Monday, June 4, 2012

drawer interiors before and after

Happy Monday ( I hate them )

Remember this? From my pink lady

We installed new drawer bottoms - and fancied them up a little bit - until they looked like this

slightly better, right?

And I bought the ASCP color Versailles - which I CANNOT WAIT TO PAINT SOMETHING WITH!
My hands are itching ( my mother interprets this as coming into money ) to get started.

dear God - there were bubbles in this when I opened it
I think Annie Sloan is going to send me some money

By the way, my Mother is a firm believer in such things - bubbles in your TEA?  Oh yeah you're getting money.  Now the funny part of this is it could mean money your were expecting - like a paycheque -
it doesn't matter she says -
So if she gets bubbles in her cup on the 31st of the month, guess what?
Yup, her pension cheque will be in the bank right where it's supposed to be.
And what, pray tell, happens dear mother of mine, if you do not have that magical sign in your morning cuppa on the 31st of the month, will you have to go through the month with no moolah?
Don't be ridiculous Suzan.............
I try not to be Mom,
I try not to be.


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  1. Great job! My former manager at work used to say that when the bottom of her foot was itching, money was coming. :-)



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