Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Staging my Mom's duplex for sale

My mother is selling her duplex - and the downstairs needs a lot of loving ( she lives upstairs ) I used to live there so I feel somewhat of an attachment to it - but my brother lived there with his kids for the last 8 years
and lets just say  that he did not inherit the obsessions I seem to have.
But it gives me an outlet and gets my creative juices flowing just thinking of getting in there and working some magic.
It also gives me a space to store some of the furniture that is overflowing in my house!
I will post before and after pics as I do each room -

In the meantime here is another pic of a before and after project

Salvation Army purchase - 15.00 - before

and after - handles were 3 dollars each - paint was 12.99 - so total cost for this
pretty turquoise bureau was roughly 30.00 ( I always have primer on hand so
did not have to buy that )
not too shabby?

I am loving the heat by the way - but it ain't fun painting in it - lol


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