Tuesday, June 5, 2012

removing veneer, the easy way

Remember a while back John mentioned he had noticed a dresser in the garbage up the lane from us?
We schlepped it home and it sat in the back for quite awhile - and in the meantime we have had some
terrible rainstorms so it got good and saturated even though it was covered with our barbeque cover.
Today I decided it was time to bring her in - and see if I could salvage it.

Obviously there was some veneer damage lol - ( there was some there already when we found it )

and I thought Oh My God - removing veneer is not one of my forte's remember this?
Anyways took out my scraper and voila - within 5 minutes I was done..................

LOL - everything simply scraped away - both layers - now we have to put a new piece in
completely -

But I like the shape - boxy and simple with a little fancy skirting on the bottom - perfect for
what I want to do

and here's the top, surprisingly not as damaged as the side was, go figure.

water marks - still wet - other than that everything scraped off like a dream

that white line runs the complete length of the top -
it's actually a crack in the wood and needs wood filler
but it was there before we brought it home

And for all of us furniture " angels " out there - always remember we are fighting this guy constantly

Dresser devil - begone Furniture Freddy - begone
and with a flick of my scraper, he was
Don't let him win.............................restore restore restore!!!

Will post progress as I go along.



  1. You mentioned you couldn't do hair...I couldn't do this! :-) Can't wait to see what the finished product looks like.


  2. We've been having rain here for 3 weeks straight. Too humid to do much painting. You did a good job stripping down the dresser, I can't wait to see the finished project.


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