Saturday, July 16, 2011


Back in February John and I came across an antique store near our house and fell madly in love with this piece.  It is over 200 years old and it's from Eastern Europe - Bulgaria I think - it is a farm house table
( actually opens up to sit 4 people as a table )
And although I still love it - it's a beautiful piece if you are into this type of thing and I am - I keep staring at it wondering if we got ripped off - we spent a lot of money on it - ( the antique dealer says it will only appreciate in value )
Kijiji and CL have spoiled me - I have found so many beautiful pcs through them - that I find myself
questionning this purchase - constantly.
Whenever someone comments on a pc I have refinished myself - I practically scream in their faces
50 bucks - or 30 bucks - or whatever ridiculous amount I have paid for it - like my badge of honor.

I won't dare say what we paid for this - it doesn't sit right with me.

Here it is...........
Happy Wknd  xxx

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