Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tools of the trade..................

I thought I would show you how I work - I am extremely professional and only use proper tools and equipment

So on yesterday's post I showed you this

Last night I painted the front in ASCP Versailles - my new favorite color

Now here's where my professionalism comes in - take careful notes - you never know
when you may need them -

I took a template ( sold in all cookware stores, lol )

and traced my oval pattern onto the face of the dresser with it - like this

then I used ASCP old white - and painted the oval - and added some laurel leaves around
the perimeter of it

Then I went to my professional supplies - and found a template for the Eiffel Tower
( found in all xmas supply stores )

I traced the perimeter of this on the inside of the oval pattern
and painted it ( painstakingly - I do not have such a steady hand - even when holding it flat against
a surface ) and ended up with this....................

The numbers were used with little tiny stickers - applied - painted on top - and peeled off
1889 was the year the tower was built ( I know, that was pretty obvious )

Then I went to town distressing - waxing - dark waxing - buffing - and she now looks like this

I then went to the wood filler cupboard to finish the top - but the wood filler cupboard was bare - so this
is going to have to be a 3 part post...............

And if I HAVE to say something nice about John ( not easy when you're menopausing you know )
it's this:
All of this gets done in the entrance way of our home - and he has never - not once - not even under his
breath, complained about the mess, the inconvenience, the unsightliness of this.  Even when I scream at
him to shut the door in case the neighbours see.

I shudder to think of think of what I would put him through if it were the other way around - as it is just crumbs on the counter can send me into a turmoil - wth is wrong with me?
( just keeping it real folks - you get to know me - warts and all )

Talk to you tomorrow

ooh la la  


  1. Well, it's obvious that I could never duplicate this...I have absolutely none of the professional tools needed! :-) It looks beautiful...very unique. Two really weird questions...well, #1 isn't, honestly. #1 - is the paint a shade of green? It's difficult to tell via a computer monitor. It's beautiful, that's for sure!

    Ok, #2 ~ and please forgive me...but if you used little stickers for the numbers and painted over them, then removed are they white too?

    Just want you to know that I'm about to turn into Freddie Krueger here re: AT&T so I'm not really very calm and sane. I so understand about the menopausal symptoms too. :-)


  2. It looks great! Great professional tools do make a difference, lol!

    And wow, John is definitely a keeper! My husband is annoyed with me for painting in the GARAGE!

  3. Love the dresser -- and your tools! Thanks for stopping by. I'm following you now too.

  4. Turmoil I completely understand :) now onto your professional tools very clever. The dresser looks amazing you have an amazing amount of skill and talent.

  5. Thanks for visiting me and inviting me back. Love you blog and I have you on the Linky now! Sweet dresser and my kind of tools! ~ Maureen

  6. Versailles is one of my favorites too. Love this idea, you make it seem easy.

  7. I can relate 100% to being a professional and using such professional tools!!
    I just love your work with this piece.

  8. I love this piece Susan!!! I see you were inspired by the colour.
    Love it!!! Love all of your pieces. I think you mix the old with some funky edge and make each piece a work of art....
    Take care.

    1. Thanks so much Melanie - tried to reply by email but you're a no reply blogger!!!!


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