Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So this is what you do when you are riddled with obsessions.

You dress your table,
frequently..........( I think they now have a name for this - tablescape )
but that is just a nice way of compartmentalising a particular disorder, lol

I place more importance on my table decorating than I care to admit - except
here of course - here I will bare my soul

Current table setting - I say current because it could be and probably will be totally different next week!
( the smaller silver charger plates and the white saucers that are sitting on them are from the dollar store!!!!)

This is one I found browsing the web - makes me want to join them for dinner - doesn't even matter what we eat - even Mcdonald's would be delicious here

Groups of flowers are lovely aren't they?

Think I will make a candle lit dinner for John and I tonight, off to take steaks out of the
freezer -

Dress  your table ladies....................


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