Thursday, June 28, 2012


Has anybody ever seen handles installed this way? ( inside of the drawer ) that is not a screw in
the middle - it's looks like a rivet

this is on the inside - where you would normally see a screw or a bolt - I've never seen this in my life -
the drawers are also the thickest I have ever seen - at least 2 inches wide

that's not just a "lip" of the drawer front - it's the actual drawer front - THICK -

and the pulls are so pretty that I want to spray paint ( spraint, remember that, lol ) them

sorry for such crappy photos - but my batteries are running low so the camera keeps shutting
down - I'm snapping these as fast as I can, lol

Anyways - I tried using a wrench - I've even tried pliers - they don't budge - this particular
piece of furniture is Fine High End furniture - and it's like they were attached for life - has
anyone had experience with this?

I so don't want to try to paint around these.............................
But if I have to I'll do what Annie Sloan does and simply paint the drawers and handles all together:(((

Anyone? Sending this message out to the universe in hopes someone out there can help me out!!!


oh - and I'm going to share another one of my OCD patterns - has anyone ever noticed that I always
put 3 x's for my kisses?  Or that I always use 3 exclamation points? or 3 frowns or 3 smiles?
that's because I have 3 kids - can you believe that??? ( ha ha ha )
I try to put 1 or 2 sometimes and simply can't do it...................

And why would I share that with anyone?
Some things you can be buried with and no one would ever be the wiser
Here's to making all of you just a little bit wiser,



  1. I could be wrong but I thing if you take a flat tip screwdriver and slip it between the drawer back and the little thingy on the inside of the drawer that you can pop it off and get to the nut to take off the pull. But hey, I've been wrong before!!!!

  2. Dear Suzan, first and foremost thank your the comment on my feature!
    Secondly, Petticoat is exactly correct. It is just a protective metal cap with 3 teeth embedded into the wood, they can be reinstalled if you wish to use them again.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  3. Remember, it's not OCD, they're charming quirks...It's all in how you spin it!

  4. If the above suggestions don't work, just wrap the drawer and spray paint away. I've seen other blogs that have this as a part of their painting.

    We all have little quirky habits...and it's fun! (See my little dots? 3?)


  5. I'm going with the above mentioned. You can just pop em off, but you probably already figured that out. OCD naw just about the sweetest thing i ever heard. :)))


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