Saturday, August 17, 2013

I LOVE giving - but wow - GETTING can be amazing too!!!

I'm a giver - I think by nature most people are - there's nothing like feeling you've contributed to someone's happiness by " giving " something -
A special moment -
Advice -
A dinner -
A token of your appreciation -
Or a small gift that says " I thought of you "


And I can't tell you how over the top thrilled I was to receive a package last week from
Tina at What We Keep

Hi Tina!!!

There's a group of us ladies that meet regularly on a Facebook group - to discuss our day - or complain
or laugh - or just connect -
We help each other out- ask each other's opinions and encourage each other through this blogging journey we're all on.

Tina decided to send us all a gift each - something she created - as a way to connect the group even more.

Here's what she made

A gorgeous tea towel - embroidered with a hen

My photography skills - or lack thereof - can't possibly do this justice - so I'm using every tool on Pic Monkey that I possibly can

It's a French Hen - you can tell it's a French Hen because she's wearing a beret and a scarf - a North American Hen would have a baseball cap on
I can't tell you how much I adore this - really really adore this

Tina says - USE IT
Suzan says - NEVER - this is what I keep Tina - for always.............

Suzan says - John, you haven't bought me flowers in a very long time
John says - You usually buy them for yourself............
Suzan says - Well if you were thinking of getting me some - I'd love a couple of pink roses - and a couple of batches of carnations
John says - Where did this come from?
Suzan says - I'm just saying if you were thinking of picking me up so-
John interrupts - This isn't for the blog, is it?
Suzan says - Do you think I eat, drink, sleep the blog?
John says - Yeah actually, I do
Suzan says - so forget about the flowers..................

BUT I GOT THEM AFTER ALL - he's the best - not only does he supply vocal content for my blog -
he sometimes supplies the props as well.
aren't they beautiful?
and exactly what I needed for this post

They're sitting in a milk jug purchased from the Dollar Store

A HUGE thanks to you Tina - you touched my heart - by taking the time to create something from yours.
Muwahhhhhhh !!!

Moments, everybody, it's all about the moments.................

Have a beautiful weekend all!

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  1. Mine was beautiful, as well! So excited to get it!

  2. What an adorable little tea towel! You have a precious friend and it is so nice to get something fun in the mail instead of!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  3. I love mine too and I simply cannot use's so beautiful! Tina is a gem! (So are you!)

  4. I think that is just so cute, Suzan....even though I am supposed to be gone for the weekend- I am leaving right now!;>) Hope you have a good one-I love Tina, too. She is a keeper! xo Diana

  5. That is just gorgeous, I wouldn't use it either. The beret is so cute, although I think a North American hen would be cute in a cap too

  6. The towel is so pretty... I would be like you - I wouldn't use it because it is too pretty.

  7. it is a beautiful tea towel, a real keeper! Looks like linen too, it would last forever! (if you used it), lol, you displayed it beautifully!

  8. How beautiful... the tea towel and the thought. I don't think I could use it either. It's sooo lovely!

  9. I think your husband sounds like a keeper. :)

    I love the tea towel.

  10. It is super adorable!! What a great gift. I homemade gifts :)

  11. Yes, it's certainly all about the moments! The tea towel is so pretty. How thoughtful of her to send out a token of affection. Don't you just love the wonderful people you meet in the blogging world?

  12. What a nice surprise from Tina, and the towel is adorable.

    1. and I couldn't capture how beautiful it really is Jennifer!
      she should have an Etsy shop really

  13. Good Morning Suzan,
    Wow how cute it that towel. That was so special of Tina to make for each of you. What a sweet token of friendship. You do meet the nicest people in blog land.

  14. The towel definitely needs to be displayed and the roses are a perfect companion. I love that the milk jug is a dollar store find.

  15. Love it just love it. Im not using mine either. Those light white towels tend to get dingy in my laundry.

  16. You're so right. It's all about the moments and I'm so glad you're having such wonderful ones. You deserve them Suzan.

  17. cute, but I originally just saw short blonde hair and thought you chopped yours all off! then I actually looked at the pic and realized it wasn't you lol, but she has a lovely cut!

    1. Isn't her hair gorgeous?
      My hair's too thick to have it like that - in fact every single time I pick out a short haircut that I love - my hairdresser says my hair's too thick for it :(

  18. Oh, are the sweetest.
    My favorite thing about you is that you get it...I spent a day in the sewing room relaxed and happy making those. It wasn't a chore, it was from my heart and about sharing a little of myself with a group of ladies that I've come to adore.
    I think your next one should be a squirrel! hahahaha
    Those lavender roses have the best smell, don't they? Good job, John!
    Sending that love right back to you, sweet lady!

  19. Sweet gift! This would be one I'd admire and not use. '-)

  20. That is so beautiful, I wouldn't be able to use it either. Tina is certainly very talented.
    I like the colour of your roses. They are just right for this post. John did well :)

  21. That's adorable, Susan. I get that you can't use it. I got a tea-towel sent from Greece and I just can't get myself to dirty it. So, it will last forever as I'm sure this one will. I love hens...especially 'stylin' ones. Deb

  22. Yup, that was a really nice post. Tina and John both did good.

  23. How sweet! I love it. What a wonderful gift. And yay for John for getting you the flowers - they were the perfect prop! :)

    Hugs, Cecilia

  24. A baseball cap. You slay me. :P Lucky duck!


  25. The very true! That's what life is really all about. I love the hen, esp since she/he is from Paris. Very international and all, you know? You're a very lucky girl! Tina is a doll...and you are too.


  26. The hen tea towel is so elegant! I never would have thought I'd describe anything with hens on it as elegant.

  27. Hi Suzan... I love your posts... your French Hen is beautiful!... an American Hen WOULD have had a baseball cap on... and probably BACKWARDS these days!... love your flowers as well... and the chit~chit between you and your hubby... sometimes, my hubby will ask if I want to photograph our dinner for my blog before he can eat it, tee hee hee!... xoxo Julie Marie

  28. How sweet that was, and it really is such a lovely gift. The flowers are perfect for your staging, too. Awesome, two gifts from two special people in your life!
    Debbie :)

  29. Hi Suzan! Well, aren't you the blessed one! I agree with Debbie, two gifts from two special people. What a lovely weekend for you. And you deserve it too :)

    Love the towel because it was homemade and crafted with special ones in mind. How cool is that???

  30. What an adorable little hen, and what a great friend! LOVE the color of those roses! Your Dollar store has much more interesting inventory than the ones down here.

  31. It truly is all about the moments!!! What a lovely gift from a delightful friend!!
    Mary Alice

  32. I love seeing the love between dear friends. Thank you for sharing the love!!!

    Have a great week

  33. Now, I think I should get little berrets for my neighbours' hens... They don't look very French now that I think of it!

  34. Just beautiful! What a sweet gesture! :)

  35. That is a beautiful thing to do.What are you going to do with it -love dee x


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