Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm addicted to my computer.............

My computer " crashed " this week ( again ) and I have been completely lost - how did this happen how did a little square box come to rule my world???  I cannot explain the panic it threw me into when I realized what had happened -
OMG - my business ( extremely important )  - my potential Craigs List responses -( kind of important )  my obsessive Craigs Lists searches ( moderately important )  - and most of  all my blog - my diary - something I can rarely go to bed unless I've either posted - or read others posts...........( double extremely important ) 
Emails ( mostly jokes ) from friends that keep us connected ( most important of all ) - a quick line that let's us all know that we're still around - still plugging on - busy busy busy - too busy to get together - or to talk on the phone for hours like we once did - but not to busy to send a joke or 2 in the course of the week.
And then.........and then,
My world went from a rapid heartbeat steadily moving along - to flatlined in 2 minutes.

Once the initial shock wore off - ( and I know this sounds completely moronic - but I did almost go into
shock ) it dawned on me that this #&%(& computer has almost taken over my any addiction -
it starts with a sip - or a puff now and then - or an email and before you know it you need to have it everyday.  I used to be the one to make sure the " gang " my group of girlfriends got together at the very least a few times a year for a party..........or for an unhurried lunch somewhere - or at the very least the above mentioned 2 hour phonecalls.

I am not of the computer generation -meaning I did not grow up with these in the classroom - I was first exposed to these as a young adult, so how did this happen?
I was the first one to bitch when the banks went ATM on us - because of the lack of human interaction.
I was the first one to bitch when companies let their receptionists go for automated answering devices,
please press 1 for........................
I was the first one to bitch when children started having access to computers at far too young an age and the danger involved in cyberspace.
I was the first to bitch when online dating became the norm -

So when did I become addicted?  I think it was a slow process for me - I didn't jump off the bridge into this one, it was gradual but it's happened none the less.......................the world is becoming smaller and smaller
and the global neighbourhood is a good thing, right?  And yet the space between our own neighbourhoods seems to be getting larger and larger - we feel close connections to people that live thousands of miles away while our worlds are becoming more and more secular on our own streets.  I know more about Nicole in Ottawa - or Stacy in Boston -  etc than I do about the widowed lady that lives across from me in the back lane................ironic.
I am old enough to see the sadness in all of this - but still young enough to understand that this is the way it is
Welcome to the new world order........................
Wouldn't George Orwell be proud?

Hasta la Vista Baby, I will be back just as soon as my life line has been repaired.

Hugs, Kisses

( posted from John's computer - like all addicts I always have a back up plan )


  1. Brand spankin' new follower - going to enjoy reading your posts!

  2. I think we are all addicted to our computer once we don't have it up and running. When this happens to me I am majorly bummed.


  3. Well said. I too need my daily, heck, hourly fix!

    By the same token, I was able to reconnect with long lost friends and relatives on Facebook. Last Friday night, had a lovely dinner with some ex-coworkers and we had a blast catching up, chatting and joking. There is also a balance in this new world order. With the bad also comes some good!

  4. From one computer addict to another...I completely understand. I would be so lost without mine. My favorite saying house is clean only on the days when the internet is down!

    Love your blog,
    Shasta @InTheOldRoad


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