud. Please don't forget about all us little people.

  9. That is exciting! And I'm not surprised. You are so incredibly talented at what you do that it was just a matter of time!

  10. OMG! This is awesome. It is amazing what surprises you find at the wee hours of the morning LOL! Congrats I am so excited your dresser got featured. Happy Sunday.

  11. What a happy surprise, Suzan! Congrats! :)

  12. How thrilling for you! I don't remember it, but it is very original and I'm sure that's why they chose it.

  13. No-I don't remember it- I think that was maybe before I followed you-not sure. It is so different from what you usually do that I would never peg it for yours.
    What IS happening with the election thing up there? xo Diana

  14. I do remember that piece because I used the stripes as inspiration for a piece I did. I liked the multicolors. Congrats, Suzan, you deserve every little inch of space and more they gave your dresser. I would have woke John - this is sleeplessness worthy.

  15. Very, very cool, Suzan. I would have awakened my husband with my screams of excitement, if it had been me. There are some fabulous makeovers, and yours is right in there with them. Picture perfect. Congratulations. ~ Nancy

  16. How cool is that! You deserve it - you do nice work!

  17. That's cool Suzan. I don't remember it but I love the zig zag paint job. Very nice!

  18. I definitely would have woken up the whole house if I had been mentioned in the news! Congrats. I always tell my kids when I'm watching Access Hollywood that, Mommy's watching the news. haha Congrats!

  19. Oh, my! Amazing! You should have woken up John... It would have made a funny conversation! And how is it going for the Wicked Witch Of Quebec?

  20. Well, I am not surprised! I bet this is the first of many articles about the famous furniture whisperer's great pieces. Don't you just want to send this to all the paint haters ... a big ol :P to them.

  21. That's amazing! I was on apartment Therapy once and its so exciting!! Congratulations!

  22. Well of course you belong there Suzan!!! Congrats! Vicki

  23. That's awesome Suzan! A gorgeous piece!!

  24. WOW Suzan, you superstar, So well deserved!!! I have to be honest I would have had to wake my John just because I would be so excited!


  25. wooooot! Congrats, man I would've woken Jules up for sure!

  26. OH BOY!!! Congrats, Suzan! Huff Post is the big leagues, for sure! That's awesome (and I love the piece).

  27. Way to go Suzan!! I'm a little behind in my blog reading....but you know how that goes!!

  28. What a fun surprise!! I love your dresser!

  29. WOW!!! Congratulations, Suzan!!! I'm off to read the news now...the Huffington Post Buzz Feed news link! That is sooo coooooollllll!!!!!
    Debbie :)

    1. And now that I've been and seen them all, I have to are in good company!! Did you see all the other picks? You are a superstar among superstars! I hope John appreciates you letting him sleep and was very proud of you when you finally got to show off to him. ;)


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