Monday, August 5, 2013

The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe: PART DEUX

Good morning everyone :)

When I last left off about the Wardrobe ( you can click HERE if you missed part one ) I showed the outside of the beast - there were so many photos and stories to go with it that I decided the interior could wait for another day - 

Well I woke up this morning and looked at the calendar and it said " another day "

Here we go with the interior!
First of all, there were 2 interior drawers - and though I knew from the start I would not be painting out the wood interior - I decided I would, in fact, paint the 2 drawers for some interest.

Since these drawers will more likely than not be filled with junk - I decided to name one of them appropriately - I did this with my trusty Sharpie - and dollar store stencils.
The top drawer got a make-shift rough (very rough lol ) image of a flag - since I had a little bit of the paint left, I figured I'd use it up.  I then painted outside the lines................again roughly - the sharpie gives the image a bit of depth

I had originally painted the interior of the doors white - 
Then I changed them to the custom color used on this piece ( ASCP duck egg blue and pure white )
I may change it to chalkboard paint down the line - not sure yet :)
I know I'm keeping this in my office for my supplies - but I'm dreaming that my next place can accommodate something like this in the kitchen - I see it as a big old country cabinet in my mind...............with recipes written on the doors - or shopping lists - or messages.  ( something like this )

The decision to not paint the wood shelves was a simply one - whether this was going to be used to store 
paints or dishes - there was going to be a lot of items on those shelves - items that are constantly being used 
it just felt " safest " to keep it wood.

John says - Why do you keep walking back and forth with a pile of dishes in your hands?
Suzan says - To put in the wardrobe
John says - I don't understand you at all.  You said it was to store your paints in - it's not even in the office yet - and now you're putting dishes in it?
Suzan says-  I'm staging it -
John says - Ok - we took the doors off to move it - we put them back on to stage it - you're putting dishes in that'll have to come out - so that we can take the doors off to move it into the office and then we'll have to put the doors back on?
John says - Does this sound normal to you
Suzan says -Yes - yes it does actually.
Suzan says - It sounds completely normal
Suzan says - YOU - however -  do not sound normal at all when you get uptight about something like this.
Suzan says - I'M staging it - and I'LL empty it - don't worry.
John says - How many photos are you going to take of this before people are sick to death of seeing it?
John says - ooohhh - here's a photo without the doors - here's a photo with the doors - here's a photo of the drawers - here's a photo with dishes................
Suzan says - Don't you have to golf early in the morning John?  Shouldn't you get some shut eye?
John says - How can I with you clunking and thumping up and down the hallway with stacks of dishes?

I don't clunk..................( and I definitely do not thump ) I walk like a ballerina ( LOL )
Although I argued with him for years that I didn't snore - until I woke myself up on night!

But I think I have to agree with John this time - I think I've milked this Armoire for all it's worth now!

This is what the interior looks like in real time....................

OK John - are you ready to put the doors back on???


You all have a wonderful day and remember to

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  1. LOL- You don't REALLY expect him to GET IT, do you? I think it turned out great and not painting the inside was a smart move. You can always add some interest to the back side of it if you want with a bit of fabric put up with fabric starch or a bit of wallpaper. Right now- I love it. The drawers are wonderful...Junk would have been easier to spell! xo Diana

  2. The new look for the wardrobe is fantastic! Even John must admit it looks great. I'm not sure I'd have all that patience for the doors on/off thing though. I'm inclined to agree with John on encouraging people to use their imaginations!

  3. You had me in stitches- John and Steve could exchange stories. I have heard that same question - What are you doing with those dishes?" and gave the same response, "I am staging _ _ _ _." I would think by now John would be used to your crazy antics. Steve just rolls his eyes.

    I love how your wrote out miscellaneous - great job!

  4. I love the colour, and the interest you have added to the drawers. I'm not quite sure though, I think we could do with a few more staging pictures. I wonder if you could ask John..... ;)

  5. Suzan, OMG it's always something, but I always love the way YOU handle it. The color is very pretty and I like it even with the doors off. Love the words on the drawer..Happy Monday..Judy

  6. Everything you do, looks fantastic, Suzan. Love the photos with the dishes. He,he.

    Have a great day
    Hugs from here

  7. I want a cupboard like this for my bedroom but they are really hard to find-but one day I will-love dee x

  8. Another wonderful job, well done. Where do you find all the energy?

  9. Love what you did with the inside! The junk drawer is awesome! Thanks for sharing your conversation with John...made my morning!Oh....and I WANT that gorgeous soup tureen! LOL Have a blessed day....
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

    1. Thanks Vicky!!!!
      That soup tureen was purchased at the Salvation Army LOL

  10. The staging was all worth it because that picture looks great!

    I like that you chalked in '5 pm,' that's great. :)

  11. LOL...they don't get it :) I had a little laugh at myself last night when I was practically laying on the ground on my patio to take a photo of my "new" ottoman...wondering what my neighbors think. Love your wardrobe...the staging is perfect :)

    1. I lay on the floor sometimes too - and then I want to pee my pants because I'm the lousiest photographer on the planet - and I think " who do you think you are excactly ? "
      Thanks Laurel!

  12. Of course John doesn't get it. :-) Oh the work we go to to stage a photo! And of course I like them all. Even the 'reality' one, which is closer to the look I get around here.

  13. poor John, doesn't he realize he is fighting a losing battle, lol!!!

  14. Laughing so hard because I can relate!!!!
    Mary Alice

  15. Looks great! Men don't understand the importance of staging. My husband doesn't get why homes are staged when they're up for sale. He truly believes that walking in and seeing exactly what the home looks like with the people presently living in it is the way to go. don't think I want to see dirty dishes in the sink, splattered spaghetti sauce on the stove, a litter box in the kitchen or animal heads on the walls...

  16. Bless your heart - I honestly have no idea how to stage anything. I think I have taken apart my china closet 3 times just trying to make it look "right"! I do love the wardrobe and I also think it would be fabulous for extra storage in a kitchen. Which gives me an idea...

  17. LOVE IT~!
    You done a great job with this piece...
    I could never 'tire' of seeing pics...
    I feel blessed that "the man child" of mine is so passive. He never fights with me, or disagrees. But, I know sometimes when I'm not looking, he's rolling his eyes at me. He's just too polite to say anything. Or, perhaps, he just doesn't want to start a war he cannot win?
    I can relate to it being full of supplies. I have this beautiful 7', hand carved, pine cradenza without a home on my back porch full of paint and supplies. It makes me so sad right now because it is so pretty, if only I had a spot for it - lol
    Keep yout chin up and keep giving him trouble. Secretly, they love the attention, I think~!

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  19. Had to take out some typos from the last post so the sentence could make some sense lol.

    Awesome! I don't know if I could, but how on earth are you are going to part from that beautiful piece? Are you really going to sell it? I would not be able to unless I had nowhere to squeeze it in. Okay, the truths is I would squeeze it until the next gorgeous project comes along and is finished, LOL.

  20. I love what you did with this one! Love the lettering. And the custom colour.

    I often have to wait for 'another day' to finish things up. When I'm working on something and that feeling happens, I pay attention. I used to ignore it and that's when I tend to mess things. As a matter of fact, I have a few of those pieces waiting in the wings right now. I almost always do!

  21. Boy you have really made me excited with so many ideas for when I do the armoire I told you about yesterday. Thanks a million!!! I love that John!!!!


  22. The staging was worth it - lovely! And sometimes I need to paint something just to keep calm!

  23. Pinned. The miscellaneous drawer put it over the top for me.

  24. Looks fabulous, love what you did to the drawers!

  25. Suzan,
    This is perfect. I love it. Another masterpiece. Love the stencil on the drawer. Gives this piece some real character. Great job.

  26. It's gorgeous, your paint cupboard is nicer than my wine glass hutch...I really should get painting :)

  27. That's you...clunking and humping up and down the hallway.

    Oh wait...thumping...


  28. it's wonderful! with dishes or without, doors or no doors :) hope John got a good night of sleep

  29. I am SO glad to see the interior is wood. I had a friend paint hers but it's so fragile that she never moves things around in it, and what's the fun in that?

    1. That's exactly what I was worried about Susan lol.

  30. I like the color and what you wrote with the Sharpie. Oh John...he's just better off not questioning your antics. Men will NEVER understand all the little details we MUST tweak, etc. But then we'll never understand why they can't put their shoes up rather than leaving them on the floor in the living room. ;)

    Your dishes picture is very very pretty!


  31. My whole family just laughed at your conversation! I was translating it to my mom, trying to read with an angry voice when I was translating John and my father came into the room "why are you yelling at your mom?"

  32. You need a reality tv show with your hubs. Just sayin'
    And the cabinet is delicious. Oh that I was that organized....or creative.

  33. Suzan this is beautiful!!!!!!! Love....Love....Love this!And you styled it beautifully too!

  34. Thank you for the last picture of the armoire with the "real" stuff in it. Those doors are great for hiding supplies. Is it big enough to store John?

  35. It turned out beautifully, Suzan! I love that drawer you labeled Miscellaneous! Such a great idea and I love that you used a Sharpie to do it.

  36. Just lovely! And very useful for storing lots of goodies!

  37. I love those doors!!!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  38. Love the Union Jack surprise on the inside - great touch!

  39. Looks great! Thanks for sharing! Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)!

  40. This turned out fantastic! I love all your original ideas.

  41. Love it Suzan...and walk like a ballerina..I'm sure!

  42. the airmoire is wonderful...all your pirces turn out that way. Aren't you so happy that you have John around to keep you plodding forward. I keep thinking my John should just get me after all these years but then where would all the fun and important converations be?

  43. This is probably still one of my favorite redo's of yours. Thanks for linking up at Throwback Thursday.

  44. Love this Armoire redo!!!! I am new to your site and am really enjoying it. Following on G+. Thanks so much for linking up to our Throwback Thursday Party….glad you came on over.


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