Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ok, I will say it

I never say it - even if somewhere deep down in my soul of souls I think it for a fleeting
moment or two...................
I never let the words escape from my lips because winter is so long and so cold that it
seems a sin to allow such words to be spoken. ( do you know where I am going with this? )
I never admit it - not out loud anyway - it doesn't seem right to complain when a few short
months ago we were questionning if this was ever going to happen.

But really - this is just #$@%^$  ridiculous....................
Enough already -
No air conditioning because we did not think we needed it in this new place - the breezes off
the park are amazing - but today - omg - I have had 4 cold baths trying to shake off what
35 degrees celcius ( 45 with the humidity ) can do to a person.
Not a pretty site -

Went to a movie to try to feel normal - but that only worked as long as the movie did
( btw go see The Hangover Part 2 - hilarious )

Calling tomorrow to see if we can have central air installed as quickly as
possible - but now I think it may be too late - I am sure they are bombarded with business
right now..................and construction holidays are upon us -

Off to take my 5th bath ( I don't dry myself at all - walk around the house dripping wet - and am
dry within 2 minutes - no joking - try not to picture it )

Debbie and Sandy if you are reading this I am so wishing I had your backyards this week. Even with air
conditioning I think I would sleep on a raft in the pool outside.


Poolside dreaming

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