Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ikea 25,000 kitchen makeover

So.........received my House and Home magazine this morning - and they are offering a contest for a kitchen makeover - you simply take pictures ( up to 8 of them ) of all angles and explain why you need a makeover.
I ran to take pics - and had the perfect letter to accompany it.................

" I think I am the perfect candidate for a kitchen makeover - as I have been
making do in a kitchen that is smaller than most bathrooms -
With only 2 kitchen cupboards I had to put a buffet/hutch in an already tiny
space just to accomodate storage - and every wall has racks hanging on it
for pots etc.
I love to cook - but do not have room to turn around...............please please
pick us - bring this old Victorian Kitchen into the new millenium.......... "

and was prepared to send it off - and lo and behold in the contest rules there
it was

REGULATIONS....................why this province fights being part of such
an incredible country I will never understand.  And we end up missing on so much
more than contests - the broadway shows that travel everywhere except our province,
the stores that say it is not worth the red tape, and the list goes on.

Once you have travelled outside this country you see how trivial it all seems really,

ANYWAYS, this is not a political blog - and I love my province - just wish things
could be different.

And I will not have a chance to win my dream kitchen :(


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