Sunday, December 20, 2015

Yeah the years go by fast...................far too quickly they fly

A young lady runs out at the crack of dawn
and runs through the snow with her slippers on
Oreo cookies are crumbled just so
and scattered against the pure white snow

Then she carefully makes a few tracks here and there
With frozen fingers and ice on her hair
She hasn't much time......she must get back inside
and pretend to be sleeping - her secret to hide

For there's 3 young ones who still believe
that when they close their eyes on Christmas Eve
something magical happens - it does every year
When Santa arrives with 8 tiny reindeer

But there's questions of late - and whispers at night
and a school friend said " no - it just isn't right "
" There's no Santa Claus - it's your parents " they say
" who buy all the presents for you Christmas day "

" Is it true Mom ? " - they ask - with a look of despair
with a sadness the young lady almost can't bear
She hugs them all closely and says " Angels of mine "
" when morning comes you must look for a sign "

" Because I know he's real but it seems you need proof
so tomorrow morning you must look for the truth
Believing in something - well that's something you choose
but if you look with your heart - there will always be clues "

She hears them stirring !  The clock has struck five
The moment of truth has finally arrived !
It worked !  They come jumping onto the bed
With kisses and giggles for what lay ahead

Mommy wake up !  Santa was here !
We saw the tracks of all the reindeer !
And they did it again Mom - we TOLD you so
The reindeer left poop all over the snow !

That was the last year that " Santa " came by
They grow up so quickly - in the blink of an eye
But not a Christmas passes ( and it never gets old )
That that story - our story - doesn't get told

They laugh just as hard as they did way back when
They tell it to others and then laugh again
They fondly says " thanks " for that memory
But how could they know it was really for me?

That it was I who couldn't and wouldn't let go
That I needed that magic a bit longer and so
You do what you can and I did what I could
to 100 percent  make sure that it would

Each Christmas morning at the crack of dawn
A middle aged woman remembers years gone
She hurries downstairs - puts the kettle on
and grabs a few cookies....................
                                                           to throw on the lawn.

She leans on the door - looks up at the sky
Yeah the years go by fast
far too quickly they fly.

That middle aged lady
( who was just as crazy then as I am now )




  1. I knew it was you at the first four lines. :))) What a good mom, then and now. And aren't you quite the poet...or did you not know it?

  2. my Danish granddparent's house...we put out rice pudding for the Nisseman or Christmas elf...and no matter where we threw the bowl...or perched it, or placed midnight the pudding would always disappear...! It's always good to believe in magic---it means you will always have hope, and gosh everyone needs that. Have a wonderful, magical Christmas, Sandi

  3. What a wonderful memory for the kids!!

    Merry Winter Solstice!

    Hugs ~

  4. Suzan.... you are A W E S O M E ! :))) ~ Christina in FL (it's 87 today)

  5. :-))

    Merry Christmas my dear Suzan.
    Have a blessed Christmas season.

  6. Susan that was just awesome. Reminded me of when my children were young. I now have grandchildren that we do special things for so I am keeping it going. They are also growing so fast but I sure am enjoying it while I can. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    1. Hi Fran - thanks SO much !
      Hope you and yours ( and especially those little ones ) have the Merriest Christmas !

  7. So absolutely wonderful! Merry Christmas, Suzan!

    1. Thanks so much - wishing you the Merriest of Christmases too !

  8. What a cute story. I rarely comment but I wanted you to know how much laughter your blog brings to me and to others, I'm sure.
    Have a very Merry Christmas, Suzan!

    1. Oh Joanne what a lovely comment to read - thanks SO much - and hope you have a wonderfully Merry Christmas too !

  9. Oh Suzan, such a sweet story. Makes me miss my kids as little ones! And you're right, the years go by so quickly. Hugs, my friend.

  10. This post made me laugh AND cry!! You're right, the time flies by too quickly - children grow up far too fast. Merry Christmas, Suzan

  11. This was so sweet! Yes the years go by so fast and pretty soon we'll be out there in our slippers and pray we don't break a leg. But you have a new purpose now, your little bundle of joy that you can lavish all of that magic on! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Thanks so much Mary -
      Now I'm lucky if I don't break a leg just going down the way too narrow stairs in this house LOL !
      Hope you and yours have the Merriest ever !!!

  12. Delightful! No matter how time flies, and it does, as long as we believe in the magic of Christmas we will always find our younger selves.
    Merry Cristmas.

    1. And I DO believe Jann - it's the most magical time of the year :)
      Merry Christmas to you too !

  13. Dare I ask??? what was used as reindeer poop ?

  14. Suzan, you always make me smile. Thanks once again - this is so beautifully written. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family!

    1. Aw thanks SO much Betty !
      Merry Christmas to you and yours too !

  15. Ok! Ready to your book tour yet! Love the story ! We use to shake big leather strap of Jingle bells ! Kids upstairs asleep! Ya right! So many special memories for all of us! Enjoy the gift of Christmas With your family! Take care my friend! Cindy

    1. LOL - hitting a city near you soon Cindy LMHO !
      My Mother used to ring bells kids were heavy sleepers so that would have never worked -
      I used to change their rooms around at night with them in their beds !!!
      Hope you have the most wonderful of Christmases :)

    2. Ok! When we tour Canada ! On my Bucket List Bigtime!!! You and I are hooking up my far away friend! God Bless and enjoy your wonderful family! Merry Christmas!

  16. Wonderful post!! I still believe in the magic of Christmas...I see it now thru the eyes of my grandkids.
    Merry Christmas.

  17. Cutest poem I've ever, EVER read...and it brought tears, thinking of my children, all grown and parents and even grandparents ....where and how did the time go by so quickly? I an still hear our little boy and girl, coming down the hall on Christmas morning, saying "get up, Mommy, Santa was here..." booooo hoooooooo

  18. Beautifully written Suzan! I have fond memories of my husband, sister, and brother-in-law on Christmas Eve after the four young'ns were tucked in their beds and the four elders consumed a little too much wine. Standing outside on the deck after midnight, each with a carrot in hand and chewing and spitting onto the snow as evidence the reindeer enjoyed their treats. Then we'd head indoors and grab the old Sorels and rub the bottoms with fireplace soot and make imprints on the hearth. Fond fond memories as our children are now having children so we can carry that tradition onto our grandkids.
    Wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas Suzan!

    1. I never thought of spitting out chunks of carrots - that's just brilliant LOL !!!
      Hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours was !

  19. OMG! You are a poet too! What a lovely poem you've written! Your childrens' Christmas was made MAGICAL by your loving efforts! What a wonderful Mum you are! Time does fly, but you have made your and your family's memories very memorable! God Bless You, Sweet Lady!
    Merry Christmas to a very SPECIAL person!

    1. And God bless you too Laura - you make my day - every day !!!


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