Monday, June 11, 2012

A little bit of color

I tend to stick with grays - and whites - and blacks - although I love color they seem to be what I am always most drawn to - ( even in clothing )

So little pops of color like this make me smile everytime I walk by

Even as they are dying they are gorgeous -

And I puttered around my " tablescape" on the buffet

Smoke and mirrors and frames

with a little color added

and then I started painting this

It's a disaster - humidity has played havoc with it -( though it looks ok in the pic )  and it will have to be sanded and redone
and now I'm wondering if it should go white?
because I've reupholstered the padding in a very deep smokey charcoal ( see - I can't stay away )
satin -

Off to bed - it's an early one tonight - only 2.30 a.m.



  1. Your flowers are stunning against the black and whites!

  2. Thanks so much - have a good one!

  3. What a lovely space, both pieces and the coordinating colors and layouts are just beautiful!

  4. Yes, there's nothing like a pop of colour to add the perfect finish.

    Did you use ASCP on that black piece or regular latex?

  5. Following you back ! You've done some amazing furniture makeovers - I love all the grey's and blacks. I'm not sure how you can work till 2.30 am - I'm done in about 11.30pm !!

  6. I absolutely love your furniture re-dos! I'm your newest follower-would love for you to visit my new blog:)


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